Last weeks' AR -- little vent

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Last weeks' AR -- little vent
Sat, 11-05-2005 - 10:38pm

This is strictly a vent...

I was watching AR last week & (I'm sorta somewhat into it now, but still disappointed overall) I was annoyed that the most exciting part was when the Paolo family got to the bus depot (or train depot, don't really remember) first & they made sure that they weren't letting the whacky Weavers get the earlier time with them, on their bus. The AR people really tried to make that exciting with the dun-dun-duuuunnnn music. *ROLLING EYES!!* THAT was the most exciting thing they could play up that episode?

Does anyone else remember that part?

Who's disapointed that the whacky Weavers didn't get eliminated? I was so sad for the Gaghan family. The first couple of weeks, I thought those kids were kinda obnoxious, but after watching them work so well as a family & be so supportive of each other... then... Carissa said, "Winners never quit & quitters never win." I was proud of them. I felt for the mom too, I could tell by the look on her face while she was looking out the window that she knew she lost, but was strong for her kids. What a great family.

I have to say that I felt they are a really classy & gracious family. I'm sorry they lost.