UnderCover Boss 2-21

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UnderCover Boss 2-21
Mon, 02-22-2010 - 8:05am

WOW I really like this show!

I love how the boss "learns" some great insight about their company and makes things better!

I loved that Igor Last night what a Wondeful Man! WE all need to remember just how wonderful our Country is! He showed you can take "ANY" job and make it a great job!

Was happy to see that young man went on to work higher up in 7-11.

What about Daloric (sp) wasn't she wonderful! so full of life and I would love to go to her store and get

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Mon, 02-22-2010 - 12:31pm

I'm loving it too! It's so nice to see hard working people get rewarded for everything they do. Deloris (the coffee lady) was wonderful! And Igor, what a great attitude.

I know it's good for bosses to get out and see just how hard their people work, and it's good that they see their company as people, not just numbers on a spreadsheet, but I am really liking the stories of the workers. Plus it's interesting to see how the bosses can't do the work! That coffee mess, wow. lol

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Mon, 02-22-2010 - 6:36pm
I couldn't agree more Meme!! I really enjoyed last nights show; and I love how the CEO's give those employees a better position in the company, or donations or just an extra something ... it shows they really care about their employees. I really hope those changes he talks about making will be put into effect!