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Spudcake, or pärakaka  is a  old Swedish dish,  you can make with or with out bacon and we serve with applesauce or lingon jam ( you can use cranberry sauce)  and it is perfect for a cold day. You need a high starch potato like russet or  Bintje, a potato that yield a good mash. This is a favorite dish when we have  lacto- ovio vegetarians over and yes then we skip the bacon.

Spudcake servs  4.

A deep ovendish  11x 15 inches.

3 1/3  cups milk

4 large egg

4 medium size potatoes.

1½ cup of plain salt

1 teaspoon salt.

2 tablespoon  oil.

A bit a butter .

½lb  of  smoked bacon cubes.

 In a bowl add flour, salt and whisk in half the milk.  Brown the  bacon cubes in a skillet, until lightly browned. Turn the oven to 420F.   Now add the eggs and  milk to the batter and whisk smooth, add the oil.  Grease  your oven dish.   Then  peel the potatoes and  finely grate them directly into the  batter, stir in the bacon and  pour into  the dish.  Bake for 20-25 min.   Serve with applesauce or cranberry sauce and a sallad.   

You can subitute the potatoes in the batter  with 1½ cup of drained cottage cheese  and get a cheese and bacon cake. You can also  use subitute one of the potatoes with  a carrot or parsnip.