DYK 11/18/12

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DYK 11/18/12
Sun, 11-18-2012 - 8:02pm

DYK  I got to hang out with both my Grandsons today!

DYK   Chase is pulling himself up to things and standing alone!

DYK   Amyah and Kynsie are learning to read and write =)..

DYK  I made a bunch of food today and pigged out...

DYK  John went to the meat market with me and we got lots!

DYK   He was pretty impressed with the little store in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road..

DYK  We sold his car on EBAY - and they paid...

DYK  We were waiting on an International wire transfer and I was nervous...

DYK  The car will be going to the new owner in SWEDEN at the end of the month!

DYK  I got sent back to the shipping dept at work..

DYK  I have to decide if I want to stay back there and I don't know what to do..

DYK  I went to another factory for an interview a month ago..

DYK I want to work there but worry about Maggie..

DYK  I will always worry about my kids =)..

DYK I am going to reapply at that other factory first of the year..

DYK  I am pumped for Thanksgiving !

DYK  I will not go shopping on Black Friday..

DYK  I am glad our board is kinda back..

DYK  I hope everyone had a good week-end !


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Mon, 11-19-2012 - 6:09am

DYK that I am thrilled that we are slowly coming back too?

DYK I am also thrilled that John's car sold?

DYK that I know a few people that have bought cars on eBay?

DYK that I cannot fathom doing that?

DYK I am wondering why Renee is thinking of moving to another factory: closer to home, better pay, better benefits?

DYK I am also wondering if Maggie could also apply to the new place?

DYK I want to know if Renee likes shipping better than her old assignment?

DYK I got all my Christmas stuff up yesterday?

DYK I was almost done with the lights and I didn't have enought to finish as three strands had gone bad over summer?

DYK that DD and I loaded up to go to Target to buy new ones when I remembered that I hadn't checked my storage spot for new lights and ornaments?

DYK when I opened that cabinet I found 10 unopened boxes of LED lights that I then remembered I had purchased at the end of the season last year?

DYK that I then had to take all the old lights off the tree and start over?

DYK it was totally worth it? The new LED look is wonderful. I love it. The kids love it.

DYK that it took me 3-4 years but now all my Christmas lights, inside and out, are all LED? I buy more every year at end of season closeout prices.

DYK I made Red Velvet brownies yesterday?

DYK I made some Saturday too, using a recipe I posted on the board?

DYK the Saturday batch was terrible? Tasted like sawdust. The recipe said bake 35 minutes. I set the oven for 30. They were WAY overcooked. Dry as sand. Yuck.

DYK I am beyond excited that this is only a 2-day work week?

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Mon, 11-19-2012 - 6:35am

DYk this is only a two day work week for me too

DYK that I am also beyond excited about that

DYk I am also wondering why Renee is thinking of changing jobs

DYK I am also wondering what is so bad about the shipping department

DYK I wonder where Daisy is hiding out

DYK I wonder if Guss can open this thread 

DYK I wonder when Guss's DH is scheduled to come home

DYK I wonder when Chrissy will be giving us an update on what's been happening with her

DYK I wonder how Gaye is doing with her old boss

DYK I wonder where Shelly is

DYK I wonder a LOT


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Mon, 11-19-2012 - 8:36pm

DYK The old/new job is going well?

DYK four hours is a really short work day?

DYK I'm working only one day this week - today?

DYK the office is closed Friday?

DYK I'm planning on leaving for Christine's house on Wednesday morning?

DYK the dogs are going with me?

DYK the cat is staying home alone?

DYK I have an automatic feeder and automatic waterer for him?

DYK I hope he doesn't refuse to use his litter box when it gets dirty?

DYK I'm sick?

DYK I had a scratchy throat Friday evening, and it has been downhill since then?

DYK I haven't had a cold this bad in years?

DYK I had both the flu shot and the pneumonia shot this year?

DYK I'm impatient with this?

DYK I came home from work and took an hour and a half nap?

DYK NyQuil will be my friend again tonight?



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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 1:57am

DKY Its cold in shipping and they are on 12 hr days ,,,,

DYK I spend over $80 a week in gas ...

DYK I want Maggie to go with me =)..

DYK I got sent back on the floor today- so I didn't have to make a decision!!

DKY I wonder about all the other Q&E gals too...

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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 6:28am

DYK I had the cold from "hexx" also

DYK I do not ever remember having a sore throat as bad or for as long as the one I just had

DYK It seemed to hang on forever

DYK I wonder how close the other factory is for Renee

DYK I am still planning on cutting back to part time come May 

DYK that is only 5 months away

DYK I am really looking forward to it

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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 6:57am

DYK I am hoping Gaye feels better quickly?

DYK I hate having a cold so I am happy that to date, I am okay?

DYK I love the ease of leaving a cat home alone for a few days?

DYK that plays a huge role in why I have cats and no dog?

