That tequilla shots game last night...

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That tequilla shots game last night...
Thu, 01-29-2004 - 11:55am
Ahmad didn't tell them they had to have the bottles standing upright on the trays to bring them across the bridge!!!!!! He just said they couldn't touch them with any part of their body! If they would have just started out with the bottles lying down on the trays, they would have had a much better chance of getting across the bridge without getting knocked over!! Did anyone else notice that??
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Thu, 01-29-2004 - 12:39pm
I forgot it was on! Can you give me a recap of what happened and who got kicked off?


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Thu, 01-29-2004 - 2:52pm
Yes! DH and I kept yelling at the TV for them to lay the bottles down! Tracey was the first one we saw get across with her bottle laying down so after that when she started out with it still standing up, we wondered why it didn't occur to her to start out with them laying down and tell everyone else. That game was so hilarious! Then Dennis eating all the worms was just too funny, he's like "Okay, whatever." and all the girls are still squirming around just watching him. I thought they had to take the shot, too, that part would have been harder on me than the actual worm, I think. I think it would have been more fun if they'd had the 3 who brought the most bottles over trade places with the executed 3 and then have them trying to take the bottles back across to subtract money from the pot, while other 3 tried to knock them out with the balls. Instead of just giving those 3 money for how many hits, that would have been much funnier to me.

Mark cracked me up when he was talking and telling us how moley he was going to act. And he said, "I'm going to be so moley, the mole is going to think I'm the mole." LOL!

So, does anybody have any guesses so far with the 4 left? I keep changing every 5 minutes during the show. Dennis seems too obvious, but maybe that's why he makes a good mole. Mark is such a clown and throws it one day, works with it the next, so he could be a good mole. Angie, she's done very molish things and could totally be the mole. Tracey, one minute seems too sweet to be the mole, the next seems to be trying to act too sweet so others think she IS the mole.

I am seriously starting to sound like Billy and Corbin!!

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Thu, 01-29-2004 - 4:11pm

My guess is that Dennis is the Mole, only because he is still in the game! LOL He certainly has not gone out of his way to try to play the game, so I can't see how he could know who the Mole is for him to still be in the game. We shall see though.


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Fri, 01-30-2004 - 9:57am
Here are some of my thoughts. Keep in mind that I was thinking Corbin might be the Mole before he was executed!

The producers would most likely want the Mole to have some influence over the games. In the first episode the contestants were picked up in a certain order. It would make sense for the Mole to be one of the first contestants. That way they could influence the game. That would rule out Tracey who was near the end. She also seems too genuine and sweet to be the Mole.

Angie has done some Mole behavior but I wonder if it wasn't to throw off the other players. I feel the same way about Mark. It is hard to tell how much he is doing on purpose to just throw off the other players. Some of his behavior seems too obvious.

Dennis would actually make a great Mole. All of his behavior is bizarre so he could get away with almost anything. The rest of the players have been doing Mole like things to throw others off so the real Mole wouldn't even have to do that much. Dennis made sure to take his time getting into the taxi in the beginning. He was easily caught in the game with the wrestlers and didn't seem upset by it. He refused to let the other players give him an exemption when they all needed to agree. Even if he wasn't keen on the idea I would think that he would take it just so that the money would be safe.

I'll admit that I love watching this show! I've even gotten used to the new host (though he doesn't compare to the old one!)

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Fri, 01-30-2004 - 10:46am
Yes I kept telling them that, but of course the would not listen!
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Sat, 01-31-2004 - 1:53am
Here are my thoughts (for what they are worth!)

Dennis - too obvious and a loose cannon. I can't see him even following the rules to be the mole. He would just tell everyone he's the mole.

Angie - I discount her because Fredrique was the mole last time (another model) AND the first two show's moles went female, male.

Tracey - she's so sweet & innocent that I definitely think it could be her.

Mark - he's just crazy. If you go with my female, male theory above, then he would be my pick.

This show drives me CRAZY! At the end of the game they always show you all these "obvious" clues that you should have been able to see & figure out. I try to look for that stuff & just get a headache! LOL