TAR the 1st show.....

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TAR the 1st show.....
Mon, 09-28-2009 - 8:13am

So who watched TAR last night??

what did you think of it??

I will say I feel so sorry for the yogu teachers to not even be able to get on a plane! that was just so sad to be out before they even did anything!

So far I like the guy teams! LOL! the friends and brothers and the b-ball players

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Mon, 09-28-2009 - 8:44am
I liked it, it started with a bang, but thought it fizzled there for a while.

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Mon, 09-28-2009 - 10:02am

I was so hoping the yoga team would make it over that trial lawyer and his fiancee - ugh! So we get to listen to him for awhile - ugh!! I thought the game show so cute and different. It really started the show off with a bang :) Seems like a lot of strong players this year!

I agree about the penalties for the Pokerettes. It never showed a 2 hour delay and the soup thing was the worst speed bump ever! Making ramen at home is more work than that!!

I am wondering about the 2nd bus people paying to have that bus leave early when it didn't matter?

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Mon, 09-28-2009 - 10:07am

I love the globetrotters.

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Tue, 09-29-2009 - 10:54am

I am SO happy that TAR is back on! I only wish we got two of these a year!!!

Dislike very much the meathead attorney and the former Miss America! She annoyed me a great deal...she had a hissy fit when her DH didn't finish the wasabi roll and then when he was freaking out about the ducks she looked at him and said, "This is hard, don't you dare be disappointed in ME!" (Hello pot, please meet kettle.)

Loved the the guy friends and thought the guy with Aspergers did really really well. (haha the duck whisperer) I was so glad to see that they found their clue so quickly.

I am always a fan of the Christian players and this season is no different. I

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Tue, 09-29-2009 - 8:31pm

I liked it and lol a few times at what I don't remember. Yeah that duck thing would of drove me nuts. I like the girl on they team that was wearing yellow she made me laugh at things she said.

With the 2 hour delay was that with the bus? If so they paid the bus driver to leave early. Very smart thinking. Even thou they did not need it since the place they were going was not open yet but still smart.

That is all I can think of I had to watch it in segments just did not have the time to do it all at once.


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Wed, 09-30-2009 - 6:39pm

I am so happy this is back on. Oh, how I missed you Phil with your dry wit, your dimples, and your Philiminations.

I enjoyed the duck challenge. So funny to see the ducks try and outwit the people...and occasionally winning. I loved the wasabi bomb. I love that stuff, in small doses. Something llike that would burn my sinuses right out. So cute for them to make it a game show like that. And trying to keep 20 people together. LOL!!

The lawyer annoys me. I like most of the guy teams too.



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Wed, 09-30-2009 - 11:13pm
So great to have TAR back! I agree with PPs. The game show was the same as from "I Survived a Japanese Game show" wasn't it? I like the globetrotters and the asperger's friends.



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Thu, 10-01-2009 - 11:23am

I PVR everything so DH and I only got around to watching last night.

I think at the moment, I'm rooting for the "Friends", the

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