DYK I wish I had a 4 hour work day?

DYK my mom is retiring in 1.5 years?  She will finish this school year and do one more.

DYK for our state retirement we have to work 27 years?   This is year 29 for my mom.   She met with the retirement people years ago and learned that at her age, if she held on and did 30 years she’d make $800 more a month on retirement.  

DYK she says she told them, “I could stand on my head for 3 years for $800 more a month?”

DYK I can retire in 9 years and 10 months; September 2022?

DYK that I will be on vacation until Monday as of 4:00 today?

DYK that I am going ghost hunting tonight with some co-workers and my daughter?

DYK we went 2 weeks ago and DD loved it?

DYK we are going to a nearby county’s history museum tonight?

DYK I am taking DD to a friend’s house tomorrow morning (her friend was invited to go with us ghost hunting but said no way) and then get a friend for DS?

DYK I will then cook all day to the sounds of Daniel and his buddy playing video games?

DYK it’s so warm and pretty out here that they may play outside?

DYK I have to get moving towards work?

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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 9:07am

DYK that I have a three day work week this week?

DYK that Wednesday is a two-hour early release?

DYK that my parents will be arriving Wednesday, with their RV?

DYK that they have had a lot of problems with the pickup and trailer lately? Like, engine caught on fire as they were getting off the freeway? Happy to say my Dad had a fire extinguisher and put it out with no need to call emergency services. Must have taken 10 years off my mom's life, though.....

DYK that they are really happy they have special RV insurance that covers that, but it was still expensive and a pain in the butt, since they live in their RV they can't just leave it at the shop?

DYK that they are here for Thanksgiving, but will be heading south after, and not be here for Christmas this year? Frown

DYK that since we replaced our gutters and had the leaf filter system installed we can't put up our roof lights anymore?

DYK that is a little sad, but not having to ever clean the gutters is totally worth it?

DYK that it has been REALLY raining for the last couple days - to the point that we are having landslides?

DYK I found out a friend of mine was in labor yesterday (she is a paraeducator at my school) and I laughed out loud, because it was dumping down buckets, and the baby's name is Noah!!!

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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 4:06pm

DYK I am glad so many of y'all have short work weeks.

DYK I want Maggie to go with you too Renee!!!

DYK that way you can keep an eye on her:-)

DYK my 2 month old is fighting sleep?

DYK he did it yesterday and ended up going to bed before 7 because he refused to nap all day?

DYK as tired as he was he didn't cry, just kinda chilled

DYK I have tons of housework to do but instead am playing online and eating pecan pie?

DYK I didn't think I liked pecan pie but I do

DYK David will be home in less than 2 weeks?

DYK I will be more excited when everything gets back to normal

DYK I could stand on my head for 3 years for 800 dollars more a month too!

DYK I am rambling?

DYK my parents are coming over for Thanksgiving and cooking essentially everything?

DYK thats okay with me?

DYK my dryer buzzer just went off so I have to go fold clothes?

DYK I miss everyone!

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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 7:57pm

DYK my girls are roller skating right now

DYK the school rents the local skating rink and the entire K-6 is there

DYK I know they are having a blast

DYK I am praying for no broken bones

DYK my youngest is not the most coordinated girl in the world ;)

DYK all the girls in her 1st grade homeroom went together and then are going to McD's for ice cream afterwards

DYK she will be bouncing off the walls when she gets home

DYK Natalie's close friend moved at the end of last year

DYK she was going skating tonight too

DYK Natalie was SUPER excited to see her

DYK B's bday is in Feb and Nat's in Apr...and I'm thinking of doing a skating party in Mar.

DYK we could easily invite alot of people without having a full house

DYK I should look into the pricing for that

DYK my washer is now fixed

DYK if it wasn't under warranty it would have cost me $426.29

DYK I could have bought a new washer for that

DYK I'm so happy it was under warranty

DYK I only got the darn thing in Feb

DYK I'm rambling and should go snuggle on the couch with DH while the girls are gone

DYK I hope everyone is having a great week

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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 8:28pm

DYK I'm finally feeling human?

DYK I'm still coughing, though?

DYK I got up with the animals at 7:00, let the dogs out, fed them, and went back to bed until 8:30?

DYK today I made wheatberry salad with dried cranberries, toasted walnuts and baby spinach?

DYK I baked a dozen pumpkin muffins?

DYK I'm taking it to McKinney tomorrow for Thanksgiving?

DYK I'm also doing the yams and stuffing?

DYK Christine has the turkey and the green bean casserole?

DYK Amy is bringing a chocolate meringue pie she got today for Teacher Appreciation Day?

DYK Amy's birthday is tomorrow?

DYK she will be 44?

DYK her gentleman friend had a dozen red roses sent to her at school?

DYK the last time her ex sent her flowers was when he passed the Bar Exam in 1996?