OMG I missed it

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OMG I missed it
Tue, 09-21-2004 - 10:17pm
Somebody has to tell me ALL ABOUT the finale of BB5. I missed it. Who won?


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Tue, 09-21-2004 - 10:41pm
DREW WON IT..BY A VOTE OF 4-3....Will was the tie breaker.
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Tue, 09-21-2004 - 10:50pm
Oh and the votes were this. The twins both voted for Michael, so did Nik. Then Karen, Diane, Marvin and Will all voted for Drew.

Sorry you missed it. I actually taped it and watched it at 9:00 mine time. I wanted to watch it and have it on tape so I could rewind if I needed. LOL


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Wed, 09-22-2004 - 6:38pm
Here is an excellent recap:

Was it really only three months ago that we first met this odd group of people who would become known as the houseguests? I guess it was. When you see (or at least read about) pretty much everything that a person does, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it seems like you’ve known them a lot longer. But tonight it’s time to say goodbye to them all and find out whether Michael or Drew ends up half a million dollars richer!

Julie Chen is in front of a live audience as the past three months are recapped. I’m going to assume you already know all about that – it’s rather unlikely you’re just joining in now. So let’s skip ahead.

Before we can find out what the jury is thinking, we first have to finish putting it together. It is a dark and stormy night in Mexico when the jurors file out to sit and wait. In a totally unscripted statement, Marvin says, “Well, it’s time for the last loser to join us. Who do you think it’s going to be?”

Of course, we all know who it is – Diane! She gets a lot of applause, some from people who are happy to see her, some from people who are happy she’s out of the game. Marvin lights up a cigar in honor of her ass being on the jury. Heh.

She tells them that she knows how they all feel because you don’t know what’s coming until it comes. Karen asks if she had any clue it was coming or they walked around smiling and pretending all was okay. Diane, completely missing Karen’s point, says that it was all Drew and she had no idea – it might have been the right game move but she thinks he’s going to pay the price. Yeah, right. Like Diane is going to vote for Michael over Drew.

Natalie or Adria (sorry, still can’t tell ‘em apart) says they shouldn’t all jump on Drew, so Marvin jumps on her for defending Drew. The other twin says they are a jury, so they should not vote based on jealousy but on what is just (I’m thinking she means jealous of winning, but it could be a slap at Marvin for being jealous of Drew and Diane).

OK, so Marvin wants to know what their criteria for voting is. Diane says Michael flew under the radar throughout the game and just hid behind other people. She says that to her is not good game strategy. Um. It isn’t? Seems to me it got him into the Final 2 while she isn’t. Now, you might not like it, but that doesn’t make it bad strategy. Look at Sandra from Survivor: Pearl Islands. She flew under the radar the whole way and disappointed many people who want to see strategic play. But she ended up a million dollars richer and probably doesn’t give a damn what strategy-minded viewers think.

Karen agrees with Diane, saying Michael just crawled up into Drew’s behind and stayed there. Will, however, properly notes that such behavior could be a strategy. Sure, he’s overdoing it, but it could be how he planned to play.

On the flip-side, Karen complains that Drew hid in his bed with a book the whole game and let things go on around him, then brought Michael to the end as somebody he knew he could beat.

Marvin asks Nakomis how it felt to be sold out by her brother. She says she expected it. He asks if she thinks he’s a spineless loser. No, he just doesn’t see blood the same way she does. Um. OK, not to beat a dead horse here, but let’s get one thing straight: Nakomis nominated Michael first. Nakomis tried to get Michael voted out first. Michael was successful where she failed, but her trying to make it look like he was somehow bad for doing it just makes her a hypocrite in my book.

One of the twins says Michael was dedicated to Drew – a pact they made in the beginning. And Drew was honest with her. So it will be a tough decision. Karen says Drew looked her in the eye and lied, saying he wasn’t voting her out. Yeah, and? It’s a freaking game!

Diane says Michael was honest with everybody – nobody can think of a time he lied. It upsets her that he didn’t play the game for squat, but at least he was honest. Drew, meanwhile, played a great game but he did lie to her.

Marvin wonders if it’s possible to play without lying to somebody. Will thinks it is possible, though whether it takes you all the way is another thing. Karen would rather be on the jury with her morals and ethics intact. Oh fercryingoutloud. It��s a freaking game! In a game of chess, do you tell your opponent what your next move is, or do you try to make him think you’re doing one thing only to go the opposite direction? In poker, do you refrain from bluffing because it’s immoral? In football do you avoid the fake handoff because it’s unethical? Get a grip!

Nakomis reiterates that Michael didn’t lie and thinks honesty is a consideration. Marvin chimes in that he doesn’t think Michael had enough sense to lie!

