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Wed, 08-06-2003 - 10:19pm
I am sad to see Dana go but she went out in style...held her head high and she is all the more better person for it.

YES the three stooges are in control...if they are smart. bye bye Nate or bye bye Allison. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

whoo hoo


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Thu, 08-07-2003 - 9:55pm
Alison won't be nominated. Justin has an alliance with Alison. I don't think the others realize how much those two are conspiring.

The only three that seem like real possibilities are Jack, Erica, and Nathan. Out of those three I wouldn't mind seeing Nathan leave. My guess is that it will be Jack and Nathan on the block.

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Thu, 08-07-2003 - 9:55am
I disagree about Dana going out with style. I think that she was very p/o'd about being voted out and very upset that it was a unanimous decision. I wanted to get up and dance around the living room when they announced the numbers.

I think that Justin will nominate Jack and Nathan. SHould be an interesting week.

Anyone else getting sick of Alison's shifting "alliance's"? I hope Nat stays, wins HOH next week and nominates her.



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Thu, 08-07-2003 - 8:27am
You think so, abt Dana? I don't know. I think she was very badly used by the 3 stooges.....

These kids, and I do mean kids, really need to take to heart a Danielle "lesson", keep your friends close, any your enemies closer".

I was so bummed that Justin won HOH. I was hoping Jack or Erika would. That means that either Jack, Nate, or Erika will be up. He won't put up his "buddies" Jee & Robrat, and most likely not Jun, although she could be used as a pawn. He made a deal with Allie not put her up this week if she didn't put him up last week. He could break the deal, but I don't think he will. It wouldn't be good strategy wise. He has a chance of "controlling" her, and no chance of controlling Jack/Nate/Erika.

I'm hoping Jack & Erika are the final 2. But I'm sure they won't be.

And I'm really really MAD that the Yankee game will once again pre-empt BB on Friday!!!!!

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Thu, 08-07-2003 - 8:25am
He won't put up Allison. He has an alliance with her and I think he will honor it. I'm guessing Nate and Jack with Erica as the fill in if vetoed.

THese shows are so boring these years. the houseguests seem so shocked to be asked questions about who they have hooked up with in the house. I was shocked for Dana to say Justin would just be a friend out of the house. I thought she was the one really fallen for him.