Think the game is rigged??

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Think the game is rigged??
Thu, 08-21-2003 - 3:27pm
I'm hearing all kinds of commotion on the BB4 message boards about them rigging the game and was just wondering what everyone else thought. At first I didn't think so, but last night I do admit that something felt a little fishy. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but doesn't it seem strange that BB let them all practice the bocci ball with a flat surface, but then (via the live feeds) you could see that Jack did very very well, and he mentioned that he grew up playing bocci ball. So then suddenly for the official competition they put a bump in the board. It just seemed to me that they did not want Jack to win. And I honestly did not think that Jack threw that competition last night, maybe some of the others but not that one.

And then on a couple other occassions it seemed like on question and answer games that Justin and Allison were given an unfair advantage because questions were asked that the producers must have known they would know the answers to (because they were about each other) How come there were no ?? about Robert or Jee for Erika or Jun to answer???

It just seems to me that BB producers have decided that having a member of the "dream team" or Allison win would be more interesting than one of the good guys (Jack, Erika, even Jun) And that just irritates me because I hate when things are so predictable. To me it would be much more interesting to see the nice guys finish first for once. I just think Jack and Erika and now to some extent at least Jun have played this game way nicer than the others. Okay maybe they have lied but at least they haven't been downright mean about people the way the others have been.

If Robert or Allison win I'm going to puke!!!!!

Okay, that's just my opinion, just wondering what you all think!