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What's up?
Tue, 10-01-2013 - 10:11pm

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Hello, hello.  What's up?  What's cooking?  Any BBQ's or anything.  What's going on?  Hmmmmm.....not much for me.  I'm just getting by day by day here.  I got a new kitten a week ago from the dog pound.  I fell in love right away and did not even think of the 6 big dogs I have at home.  Fortunately the dog that counts the most is the Doberman Pincher and he is a sweetheart with her.    Not sure of the others though.  They look at her like dinner.  Well good thing they don't come into the main part of the house.  I have gates all over the place and Batman (my dobie) is theonly one with the run of the house.  So I just have to be very diligent until Lilly grows up some and gets bigger.  Good thing I've got Lilly accostumed to the little crate.

So what is up with everyone who comes by here?  Stop by and say hello, tell us about you day and what you are up to.  Tell us about your house, yard, garden, what you are baking or making for dinner.  Just anything at all.  Now I have to go.  My muffins are calling my name now.  hehehehehe

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