Survivor: 2/19 epi talk

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Survivor: 2/19 epi talk
Thu, 02-19-2009 - 9:27pm

Ok Coach is this year's "Ace" to me.


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Thu, 02-19-2009 - 11:12pm

coach is creepy. my dh calls him rico suave with the whole stupid jacket business. seriously dude, you are on survivor!

i am glad candace and her humongous knockers are gone. love that it was a blindside!!!

i cannot believe taj outed herself. what a doorknob. seriously, make up a last name. don't tell them the truth if you want to stick around. (but it will buy sandy a little more time which is fine with me. i want to see her show off her tramp stamp! :) )

and the whole "firepit" thing. i can't believe anyone fell for that. and why they heck were they digging such a huge hole? the idol or clue is never that far down. dig a small whole, not there, fill it in, move a little further and try again. don't freaking start digging to china.

was another good episode with good backstabbing! yay!

i like the twist for exile. i wonder if anyone will go to the other tribe. and did anyone hear if one does pick to go to the other tribe, is it automatically a switcheroo or do they both go to the same tribe? i'd assume the switcheroo but ya never know.


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Fri, 02-20-2009 - 7:15am

I couldn't stand Coachie-San from the beginning and now it's solidified for me. We called him the Marlboro Man after that ridiculous jacket thing last night at tribal. I wanted him to be gone - he is the only one who truly doesn't do anything but say how great he is, Candace had a point. Then again, Timbira is not the smart team here. They go with popularity voting, whereas Jalapeno has already proven to rule with their heads when they voted off Carolina, instead of Sandy.

What I got from the preview is that Taj goes back to exile and gets the clue pot this time and goes to the other team because it sure looked like she was sitting at Timbira's "faux" beach firepit when making that alliance. Quite doable since she burned her bridge with her current team. Good twist and Brendan played it off really well went he got back

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Fri, 02-20-2009 - 9:31am

Last night's show was good!

I agree with ya on Coach! Nope...dont like him didn't like him from the start! he is looking for a "in" into hollywood! Not there to play the game!

Im glad they voted out that have to learn when to speak up and when to stay quite! LOL! she didn't shut up! LOL!

I loved that both teams did a blindside at thier 1st trible! good tv!!

I also thought that Brendan played it off really well went he got back to the others!! good going!

I didn't really watch the previews....WOW Taj shouldn't have used her maden name! and not have told them who she really was.

I do love the Twist to exile! good one!!


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