Will says he does respect that Michael always stood true with his alliances and friendships. Cut to Adria and Natalie. Gosh, wonder why. Nakomis comes back to Michael just riding to the end while Drew really played competitions to win. One of the twins says she will look at the entire game play for each.

Before they have to decide, each juror has a chance to question Drew and Michael. Will is first, saying he has nothing but love for both and is split right now. He asks Drew to explain why Michael – using strategic gaming reasons – does not deserve to win. Drew says he has had to make the strategic decisions to help Michael, including being HOH four times.

Natalie asks Michael for three specific strategic moves he has made to get where he is. He says it’s impossible to play the game alone, so joining the Four Horsemen was one. Winning the Veto was one. And being himself was one. The houseguests look less than convinced by that one, and I agree. Winning the Veto was a strategic move? So then what about all the things Drew won – were those all strategic and therefore better? Blah. Bad answer.

Adria asks Michael why he should have her vote. He says he would like to start a dude ranch and give Chason the childhood he didn’t have. He also says he was very true to her, although Drew was too, so she has a hard decision. Karen voices her opinion that it was a good question but too bad there wasn’t an answer. Ouch.

Marvin’s turn to play hardball. He says early in the game Drew said Diane was a trailer chick and he wouldn’t have anything to do with her normally, but that he was more attracted to Lori. So does he think it’s okay to use and abuse somebody like that for a game? Ouch. That’s not hardball, that’s beanball! It also looks like Marvin is turning shades of a jealous green. Drew says he doesn’t remember saying that and did not use or abuse Diane. He did say Lori was attractive, but he knows that after the show is over he is looking forward to hanging with Diane – hopefully she doesn’t hate him and can separate game and personal.

Marvin now gets his shot at Michael. He says Michael tried to vote him out three out of four times he was on the block – is it because he is a racist liar or a lying racist? Jeez, why didn’t he just ask when he stopped beating his wife? Will and Karen give looks of horror at this question, and I can understand why. It’s just pathetic that Marvin has to stoop this low. Frankly, I’ve lost a lot of respect for the man. Michael strangely says in a way he was hoping Marvin would throw a racist question at him. Um. Huh? Anyway, he says he is not a racist, and the three times he voted against Marvin was when he going up against Scott and Jase – with whom he had agreements – and then against his sister. He points out that he has two wonderful black nephews and loves people of all races and would love to have a relationship with him outside the game. Ugh, why?

Karen tells Drew she feels misled by him and wants to know why. Drew says he wishes he’d said it to her at the time. Karen shares a look of “yeah right” with Nakomis.

Nakomis continues her hypocritical ways from earlier and says that she spoke with him each time she put him on the block and he could have told her no any of those times (riiiiight, and I’m sure she would have just changed everything because of it), so why didn’t he? He says he shouldn’t have to tell her that it wasn’t okay (I have to agree with him – if you have a deal not to put people up, you shouldn’t have to reaffirm that deal every time).

Diane asks Michael why he deserves half a million dollars rather than Drew, using game reasons only. He says he didn’t win HOH competitions, but he tried every single one except the one Veto that he threw in her favor so she could save him and Drew. Karen looks over at Diane as Diane rolls her eyes (not sure why – it’s true). He says he has worked his butt off in every competition. Hmmm. Not much of answer, I’m afraid.

On to Drew – Diane says she didn’t feel anything heartfelt in his goodbye message (true) so she wants to know how he feels about her. He tries to turn on the emotion and says he likes her and has feelings for her, and tried to make the goodbye as heartfelt as he could. He can’t wait to see her after this is over. It looks like he’s trying to bring tears, but they never arrive.

Cut to final statements. Michael says he should win because he has played as himself the entire time. He apologizes again to Nakomis, saying he had to do it because of giving his word and hopes to have a relationship outside the house. No matter what decision they make, he will respect it, and he loves them all.

Drew says he should win because he played the game to the best of his ability, he has had to take risks and make decisions – including one that broke his heart. He respects whatever they do and knows that if he were in their shoes he would be evaluating them on how they played the game and leaving personal feelings aside. Ooooh, nice ending.

After they sign off, Karen summarizes it by saying Drew thinks he played the game and Michael thinks he should have the money because he was himself. Diane takes a shot at Drew, saying he claimed to be so honest but lied to several people on the jury, including herself. Oh get over it. You’d have done the same thing in a heartbeat.

Back live, Julie talks to Drew and Michael. She asks Drew how it felt to hear some of the jury questions. He says it was rough and he was glad to get it over with. Hopefully, things aren’t as bad as they sounded. She asks Michael what surprised him most about some of the jurors’ reactions. He says people saying he didn’t do anything in the game – he had to do something, because he’s there! If he wins, good. If not, he still has fifty grand and they don’t. Heh. The live audience applauds.

