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From Suzi
Thu, 12-27-2012 - 10:49am

I received an email from Suzi.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Here's the message:

Trying to make sense, just had more surgery again to straighten bones then have to wait for swelling to go before the real operation . Hard to get my head around. Can not put leg down at all, talking months in a wheelchair. Getting house modified for it. Sigh don't even want to think that far and then re learn to walk if all goes well. Talking one day at a time for now. The family went ahead and had Christmas as planned kind of. I was in surgery so just visited here for a few times. PLEASE.....Any chance you could let Kim know as I just dropped off the world without letting her know. She has been having issues with ivillage too.Not thinking much but the new twist as least explains the super yuk pain last night and morning.
Hope you had a great Christmas. Will try to keep in touch but hard since leg has to be up and head down...iPad does not like this and no wifi. Obviously no wifi is a big problem and doubt I will get back to ivillage ....can't right now. Ummmm did I mention I had a fall, ice cubes kitchen floor while cooking Christmas dinner last Sunday and zap broken leg. They hope to be able to set it Tuesday next week. Luckily you sent me email I have no addresses so hitting reply.=