How often do you use your crock pot?

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How often do you use your crock pot?
Thu, 08-02-2012 - 4:41pm

I remember my mother had a crock pot a long time ago and hardly ever used it. Do you use yours often? I'm wondering if it's worth it. The recipes look easy and tempting, but it's one more thing to just take up space if I don't use it. 

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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 5:25pm
I have 3 crockpots.... large (6 qt) medium & small.... I don't use them every day... and lately I haven't been cooking much at all. But, I do plan on cooking with it more, especially come fall & winter. I agree that it changes the texture of the chicken sometimes.... which sometimes doesn't do well for some recipes.

But, I do love cooking a roast in the crockpot with an envelope of dry onion soup mix. Whatever we don't eat goes into the freezer (along with the liquid) for vegetable soup, burritos or some other such meal that can use up leftover cooked roast. I have a bag in the freezer right now and I can't wait to cook up a big pot of vegetable soup this week, I've been craving it.

My daughter uses her crockpot a lot. Her husband works a different shift than she does so she gets it all ready in the morning, puts it in the crock and then lets it cook and he is able to eat it before he leaves for work at 2:00 pm. He feeds him and their son that (and whatever else she has planned to go along with it if it's not a one dish meal) and then he refrigerates it and she warms it up when she gets home. Leftovers go into her husband's lunch too.

If you can find some good recipes for the crock pot that your family enjoys, it really is worth the investment. THey have the kind that you can program to turn on and turn off at certain times too.

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Mon, 08-27-2012 - 6:15pm

I use mine alot- I too have three of them. My daughters use theirs too- it is very versitle-.not just for cooking.

I have a small one that I use most- a bag of meatballs and a can of chicken soup- turn it on and before you know it- done. I just put two huge chicken breast in with italian season on them- I am making buffalo dip this week-end in it.  Sloopy joes, Spaghetti sauce, soups, stews, to keep mash tators warm, I use it alot for leftovers-

And none of mine sit on the counter- they fit in three different cupboards.

Glad you found us- hope you stick around !!

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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 9:40pm

I have three.  They don't sit out; they are in the bottom of the pantry closet.  I don't like much of anything cooked in them.

 I use the little one maybe once or twice a year for queso. 

I use the mid-sized one about once a month during the cooler months of the year.  Beef stew, beef in beer, pot roast of beef, pork loin, salsa chicken, taco soup.  That's about all. 

I use the big one when the family comes over for my spinach meatballs.  There are nine of us, but I have to make enough to feed 16, because everyone wants seconds or a to-go box.  The big one will also hold a whole chicken, but I seldom use it for that.

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Fri, 09-14-2012 - 8:52am
Hey... I see you are from Michigan... Renee and I both live in Michigan. I live in the Flint area and Renee the Adrian area... where abouts do you live? Just wondering if we were close...

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