When asking for money are they allowed..

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When asking for money are they allowed..
Wed, 05-11-2005 - 12:28pm

to say that they are in a race and lost their money?

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Wed, 05-11-2005 - 12:42pm
I was also curious about this.When they are in a hurry in a cab they all say "we have to hurry, we are in a race" so I too was curious that they didn't say that.I do not think they are allowed to say they are racing on the Amazing Race though.Hope someone else knows the answer!
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Wed, 05-11-2005 - 12:52pm
I thought at the end he was telling people he was in a race. They probably can't say they are in the Amazing Race however. And I'm betting that some folks in some of the countries they visit have no idea what the Amazing Race is.
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Wed, 05-11-2005 - 2:24pm

I always figured they could tell people they were in a race --- they have a camera man right there with them anyway, right? ...just because of that it's a pretty strange begging for money scenario for people to be confronted with.


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Wed, 05-11-2005 - 3:15pm

LOL. I had to laugh at the woman who asked Joyce what cause she was donating her 10 bucks or so for.

Stating that they were one step away from a million bucks wouldn't have lent alot of sympathy... unless of course the donaters stuck around...

I thought it was interesting that all the cabbies in all the countries they visited seemed to be willing to let their fares pass when asked, but not in Miami. R&A's cabbie was concerned about the meter and U&J's cabbie was going to collect his full fare.


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Wed, 05-11-2005 - 8:38pm

My friend and I were wondering the same thing. She couldn't understand why they just couldn't say "I'm racing to win a million dollars .. if I win I'll give you $1000" or whatever. I also couldn't understand why J&U didn't get out of the cab and start runnning to the pit stop. He certainly seemed like a man with good principles so I'm sure he wanted to pay the cabby but couldn't he have gone back and done it. DH thought that maybe not paying the cab might have been against the rules.


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Wed, 05-11-2005 - 9:11pm

I wonder if, because this is taped, they aren't allowed to say exactly what they're doing for fear someone would say later "HEY! I had those two in my cab and they didn't pay me!"???

I just wondered if it was another way of them trying to keep the outcome a secret?

I would have told the driver "I'm racing to the finish line - follow me and you'll get your money!".

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