DYK 11/18/12

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DYK 11/18/12
Sun, 11-18-2012 - 8:02pm

DYK  I got to hang out with both my Grandsons today!

DYK   Chase is pulling himself up to things and standing alone!

DYK   Amyah and Kynsie are learning to read and write =)..

DYK  I made a bunch of food today and pigged out...

DYK  John went to the meat market with me and we got lots!

DYK   He was pretty impressed with the little store in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road..

DYK  We sold his car on EBAY - and they paid...

DYK  We were waiting on an International wire transfer and I was nervous...

DYK  The car will be going to the new owner in SWEDEN at the end of the month!

DYK  I got sent back to the shipping dept at work..

DYK  I have to decide if I want to stay back there and I don't know what to do..

DYK  I went to another factory for an interview a month ago..

DYK I want to work there but worry about Maggie..

DYK  I will always worry about my kids =)..

DYK I am going to reapply at that other factory first of the year..

DYK  I am pumped for Thanksgiving !

DYK  I will not go shopping on Black Friday..

DYK  I am glad our board is kinda back..

DYK  I hope everyone had a good week-end !


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Mon, 11-26-2012 - 10:22am

DYK that when Sandy said "DYK I really like having the extra 5 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas" I totally agreed with her!!! 

DYK I think the time leading up to Christmas Day is very exciting!?

DYK that my houseguests and their dogs left yesterday morning?

DYK that I will probably still be vacuuming up dog hair until Christmas?

DYK I am back to work now and I have a lot to do?

DYK we STILL haven't moved to our new (to us) offices?

DYK we were told the end of August officially and back in May (unofficially) that we would be moving?

DYK I think that is crazy!?

DYK I am sick of working out of boxes and quit packing?

DYK I finally got some winter shoes?

DYK Amber got them for me at K-mart Black Friday?

DYK they are Jacklyn Smith and very cute?

DYK I love that girl?  Amber, not Jacklyn Smith lol

DYK I better get back to catching up on the board and then back to work?

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Fri, 11-23-2012 - 7:54am

DYK I can hardly believe Thanksgiving dinner is over

DYK my house is in pretty good shape

DYK not much at all to clean up

DYK mostly stuff just needs to be put away

DYK I will be taking down my Thanksgiving/fall decorations

DYK I will start to haul out the Christmas decorations

DYK I really like having the extra 5 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas

DYK It is going to be a beautiful day today

DYK John and I are planning on getting out and enjoying it

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Thu, 11-22-2012 - 11:44am

DYK if saying no to cookies for breakfast makes you a bad mom, then I am terrible too?

DYK I ran 3 miles this morning?

DYK Jeff then came over and I made us breakfast?

DYK now all my cooking is done, the kitchen is clean, and I am getting ready to go get cleaned up and dressed?

DYK I love the Wii Lego games?

DYK that I am off to play some Batman 2 before I go to my parent's house?

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Thu, 11-22-2012 - 9:56am

DYK its Thankgiving?

DYK I hope everybody has a good day?

DYK if my husband ever did one of those surprise homecoming things I would punch him in the face?

DYK it would REALLY piss me off?

DYK I told him this?

DYK he laughed at me?

DYK I wonder where Shelly is...

DYK Baby B is still asleep, he has an ingrown toenail and I think thats why he hasn't been sleeping well, his toe hurt..

DYK I gave him tylenol and he passed out???(not literally LOL he just fell asleep not like passed out in a bad way)

DYK I am going to have to watch Sofia the first more times than I care to think about today?

DYK that does NOT make me happy?

DYK I am rambling?

DYK my two year old is acting like a brat because I told her she couldn't have cookies for breakfast???

DYK I laughed at her?

DYK I am sure it wasn't nice but seriously...she is being ridiculous

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Thu, 11-22-2012 - 12:18am

DYK that I had to work today, too?

DYK that we had a two-hour early release, so we got out at 1, but the kids were so wound up it felt like the day would never end?

DYK when I got home my folks had just parked the 5th wheel and were getting all hooked up?

DYK we got take-and-bake pizza so we wouldn't have to cook/do dishes tonight?

DYK Erick's back has been hurting him a lot, although he doesn't really know why?

DYK that makes him really grouchy!

DYK I don't love that?

DYK he got a massage this afternoon, and it seems to be better, but he needs to be better about doing his PT exercises.

DYK that we booked a cottage at Alderbrook, our favorite get-away, for Dec. 29-31st?

DYK that we are really looking forward to it - it is the reward for surviving the horrendously busy month of December?

DYK that while we are hosting, I am NOT cooking dinner? That is all on Erick. I make a fruit salad and a veggie tray and dip, and that is pretty much my entire contribution. Well, that and opening wine and pouring drinks and doing dishes!

DYK that brother-in-law and wife are at the inlaws this year, so it will just be 8 of us - the four of us, my mom and dad and Erick's mom and sister?

DYK that is just fine with me!

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Wed, 11-21-2012 - 6:45pm

DYK  Gayes daughters bf is a keeper.

DYK  I hope Mel gets pregnant soon =)..

DYK  I wish I could be a fly on the wall when David meets Baby G. and Eveys face when she sees her Daddy!

DYK  Daisy you were not the only one working today..

DYK  I worked 10 hours today - waking up at !:20 AM.

DYK  I worked 10 hrs yesterday too.

DYK I now have 4 days off !!

