Live Feed Updates - Major spoilers

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Live Feed Updates - Major spoilers
Wed, 07-09-2003 - 8:47am
OK, don't read if you don't want to know ahead of the shows. Remember, most of the shows are tape delayed and lots of info comes out during the live feeds.

I don't get the feeds (I'm debating), but I do read the transcripts which I've found to be extremely accurate in the past.

Nathan is HOH. Nathan is part of the orginal 8. The "alliance" to vote off the X's first seems to be holding (so far).

Nominations are today (Wed)

There was an additional food comp which wasn't shown last night. Looks like they've received only/mainly starches and snacky things.

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Thu, 08-07-2003 - 9:24am
3 stoogies are all "settled" into their little stooge den, Jee is acting as the "doorman" choosing who to let in.

Nate seems pretty resolved that he'll be the next to go.

Justin told Jack he think's he's really cool & he's safe this week.

Stoogies talking abt who to put up, seems they want Nate out this week, Eirka next (boy, they sure are confident they will win HOH next week too!). They (Justin) are also talking abt putting Allie up (not just as a pawn, they wouldn't mind seeing her go.) One of them (Jee I think) said maybe they shouldn't put her up, cause they saved them last week.

Jun is afraid when she goes back to work that the "guys" in her office will be all over her cause now they've seen her in a bikini. (Guess she doesn't realise they've seen her little "tummy" too! You're a pretty girl Jun, but I think you could choose a better swimsuit style!)

Justin got something in his basket that reminded him of his dog that died last year. He's thrilled, said it's so much better than a **picture**.

The "3" are calling themselves the "dreamteam" or the "brotherhood".

Some chatter abt HOH comp(s) being unfair cause the "x's" know more abt their "x" thus can better answer the personal questions. Apparently, that last question in the HOH comp was abt a calender that Allie gave to Justin. So, of cource, he'd be the only one to know the answer.

After dinner (Jun's Thai), the "3" held court in HOH room, telling everybody they had 5 minutes with them. They told Erika she was safe. They told Jack that Nate is "up" but they don't know who else. They only gave Allie *2* minutes.

Sorry this isn't in any order, I'm randomly reading & writing this.

WOW!! Quite a lot of news for this morning!!

All hamsters are sleeping. Jun **really** want to win food so she wants to get a good nights rest. Food comp is today (Thurs). I think nominations are tonight (evening CA time) as well.

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Thu, 08-07-2003 - 2:49pm
'kay, food comp over. They all won food for the week. They also won 3 days of Subway.

Allie hurt her finger pretty bad. Something smashed her ring into her finger. They had to stop the comp for a while. When they went back, she was participating in the "game". So, she must be ok.

The b/w pictures & smaller table are kindo "spooking" them.

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Thu, 08-07-2003 - 10:08pm
This is no surprise...Justin has nominated Jack & Nate..nt
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Fri, 08-08-2003 - 9:17am
Ditto the prior post, Nate & Jack are eliminated. (Justin told Jack he was "save" shortly after he became HOH. All bow to "king Justin".)

Nate want to name his baby girl "Kaylee McKenna", but first he's gotta find a wife!

Erika to Jack "You're the MOLE!"

Erika also had the live feeds last year. She was desribing to Nate & company how they "work". They also think everyone is just waiting to see them "naked"

They were given a game called Quoridor a few days ago. They think it will be the veto game. Jack & co bummed cause only 3 stoogies are any good at it.

Allie was taking orders for Subway. Nate: Nate: I don't eat Subway. I eat Quisnos.

feed changes to hot tub FAST **LOL** No, guess it's not wise to p*ss off the sponsors!! Come on Nate, it's better than pb&j!!

Ali was describing how the parametics cut her ring off. They think CBS will edit the game & not show her injury.

Alison looks right into the camera that we're watching her from and says, "GIVE US A TREADMILL! MY ASS IS GROWING!!!! I see you looking at me! Give me a treadmill! My boobs are growing too!" **Swim, ma dear, or run!!**

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Fri, 08-08-2003 - 4:35pm
Robrat won POV.

Erika & Jack are happy. They feel pretty confident that the "dreamteam" wants Nate out next.

Allie is campaigning to keep Nate.

