Going away for the weekend...

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Going away for the weekend...
Thu, 03-01-2012 - 7:43am

Dh and I are going away for the weekend, first time (alone) in over 12 years! We're heading to the cape so should be a nice trip even if it's a bit chilly

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Thu, 03-01-2012 - 10:17am
How wonderful, Kim! And what a beautiful location. Have a great time!

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Thu, 03-01-2012 - 4:22pm
Have a wonderful time. Nice room I see you sitting in that corner reading a book. Great rates too. Have a great quiet relaxing time. I will be here till after you get back then it is off to the craft show for me. Gee we are both busy.
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Fri, 03-02-2012 - 10:07pm

Looks as if you will have an amazing weekend Kim!