Last min. conver. w/ali/jun..RUTHLESS!

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Last min. conver. w/ali/jun..RUTHLESS!
Wed, 09-24-2003 - 8:03pm
I just read this on one of the live feeds.....these women are ruthless. I almost feel like writing to BB and telling them that I was embarrasssed for them and maybe they should have added another twist and have them chose a winner other than themselves.! I HATE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ali: "I know Nathan is gonna say something and I really will pull up 'your right Nathan I should have let you come out of the closet on your own'. Jun your my only friend and I thought this whole time you were honest; even when the game was over you were still lying you little sh*t; that's f*cking cool".

Ali: "I'm f'ning nervous dude".

Jun: "It's only 4 hours!"

Jun: "I'm nervous".

Ali: "I know Dana is gonna gang up on me".

Jun: "I think they did them a favor showing them the diary room, they will hate me more than you".

Ali: "You think?; ya probably".

Ali asking Jun what Robert will say and Jun says that if he says anything bad she will say "Robert take english as a second language at school and then talk to me".

Ali: "Jack will say something to me for saying he's an old, senile pervert". Ali will say, "Jack I'm sorry, I call it like I see it".

Ali: "Oh my god, I'm gonna hear from Jack, Dana and Nathan".

Ali saying Erika is gonna say she used fake tears and Ali says she will say "you used fake boobs to get on the show" and Jun saying "look down and tell me about fakeness b*tch".

Ali: "I'm gonna tear them all up, I'm gonna make them cry, that's my goal and then I'm gonna walk out of here laughing".

Ali: "Jack was a pervert wasn't he?"

Jun: "Uh huh"

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Thu, 09-25-2003 - 7:24am
OMG!!!! But.... LMAO!! They just sat there speechless! Too funny!!


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Thu, 09-25-2003 - 10:10am
What B******!!!!!!!! Yeah, Ali really "tore them up" didn't she???? LOL And big, tough Jun looked like she wanted the floor to open up and swallow her! Ha! I'm ticked that they got the money they did not deserve, but in the end they did get told off and given the extreme cold shoulder by the other HG, which I loved. I just wish the show had been on for longer and that the jury was allowed to say more, I feel like BB must have limited their time for them to speak because the speeches were way to short, didn't you think? I thought a lot more needed to be said and that the girls needed to hear how much the others really despised them. It wasn't enough to just keep saying, "I'm disappointed in you" I wanted a "snake and rat" type speech, LOL!

Anyway, it's over and I just hope the next BB won't end so horribly!