Lydia & M&M's

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Lydia & M&M's
Wed, 08-19-2009 - 2:39pm

I just heard on Jokers podcast about Lydia putting red M&M's in Michelle's drink.


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Wed, 08-19-2009 - 2:59pm

I do think that Lydia may take it to far and should be removed. Maybe they are afraid of the whole season falling apart if to many people have to get kicked off for being poor sports in a GAME! I know people have hid things in the past but I think when it comes to destroying personal property that is to far. If Michelle does get sick I would hope BB steps in and does something.


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Wed, 08-19-2009 - 3:34pm

I would help that BB would keep Michelle from drinking something that they know could hurt her.

Lydai needs to be booted as well....


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Wed, 08-19-2009 - 5:52pm

This could be an issue - since this Thursday was "suppose" to be a double eviction - thats not going to happen cuz Chima is gone - they will have to let this go by because the Season is planned and you need a jury house

Love to hear the outcome of this



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Wed, 08-19-2009 - 8:45pm
Hi there! This took place quite a few days ago, if I remember correctly it was shortly after Chima was expelled so it would have been last Saturday or maybe Sunday. Not 100% sure as it's been a bit. Natalie and Lydia were using red M&Ms on the chess board to plan out their new game strategy and up came the plan to do this to Michele.

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Thu, 08-20-2009 - 11:48am
Lydia does need to be booted. I don't know who I like least, her or Natalie... what immature brats.