Recently married, what to cook?

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Recently married, what to cook?
Fri, 09-21-2012 - 5:28am

I am so excited! I got married recently, we came back from our honey moon and now it seems we started our family life. All nice and shinny, but I want to be the perfect wife. So, what do I cook for dinner? You know what they say: love goes through the stomach. What can I do to assure meals diversity?

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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 8:50am
Congrats :smileyhappy: I just wish I had some advice for you :smileyhappy: My husband and I lived together for 6 months before we got engaged and another year before we got married, I just cooked the same stuff that I had always cooked at home, with the occasional input from him.
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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 9:02am

Thanks, keeyamah] I continued my "research" on Google and I've found some sort of tool,  DinnerWiz, I'm checking it right now. If anyone else want to share their thoughts I would appreciate it. Thanks

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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 7:25pm

I was in your shoes in 1975, trying to be June Cleaver.  My husband said, "I won't eat pork chops or rice."  So I made my pork chop and rice casserole and it was his favorite meal.  

I don't do marriage well, I'm dastardly independent but I've had successful restaurants and I'm here to tell will eat anything if you don't ask them to cook.  

Both of my marriages were the result of pot roast with taters, carrots, and gravy.  I don't cook that for men anymore because I don't want to get married. :smileywink:

But if you are happy with it, consider mastering the perfect pot roast!  

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Sat, 09-22-2012 - 11:13pm

Find out what his favorites are, maybe even talk to his mother is you have a good relationship. I've taken a few of my MIL's recipes and improved on them, talk about brownie points! =D Anyway, make sure you know what he really likes and really doesn't like and go from there.



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Mon, 09-24-2012 - 9:01am


Best advice I can give you is be your self, your husband married you for that .  If you love cooking, cook what you love cooking and hope he loves it too  and if you hate cooking then ask  your husband and see if he loves cooking more then you.

I come from a family where mum mended cars and dad cooked dinner,  dad was horrible with cars and mums food was  horrible  except for Christmas.

Menuplanning with your husband  helps keeping dinner time diverse and it can also be a fun night together googling for recipes and  having something yummy to nibble on  while doing it and also menuplanning keeps the cost down.