Moving back to Drew, Julie asks who on the jury concerns him most. Drew says Marvin because his questions for both of them were so below the belt.

The jurors are welcomed back from the jury house onto the set live. It seems Nakomis gets the most applause from the audience. Time for them to vote. Each of them has a bag with two keys – Michael and Drew. One by one they step to the voting box and insert the key for the person they want to see win. They also get to make a final statement to the finalists without revealing their vote.

Adria is first. She says both Michael and Drew are awesome and there is no right or wrong way to play the game. Natalie says congratulations and they both did great. Karen says after her emotional retardedness cleared up, she recognized that they both played a good game in their own way. Marvin says it wasn’t personal, he loves them both but he had to be tough. Uh huh. Accusing somebody of racism is just tough love?

Diane says – as if she totally doesn’t mean it – congratulations and they both deserve to be there. She tells Drew that she cares about him and she said from the beginning they’d keep it separate. But Michael has never lied to her… Hmmm. Wouldn’t it be weird if Diane of all people bases her vote on who had lied to her?

Nakomis says congratulations, they played good games and it was a hard decision – only one thing contributed to how she wound up voting. Will says they are both great friends and have such potential (potential what?). He wants them to put their money to good use.

But before we find out who wins, the non-jurors reunite with the jurors. Mike, Lori, Scott, Jase, and Holly come in – the latter two holding hands. Julie starts with Jase, asking what it was like to be evicted and then watch what went on in the house. He points out that he and Holly are together and have watched together. He says he felt bad for Marvin because all the cool people were gone and he had to hang out with Will. Ouch. Marvin says yes, he should feel bad for him, he was in hell.

Julie asks Scott what happened to cause them not to be on speaking terms. Scott says, duh, I dunno – good question for Jase. He loves both Jase and Holly. Julie asks if it’s a fight over a girl. Scott says no, not at all. Jase says absolutely it is. Jase says Scott crumbled their alliance because he saw Jase and Holly kiss. Holly tries to push off the discussion. Scott says he just backed up Drew (remember, Drew put Holly up). Jase says to ask Marvin – he was in the yard. Marvin says Scott was feeling for Holly, but he doesn’t know if it was a game thing for Scott or real.

Moving on to Holly, Julie says she and Diane didn’t get along – what does she think of her now? Holly says she was genuine to Diane in the house but Diane wasn’t in return. So she doesn’t care to have a friendship with her, though she does feel bad for her getting booted by Drew. Diane says that as much as everybody there loves them – they really do (sarcasm dripping from her lips), Holly just isn’t the type of person she’d hang out with. They go back and forth a bit about stupid stuff. Yadda yadda.

Julie asks Mike what the jurors should know about the game that they didn’t know. He says they have a whole season to catch up on but it might have been Karen backstabbing absolutely everybody. She takes offense to this as Julie asks for specifics. Mike says she had no loyalty as Jase makes fun of her as well. Karen rebuts it by saying she was so loyal she got ousted, but before she defends herself she’ll have to watch because they have information she doesn’t have. Um. Weren’t you, like, there?!

Next, Julie says she wants to set the record straight with Scott, and asks him if he was in an alliance and if so what it was. He says he was in the Four Horsemen alliance – the Santa Monica Van Boys was fake. Marvin says he knew he was a pawn and was just using it to try to get in with the group in control.

Lori is asked who told lies about her. She doesn’t think Marvin meant anything intentional but she hopes Marvin understands she’s not rich or a paid actress. He says it was to get rid of her, nothing personal.

Finally, Julie notes that Mike probably knew more about the game than anybody else coming in. In his opinion, who was the best strategic player? Diane – she knew what she was doing the whole time, but just screwed up in the last week when she let her emotions get involved.

Drew and Michael are still in the living room as Julie and the jurors are outside the house. So they are viewing Julie pull the keys over the TV set. Adria voted for… Michael! Natalie voted for… Michael! Karen voted for… Drew! Marvin voted for… Drew! It’s all tied up.

Diane voted for… Drew! Nakomis voted for… Michael! So it’s all tied up and it comes down to Will.

The winner of Big Brother 5 is… Drew!!

Michael and Drew hug and leave the house to be greeted by the live audience. First, Drew is greeted with an embrace by Scott. Michael walks out holding Jase’s old “Forming Alliance” cardboard sign. The other jurors stream out to greet them as everybody celebrates.

Julie Chen asks Drew what he’s going to do with the money, and Drew says he is going to party with Michael in Oklahoma. What about Michael and his fifty grand? He’s going to pay off some bills. Good idea.

With that, Julie welcomes Drew’s twin brother and parents, and Michael’s fiancé April and son Chason. Michael and April share a looooong kiss as Julie says goodbye.

Goodnight, houseguests!

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