Thoughts on the Dr Phil show?

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Thoughts on the Dr Phil show?
Wed, 02-16-2005 - 1:03am

I thought Victoria and Jonathan came across as incredibly fake.

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Wed, 02-16-2005 - 10:41am

There was definitely alot of spin going on with them. Jonathan was trying his hardest to not look like the bad guy. But the damage was done. I love how Dr. Phil didn't cut him a break. Although I think he did temper what he actually thought of their relationship! LOL Both of them protest about how great things are just a little too much. But you know, the only way we would ever truly know what their relationship is like, is to see it through a hidden camera. All the smooching & lovey dovey clips they showed last night, are just what you said - fake. Behind closed doors who knows what goes on. I got the sense that Victoria is enjoying being the center of attention and having Jonathan defend himself. If it really is the abusive relationship it seems to be, I hope she will get out. If she doesn't, what can you say? Yes it's disfunctional but maybe they both need or choose that.

Just my ramblings.


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Wed, 02-16-2005 - 11:48am

I agree that we don't know what's really going on without hidden cameras watching their every move but I'll say what I think.

My gut feeling - they're totally lying - both of them. And she's not ok. He is abusive and she's afraid to say it or hasn't realized it yet. There's more to abuse than just physical violence. I was wishing Dr. Phil would have given them more of a reality check.

So that's my .02 worth! I hope they both wake up and see that life doesn't have to be that way - and soon!!


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Wed, 02-16-2005 - 1:03pm

I thought Dr. Phil let them off pretty easy last night.

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Wed, 02-16-2005 - 5:57pm

I was kinda upset that Dr. Phil wasn't harder on them (him, actually). I absolutely can't stand Jonathan and Victoria is a dimwit for putting up with him.

The way Jonathon raised his hand to her several times on the show proves to me that he probably hits her when there's no camera watching. He tried very hard last night to say it was "editing" but nobody forced those words to come out of his mouth.

I like the way Dr. Phil told him if it was taken out of context to "frame it up for us".

They both get on my nerves!


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Wed, 02-16-2005 - 6:48pm

I thought Jonathan looked pathetically fake!! Victoria is a washed up has been ex plaything, with NO identiy beyond playboy and Jonathan! To her being abused is probably love. I'm not saying this to be cruel, if abuse is all she knows, she has nothing else to compare it too. Jon may have her trapped too. Also one thing I picked up on was that she moved in with him after the FIRST DATE, hello ladies we don't even USUALLY have sex on the first date let alone move in!!! That would lead me to think he doesn't respect her and she is more about showing off his 'playboy model' to his buddies. She is stupid for staying, and he's an a$$ for beating on her which I don't doubt he does. I really hope she gets a clue in her bleached head, and I Pray that they do not have children!!

That all out, I was disappointed Dr Phil didn't spend the whole hour show just with them and rip them a new hole and knock some sense into Jonathan's greesy head! I think he HAD to hold back because of his show and Amazing Race being with the CBS network. Anyone else think that could be true???

~Keri~ feeling very outspoken today!! LOL

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Wed, 02-16-2005 - 10:36pm

You nailed it. I couldn't figure out why Dr. Phil was so easy on them, but that's it.

It was disappointing in that he can really do a good job with people when he has time and inclination.


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Thu, 02-17-2005 - 5:58pm

maybe dr phil realized that jonathon was not going to accept responsibility for any of his actions/words . I dont care how stressful the race was or how 'out of context' the clips were. there is no justification for repeatedly telling your spouse they are stupid/incompetant etc like he did.

he should have interviewd them seperately.

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