I found this board again...

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I found this board again...
Thu, 10-07-2010 - 6:24pm

I still don't know if we have Favorites or not anymore but I have to say it is at least 95% easier to find a board than it used to be. I never searched iVillage before because I couldn't find anything......

Our time at the camper is drawing to a close. We have to be home by Monday. The campground will be closed the 15th but DH has meetings that he has to be home for....

We ate a lot of fresh stuff this year......a lot of which tasted so good that we kind of over did it at times and paid for it, if you know what I mean.. But something that I have been hearing on tv The Food Network etc.....is that roasted veggies are soooo good....well I am hear to tell you that they are right. Green beans, asparagus, cherry tomatoes with garlic and onions, fresh mint or basil.....I don't know if I can stand it till next year to have some more..

We have a bunch of squash that will take us till winter to eat......now I am waiting for the local truck to come in with Apples. But then all the local trees that people have seemed to have done very well this year. Even with over 40" of rain in the month of July alone...wow was it wet......

But it is easier to cook at home. We didn't eat as much meat this summer so I am ready for

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Fri, 10-08-2010 - 8:08pm

Welcome Home!

Yes, it is easier to navigate here in my opinion, and I have been a fan of grilled or roasted veggies for a long time, nice to hear your endorsement!