We are making baby food!

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We are making baby food!
Thu, 01-10-2013 - 1:33pm

Making baby food at home accomplishes two things:  it saves you tons of cash, and spares your child from food additiives and preservatives.  All you need is a small food proocessor or blender, or a food mill.  The blender I got for my wedding nearly 40 years ago came with two small cups for making purees and salad dressings, without having to use the big blender jar.  

When you cook your family's meal, hold out a little bit of the vegetables before you season them.  The baby doesn't need spices.  Puree with a little bit of water or stock.  Don't be afraid to serve the baby the same vegetables for several meals in a row.  Actually that can help you spot food allergies; my pediatrician recommended introducing baby foods one at a time, and feeding for one week, to see if there was any negative reaction, before introducing another food.  Don't use canned vegetables; cook from fresh or fresh frozen.  

Meats are a bit more difficult  to master, but can be processed to a paste with stock after cooking.  I never wasted my money on baby cereal either; cream of wheat and  oatmeal, made on the stove for your family, will suit your baby too.  

Now...guess who is expecting, and wanted to have a baby food thread?   



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Fri, 01-11-2013 - 4:02pm
I use to make mine. I used a blender and when I needed it fine I used a strainer. I did not make to much at a time.. I wanted it fresh.. My kids didn't even know the difference but it saved on the pocket book besides I knew what it was and no additives... When they got older I made oatmeal cookies with the oatmeal I just make the oatmeal and while it was still hot I put it in little spoon ful size on a plate. I also cut bananas in quarter size on plates.
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Fri, 01-11-2013 - 3:38pm

Me me me!!! Laughing

Thank you Karen!!!!!   I recently told DH I was not going to buy baby food, and he's all for it.  That stuff isn't cheap.

I think I still have a baby food mill, if not I have a mini chopper that might work.  I have seen those baby food containers that I'll probably get to make batches and freeze some.

Great ideas Karen, thank you!!