What did you think of the opening show?

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What did you think of the opening show?
Wed, 07-09-2003 - 8:18am
I loved the looks on their faces & watching them squirm around like little worms! Too funny! I wish though, Julie hadn't told them. She should have just told them BB4 is the "X" factor and see if it finally sunk in!

The only one who didn't seem to care was the older guy. He was just sitting there with a big smile on his face! Either he didn't have an X, didn't care if his X came in, or knew there was no way in h*ll his X would ever come in!

I like the decore of the house. Looks good.

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Wed, 07-09-2003 - 3:56pm
Well, I think it was pretty good. I think the season could get very interesting!!

I already don't like Jun. She is so full of herself!!

I read on another board that Allison is a "fake". Here's the info. on her that I read:

"Beware of Allison! She's a local from where I'm from...don't buy anything she says...her acting so broken up was just that ~ an act. She caused quite a scandal here that was all over the papers a few years back, but I won't go into it here. Just take anything she says or does with a grain of salt!"

Posters were questioning for addt'l info. and the poster of the above info. came back and posted this:

"Ok, I can give up some stuff. She was the winner of our county beauty pagent and the RUMOR is that she threatened physical harm to the other girls and did a little sabatoging as well. Then she went to college and allegedly got into an altercation with a cop and basicly went off on her, and subsequently getting charged with some summary and misdemeanor stuff. Then the fair board got after the whole thing and she (I THINK) had to hand her crown over. There's more rumors but I can't really substantiate it so I don't want to go into it."

SO, with that said, I expect the Smoking Gun to come out with a story on her!! Who knows what other stories they'll reveal. Seems like an interesting bunch!!

I also, already don't like Robert. I can't believe Erika ever gave him the time of day!! She is a beauty and he's so ugly and mean!! He has such a rotten attitude.

I have lots of thoughts already, but I don't wanna ramble. Look forward to chatting with ya'll about it this summer!!

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Wed, 07-09-2003 - 11:26am
It was really good and so worth the long wait!! I can't wait to hear the whole story about Alison & her ex - she was sooo upset. My dh & I spent the rest of the night debating who has the advantage those with an ex or without - I can't wait to find out. I really doubt the original 8 alliance will stick together.

Dawn "who really can't wait until tonight but is bummed she has to tape Paradise Hotel - too much TV not enough time!!!"

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Wed, 07-09-2003 - 10:40am
LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!!!!!! I can hardly wait until tonights show. Alison's ex is so hot. And what is with Robert. I totally agree, he does not seem like Ericka's type. BB4 is going to be so good.



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Wed, 07-09-2003 - 8:55am
My thoughts exactly! He is dog-ugly and doesn't appear to be Erika's type at all. Of course, we don't really know "what" her type is.....yet. He seems like a loud mouth that I am NOT going to like.

Alison is already too emotional! That can't be a good sign for her.


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Wed, 07-09-2003 - 8:51am
I could not believe tears were falling down Alison's face. This is going to be very interesting. And I trully thought Erika was wayyyy too good looking and nice to bother with Robert, who seems to be not a nice person at all.
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Wed, 07-09-2003 - 8:33am
Love it! Love it! Love it! I couldn't help smiling the entire time! I even smiled when Alison was crying because her X was coming in...and that is NOT like me! *still smiling*

I think this year will be awesome. Right now, my favorite is David. (And don't he and his X make a beautiful couple?) Did you notice that they were the only 2 who didn't seem so bitter? He even hugged her! That could get very interesting.

And although Alison was soooooooo upset...did I imagine, or did I see her laying on the bed with her X in the previews?

This is going to be a great show! I can't wait until tonight to see how they are all "Bonding" and if their alliance "sticks".

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so much fun!