No more Twinkies?

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No more Twinkies?
Fri, 11-16-2012 - 8:57pm

Well, the union has put 18,500 more people out of a job and onto the government teat.  If you think you are not going to pay for the unemployment that the demise of Hostess Brands has created, think again. The union's inability to accept reasonable contracts has ruined the holidays for a LOT of families.  And residual losses will occur (watch for FOR LEASE signs where the day-old stores used to be).  

Well done, Union!  


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Mon, 11-19-2012 - 3:46pm
It's a major shame. And people seem to be a lot more concerned with the loss of the twinkies rather than the loss of jobs.



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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 9:55am

I think as more of the details are emerging on this people are getting it.

I personally think Hostess should have gone back to the old animated cartoon ads with T. the Kid, the king, the knight, etc.   I don't think I have seen any Hostess commercial in years.   I haven't eaten a T. in years either.   The last one I had I remember thinking that they put way less cream filling in them now than what I remember as a kid.   And I swear they were called King Dons when I was a kid.

I had to edit my response to not reflect the inappropriate language that will not be accepted on iVillage.   I have edited this six times now.  Attempt #7 didn't work either.   I have now removed all product names.   And that didn't work either.  Trying #9.

Beyond the obvious low blow that comes with job loss, I will miss the Hostess family.   I hope they can find a buyer or restructure.   And bring back those retro ads.

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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 1:25pm

I noticed your topic and I couldn't agree more. People are more concerned with the loss of Twinkies than the loss of jobs. I suspect this won't be the first company put out of business in the coming year because of unreasonable union demands.

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Wed, 11-21-2012 - 11:51am

Hi Tracy,

There is a problem with the profanity filter, and they are working to fix it. There's no problem posting product names.

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Wed, 11-21-2012 - 4:58pm

Thanks Evelyn.  I literally rewrote that post 9 times.   Good thing I was slow and had the time to do it.  I figured they thought the Hostess names were nicknames for male body parts.   It did make me giggle a little.