Surprise parties

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Surprise parties
Sun, 07-29-2012 - 1:12pm

Have you ever thrown a surprise party for your kid or a family member?  I probably have the world heavyweight championship belt for my DD's 15.  It took a conspiracy with her friends to pull it off.  

I told her that she could have a slumber party.  She invited my co-conspirators over, and one of them, as planned, said, "Go ask your Mom if she'll take us to the movies."  

Nicki said, "OH NO WAY, you know she won't!"  Her friends kept insisting, "Just ASK???"

So Nicki asked.  I said, "OK!"  and she about fainted.  I took them to the movies, dropped them with money and instructions for when I'd pick them up, then I RACED home to meet the REST of the team, her guy-friends.  We got the cake baked, the house decorated, I got permission from neighbors to hide cars in their driveways, and then I went and picked the girls up.  

Nicki was so funny.  "Mom, I can't believe you actually let us go to the movies and get ice cream.  WOW, Look at that?  Butch has a truck that looks just like Randy's in his driveway!  Did Ricky buy Mike's car?  That looks just LIKE Mike's car!"  

We walked into the house and about a dozen kids popped out over the birthday cake.  It still took Nicki a minute to absorb; she said, "Mom, is this a surprise party?" 

Please understand that Nicki is a certified genius who has been studied since she was a small child, for the power of her mind.  People that intelligent don't "get" simple stuff.  Like surprise parties.  It was just too funny.  

Two more memorable surprise parties...I was 14 and my brother was turning 18.  He needed his favorite cake.  I baked it.  But I was short on confectioner's sugar for icing.  So I called my friend, who was the papergirl, and she raced over on her Honda 90.  

I jumped onto the Honda and ran down to the store, got the sugar, and on the way home...YEAH, cops.  My violations?  No driver's license, no shoes, no helment, no goggles, no inspection sticker, speeding...they let me off with a WARNING, actually laughing with me, but ALL the neighbors saw, and of course, CALLED MOM.  I was in deep DO-DO when Mom got home.  

My most failed surprise party was for my other brother, I baked and decorated the cake and invited people, unknown to my mother, and I hid the cake in the oven.  

Mom came in from work, not clued in about anything and desiring a casserole, and turned the oven on PREHEAT.  I'll let you finish this one...OMG!  


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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 2:05pm
I've ever even tried to do a surprise. Especially for DH, he always guesses what he's getting so a party would be impossible! I'd love to do something for one of my DD's birthdays when they are a bit older though.

Maybe Hannah is a genius...she is uber smart, does great in school. Read at a 6th grade level in the beginning of her 1st grade year. But, that kid has no common sense!! And she doesn't "get" normal things a lot of the time. She 1st grade teacher, who has 44 years of teaching under his belt, said she was the most advanced he'd ever seen, and he loved to just talk with her because it was like talking to another adult. But when it comes to figuring a simple thing out, or problem solving something easy, she normally has trouble. But discuss the universe with her, and she gets it.