OT... I'm having a Lindsay Lohan rant! LOL

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OT... I'm having a Lindsay Lohan rant! LOL
Thu, 09-06-2012 - 3:05pm

OMG... Lindsay Lohan is such a twit!! Her latest attempt to garner attention to herself is so hilarious!

She's is tweeting to deny any involvement with the Vanity Fair story about Scientology 'auditioned' potential wives for Tom Cruise... Sorry, Lindsay, but your attempt to shove your name in that story is more than a tad bit pathetic! No where in any of the articles I read were you even mentioned. So why would you deny involvement unless you were just looking to get your name in headlines again.

Silly me -- Of course we all know you wouldn't want your name linked to anything that could be construed as a crazy, right? So just in case anyone in the civilized world might had a fleeting thought that you'd make the Scientology audition list and put yourself through such a grueling process, we can all sleep easier at night knowing that you have way higher standards than that.

Ooookaay -- rant over! LOL



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Wouldn't that be so juicy though if she was chosen to be his next wife!! I would totally keep tabs on that relationship :smileywink:


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Hmmm... Could be she's decided to employ reverse psychology; get herself added to the list by denying she's ever been on it. And who knows, maybe she's on to something! After all, one good hot mess certainly deserves another -- they may be more compatiable than we think. It would certainly be a case of crazy speaking to crazy! LOL

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Ridiculous-maybe she read the story after having one too many and got confused over wishing she were on the list and actually being on the list.