Ok I seriously need help ! lol

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Ok I seriously need help ! lol
Wed, 06-12-2013 - 10:53pm

I had 3 children, well I still do lol, but I've aquired 3 more when my amazing husband and I joined familes. Soooo I am cooking for a family of 8 ! EEK ! Well my husband is recovering from a car accident in which he broke his neck and it is now surgically repaired, so he is not working at the moment. So I need to feed said family of 8 on a budget ! I am accepting any and all advice/recipes for quick, cheap, easy LARGE meals that you are willing to give me :)

Thanks !


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Thu, 06-13-2013 - 5:58pm

Wow, you sure do have some tight times.   Congrats on the marriage, but yikes on the 8.

My favorite is Chicken Tortilla Soup.   This is the most forgiving recipe ever.   I started with a base and have tweaked it over and over.   It never lets me down.   I am not writing this in traditional recipe form.   You can literally open and dump cans as needed/wanted. 

Chcken, as much or as little as you like, frozen or cooked
as many large cans of tomato sauce as you need
salsa, as much as you want
chicken broth, ditto
canned corn
canned green chilies
southwest seasoning
tortilla chips

Place all but chips and cheese on Crock Pot.  Cook on low all day.   Serve with crumbled chips and cheese.   This is fabulous.


Other than that; spaghetti, casseroles, and sandwiches come to mind.

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Fri, 06-14-2013 - 4:50pm

You need to hire me.  Everytime I turn on the stove, it turns into dinner for 50.  LOL, I used to own restaurants and now cooking for one is proving to be next to impossible for me.  Congrats on having your very own "Brady Bunch" though.  

My budget-friendly big meals involve dry beans, lentils, rice, barley, cooked wheat berries...you get the picture.  I make really good red beans and rice with smoked sausage, it is super cheap and filling.  When I was young we were quite poor so when we needed to serve a crowd, Mom would boil a hen and make chicken spaghetti.  Hens were cheap back then, but I have not been able to find one in the last few years.  But the chicken spaghetti will work with a fryer, I just don't like it as well.  You just boil the chicken until it is done, take it out and de-fat the  broth (or not, Mom never did).  In a large skillet, chop 1 onion, 2 ribs of celery, 1 green bell pepper, a bay leaf or two and cook them in a little butter to soften.  Add 1 can of cream of mushroom soup and one can of cream of tomato soup.  Let that simmer up while you boil a whole package of spaghetti in the chicken broth.  Pick the meat off the chicken and add it to the spaghetti, and as the broth disappears, add the sauce into it and toss.  Yes, the broth disappears. It's one of those magic things, I think. We didn't use a lot of water over the chicken.  I've revised the recipe to get rid of the canned soups, because I don't eat canned or packaged foods.  But it is SOOO GOOD!  OH, fish out that bay leaf before you dump the sauce over; that is NOT good to eat! 

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Sat, 08-24-2013 - 1:47pm

What is in season where you are? That is normally cheaper then off season food.   

I make the this lovely hamburgers,  they are half meat and half finely grated  root vegitable, what ever is in season and served with mash and gravy.