Waffle Taco?

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Waffle Taco?
Tue, 02-25-2014 - 1:25pm

We just had a good laugh here at the office about Taco Bell launching the Waffle Taco later this month, as it takes on the breakfast market.


I'm wondering how much will be required to add the coffee makers to the mix.  And I'm just guessing that the waffle will be a frozen item.  I don't see a lot of issues with teaching people the rest of it, but it should be interesting at first.  

I wish I could find a place that would serve MY kind of breakfast, which would be things without eggs and without sweets.  My perfect breakfast is a meat, sliced tomatoes, some sort of fruit, potatoes, and iced tea.  Do you think you will be ready to try a waffle taco?   

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Fri, 02-28-2014 - 4:55pm

It sounds interesting but I would try to make it at home, I wouldn't get it at Taco Bell (I wouldn't get anything at Taco Bell). I usually don't eat much sweet stuff for breakfast because that gets me craving sugar for the rest of the day, and I'm not hungry for a large serving of anything until later.

Karla, have you made Baked Oatmeal? I reduce the sugar/syrup by a little and its still sweet enough.


K-Roni, your ideal breakfast sounds like dinner! Maybe a 24 hr diner would serve that at any time? I like breakfast for dinner, but not usually dinner for breakfast. I have a friend who likes cold leftover pizza for breakfast.

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Tue, 02-25-2014 - 2:09pm

I saw that just this morning and can't see myself trying a waffle taco. My perfect breakfast is a good bowl of oatmeal with sugar and cinnamon and a couple of cups of coffee.

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