POV game was that one I mentioned in my last post.

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Mon, 08-11-2003 - 8:47am
POV not used.

Jack & Erika are working on a plan. Want Jack to get HOH next week & get Justin out. Want to get Jee/Jun over to "their side".

Skywriter flew overhead, appears to have written "aloho". HG think it was directed to them & they are being sequestered in Hawaii.

Jack was telling fbi "stories". He worked on the Patty Herse case. HG's are fanascinated.

They had some luxury challange. A lot of foam covered the backyard. They had to get "naked" . I think they had to spell some words or something??? Anyhow, they "won". Their prize was to laundry service. They are not thrilled, afraid BB is going to ruin their clothes. After, they were "kidding" each other abt seeing "private parts" of each others bodies.

Allie is not allined w/ stoogies. "It makes no sense for me to switch sides now, I'd never win. The 3 of us agreed. Jack and Erika will never separate. I know I'm next on your guys hit list and that's fine I understand it."

Nate is saying the producers are telling him to fight to stay, don't give up.

They are comparing themselves with last years show a lot. They think bb loved last years cast "more"......

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Tue, 08-12-2003 - 2:32pm
Not much going on. BB woke them up **early** today, like 9am!! *LOL*

Woke up to an inside lock-in.

No comp's yet today.

They all think they are going to vote. I guess they haven't been told the voting will take place live tomorrow night.

They still think they are being sequestered in Hawaii. <"Chatter" seems to suggest it's just another house on the same lot.>

Jun told the "3" of Jack's plan.

Because of Jun's stupitity, they toyed with voting out Jack. But it looks like it's going to be Nate 4-1 (Allie giving his a sympathy vote.) We'll see tomorrow.....

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Thu, 08-14-2003 - 7:49am
All are still in the cage after two hours

Not sure on the time frames of when this all happened -

Jun peed in the cage

Ali peed in the cage

Robert left

Jun left

Jack left

Jee left

Alison left and ERICA won!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thu, 08-14-2003 - 3:40pm
Ali had a meltdown. Still upset over Julie's comment about her and Nate being bedmates.

Ericka comforted her. I think it was a ploy to make Ericka feel sorry for Ali and that way she won't be put up.

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Fri, 08-15-2003 - 9:37am
Clamback from H*ll!!

Food comp!

Erica:You are each playing for one day of the week, you have an exotic seafood dish in front of you, if you eat it in the alloted time we will get food for that day, you can either eat your dish or you can trade it with the person next to you, but you will have to eat the next dish regardless of what it is in one minute, so if the food looks strange, and unappettizing as well, remember it's the Clambake from HELL

Jun goes first, she has gefilta fish, she chooses to eat it.

Jun: ew, i'm going to throw up

she's shoveling it in and drinking water, she finishes in time

Justin next, erica uncovers codfish cured in lime, jun says it's not cooked but everyone else says it is

Justin: i can't do that I"m trading, it's cold raw and smells like fish, he passes it and gets fried baby clams in chili sauce which was Jack's

he starts

Justin: it's hard, he's chewing it, it's hot (spicy), it's very hot, Jee is screaming at him, stop drinking and eat it...JUSTIN FAILS, he says it's not bad but it very chewy

Jack, has the codfish and not only finishes, he does it with his hand and w/ time to spare

Robert gets eyeballs of albacore tuna, he's going for it, jun is hysterical

erica is telling him just the eye ball

Justin tells him to pinch his nose

Jee says swallow, Robert Succeeds

Ali gets monkfish liver, erica says it's delicious, Jee says he can do it, so ali trades and gets, octopus, she screams, erica tells her it's cooked..

A: seaweed off, take it off

E: it's calamari w/o being dipped in batter

everyone is encouraging ali she hasn't started yet, the portions are extremely small like a handful,

ali starts, OMG, it's so flucken chewy

Jack: don't talk just chew, she spits it out

They are complaining that they haven't given them something they can chew

Ali Fails-says, it doesn't taste bad it's just chewy

Jee is getting the monkfish liver, Jee goes and shovels it in with his fingers, they tell him to get water, he's doing good, Jee is successful

So they have 2 days of PB and J

Saturday and Tuesday they get PB and J thanks to Justin and Ali.

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