Friday Five

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Friday Five
Fri, 09-07-2012 - 1:21pm

1. Do you decorate for Fall? :smileyhappy:

2. Have you ever simmered spices on the stove for the aroma in your home? :smileyhappy:

3. How many times have you waded in a creek? :smileyhappy:

4. Do you ever wear gum boots? :smileysurprised:

5. What are your favorite Fall foods? :smileytongue:

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Fri, 09-07-2012 - 10:38pm
1. Yes! I have more fall decorations than any others.
2. I think I did it in the mini crock pot once a long time ago.
3. Tons! Grew up playing in the creek at my parents' cottage.
4. No.
5. There are so many! I first think of roast chicken and turkey, soups, stews, and squash. . . And baking!