Jun on "Today" show

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Jun on "Today" show
Thu, 09-25-2003 - 12:12pm
I came home to watch this from work, yes, I am addicted! :-). Anyways....she felt her moment of happiness was ruined because no one was excited for her and it just kinda ruined everything. She said she did feel the tension when everyone came in the house. Her parents are happy for her but couldn't be there with her or something to that effect. She is not back together with Bob but he was there for her last night. Typical Jun had to get one last kicker in, when Julie asked her how she felt about Jee being in the house. She said she liked it because after 3 yrs of not talking she knew she could still manipulate him. She did not mention one word about Ali. She did say that Jack and Dana gave her a hug but that Dana had told her that she still was expecting a apology and June responded by saying she wasn't the only talking bad about Dana.....DUH, she didn't get it. She said she was gonna get apt in the city with the money....thats all I can remember.