DYK  I loved roller skating !

DYK  We need to take the grand girls =)..

DYK  We are eating at 1 tomorrow..

DYK  Casey has all kinds of crazy work schedules and she is watching her older lady at 3 tomorrow.

DYK  I am gonna surprise John and ask him if he wants to go see Lincoln tomorrow afternoon.

DYK  He will fall off his rocker cuz I don't watch movies- but I know he wants to see it=)..

DYK  The car we sold is being picked up by a transport company and will go to Texas then on to Sweden. Somehow !!

DYK The people that brought it own a bunch of horses..

DYK  I will figure out my siggy soon....

DYK  I hope everyone has an AWESOME day tomorow !

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Wed, 11-21-2012 - 6:30pm

DYK that I you are making me all jealous talking about turkey and all the goodies to go with it!

DYK that BIL( the nice one, in Ottawa) is visiting this weekend! he hasnt been to this town since our wedding in 2008!

DYK we will be having a family dinner saturday night!

DYK that I talked to the pharmacist at work today, and they dont have the drug I need in stock, so they are going to order it in for me... so its a good thing I didnt wait until I needed it!

DYK that it costs $40 for 5 pills! I have to call my health insurance company on friday to see if Its covered or not.

DYK that Im sorry daisy doesnt like this thread, but it IS a good way to catch up with everyone!

DYK that its exciting that Baby Garrett will meet his Daddy in 3 weeks!!

DYK that Im really tired, but Im going to make do some wii shortly, so I wont feel guilty about eating pizza for dinner! LOL

Goodnight ladies! have a fun day tomorrow!

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Wed, 11-21-2012 - 5:32pm

DYK I will be joining Tracy in having an "adult beverage" soon!

DYK I am sorry Daisy is not fond of the DYK thread

DYK I love everyone's rambling 

DYK makes me feel part of what is going on with everyone

DYK I hope Mel's DH gets good news in January

DYK I think she is smart not to stress out over it till they really know what is going on

DYk I had a bone marrow test done a few year back

DYK it was NOT fun

DYK I made my pumpkin pie

DYK I made my cranberry sauce

DYk I have the table all set

DKY my mouth is watering for that Turkey Dinner I will be serving tomorrow

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Wed, 11-21-2012 - 5:17pm

DYK I love these posts?

DYK I am happily having a drink or two, celebrating being done with my cooking?

DYK I also made homemade beer cheese?

DYK that is a t-total PITA to make?

DYK my whole family devours it and loves when I make it?

DYK we'll eat that with crackers and veggies waiting for turkey time tomorrow?

DYK Jeff should be here soon?

DYK time for another beer?

DYK that I miss our nightly MSN chats with Chrissy, Dani, and Renee?   The four of us shared many, many cyber beers.

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In reply to: daisy526
Wed, 11-21-2012 - 2:01pm

DYK that Amber dropped her phone and the screen shattered too?

DYK that she used Scotch tape to keep it together and it still works? 

DYK She does not have any insurance on her phone?

DYK it looks pretty ghetto but she is making do until she can afford to replace it?

DYK that phone was a replacement of one she dropped in the toilet about 3 months ago?

DYK I told her she needs to get insurance and then this stuff will stop happening to her?

DYK that is the way it works.... you don't have insurance, stuff happens, you DO have insurance, nothing happens? LOL

DYK I think I am the only one from the board working today?

DYK I have TONS to do tonight and tomorrow?

DYK I am also cooking for everyone?

DYK that on my menu is turkey, cornbread stuffing, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes & turkey gravy, corn casserole, green beans w/bacon grease & potatoes, macaroni & cheese, sweet potatoes and of course, rolls?

DYK dessert will be pumpkin pie, apple pecan pie and cherry cheese pie?

DYK that Ashleigh is making my mom's pumpkin pie for the 2nd year now?

DYK that my mom's pumpkin pie is about the only pumpkin pie that I like?

DYK that I am glad she is excited about making the pies?

DYK that Amber is going to make the broccoli casserole, macaroni & cheese and cherry cheese pies?

DYK that I will have 3 extra guests (well, 5 if you count the dogs) for Thanksgiving this year?

DYK that the total is 10 adults (me, hubby, Ash, Amber, Nick, Dad, Mom, Hubby's sister Glenda, my aunt from Cali - Caren & her friend Donna) Luke, Presley, 1 yellow lab (Haley) 1 shorty jack russell (Jeremy or "Germy" according to Luke) and last but not least, 1 West Highland White Terrier - Brady!?

DYK my aunt and her friend have cleaned up several areas of my house, including getting down spider webs, changing bathroom trash cans and cleaning out the microwave and this is on top of them keeping the dishes done and the counters cleaned off in the kitchen?

DYK yesterday they vacuumed the living room and all the furniture... Ashleigh had just done it Saturday but that both Haley and Jeremy shed like crazy!?

DYK I thought that was very considerate of them?

DYK I think I do not mind her being here so much... even WITH her dogs... LOL?

DYK that I think my other aunt who was in touch with my aunt from Cali the most knew about the dogs but kept it to herself until it was too late?

DYK I think that is really rotten?

DYK I am sorry to say that Sandy enjoys the DYK thread way more than I do?

DYK I am not real fond of it but I do like reading about everyone's stuff?

DYK I always get started and don't know when to stop when I post on these threads?

DYK I better get back to work.... ???

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