DYK 12-18-12

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DYK 12-18-12
Tue, 12-18-2012 - 6:43am

DYK Daisy asked when we are starting a new DYK thread?

DYK I have never thought about that?   I just start one when I feel like it.   I am just grateful for anyone posting anywhere at any time.

DYK Daisy doesn’t like DYK threads?  

DYK I still do as they are a great way to babble?

DYK we had wicked thunderstorms through here yesterday?

DYK that jacked up my plan to grill?

DYK I don’t care to grill in the rain, but a downpour with thunder and lightning is different?

DYK I am going to try again tonight?

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Tue, 12-18-2012 - 7:14am

DYK I know... I am weird because I am not a big fan of the DYK's?

DYK i still try to participate though?

DYK I am glad you started a new one, Tracy?

DYK now I need to know how often we are going to have them?

DYK maybe once a week?

DYK I am getting pressured BIGTIME to finish up my packing for our big move on Friday?

DYK I was supposed to work on packing first thing this morning?

DYK i thought no way.... my girls come first... lol?

DYK i guess I better get to packing though?

DYK i did make coffee first too?

DYK this time next week we're all going to be saying MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

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Tue, 12-18-2012 - 10:22am

dyk today is my mom's birthday.

dyk we sent her flowers at work.

dyk they look like this...

dyk they should be delivered soon.

dyk Natalie did great at her band concert last night.

dyk the 5th grade band did wonderful considering they have only been in band for 3 months!

dyk I'm almost done shopping.

dyk DH is going to spend time with the girls Saturday so Santa can wrap presents!

dyk the girls and I did a good deed this past weekend.  for those not on FB...

In teaching my girls the reason for the season and that it is better to give than receive, we purchased a gift card at McDonalds today and had the cashier give it to the car behind us. My girls loved seeing her face as she was in a bit of disbelief. She waved and the girls waved back. They talked about it the entire way home. Pay it forward!

dyk we plan to go out to eat this week and leave a decent Christmas tip.

dyk I hope it fits in the schedule.

dyk I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit!

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Tue, 12-18-2012 - 3:23pm

DYK I think any one should start a DYK thread whenever the urge hits them

DYK I unfloated a lot of the old posts and all the new ones from today appeared like magic

DYK  all this time I thought I was talking to myself - ROFL

DYK I think Susan showed her girls a wonderful thing to do

DYK I wish there were more parents in the world doing the same with their children

DYK our state is still in "shock" over what happened last Friday

DYK the local news is stil all over it

DYK there were news teams from around the country and around the world hovering outside the school

DYK the Chief of Police told them he would not be giving any more "updates" but would hold a press conference if and when there was any breaking news

DYK they are trying to get them all to "go home" and leave the families alone

DYK funeral homes from all over the US and Canada have been sending in help to the local town

DYK I thought the tribute lat the start of The Voice last night was beautiful

DYK they sang Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" while standing on a candle lite stage and holding cards with the names and ages of all those that passed on that day

DYK it made me cry all over again

DYK I am/have been very emotional lately

DYK it isn't really like me to be this way

DYK I think it has a lot to do with all the problems the "old folks" in our family are having

DYK my brother and I are taking my Dad to see the cancer doctor tomorrow morning

DYK we are suppose to get the results of the tests he has had done so we can see how far the cancer has spread

DYK I miss my Mom - a lot  - right now

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Tue, 12-18-2012 - 3:29pm

DYK I think it is fantastic that Susan is teaching her girls to give to others!!

DYK I think the feeling you get from giving is way better than the feeling of receiving?

DYK well... it's close anyway...

DYK Ashleigh told me last month that someone paid for her oatmeal at McDonalds when she stopped by there on a Friday morning on her way to work?

DYK she only goes on Friday mornings because she said she doesn't want to make it a habit?

DYK she came home last Friday and said someone paid for her oatmeal again?

DYK i told her she is very lucky?

DYK she told me she's going to pay it backward (forward really) and pay for the person behind her on Friday.

DYK I think that is very sweet and keep meaning to do that but I keep forgetting to do it?

DYK with my luck when I do remember to do it,  it will probably be a whole van-load of teenagers who are starving?

DYK I got a headache a few hours ago and it still hasn't gone away even after I took ibuprofen?

DYK i think it's from all the dust I'm kicking up while packing my office up?

DYK tomorrow is our monthly staff meeting and since we were/are not able to have a "Christmas party, " we have decided to bring something so we can "party like rock stars" at our staff meeting?

DYK I was being facetious?

DYK one of my co-workers (Linda) said she was bringing the alcohol?

DYK I swear if I was a drinking woman, I would definitely partake because I am so tired of all this crap at work!?

DYK our conference room is almost completely full of boxes that need to be moved?

DYK we don't even have enough room in there to put the food for the mini-Christmas party?

DYK Maria and I cleared off my previous co-worker's desk so we can set the food over there?

DYK I like that idea since it is in MY office?

DYK I will probably be nibbling all day tomorrow?

DYK my old boss came in today and it was good seeing her?

DYK I think I found 16 bottles under my desk, table and in file cabinets that I can return to the store for $1.60.... CHA CHING!!!

DYK I wish my headache would go away, I hate having headaches!

DYK Amber said she went to see why Presley was crying last night and she was burning up?

DYK Amber gave her some tylenol and put her in some cooler pj's and she was good?

DYK Nick just called Amber to tell her Pres has been really hot all day?

DYK Amber was a bit peeved that he didn't call sooner so she could call and get her into the dr.?

DYK if she is still sick, Amber may take her to an after hours clinic, depending on what her pediatrician told her when she called.

DYK I have been awful chatty with the DYK's lately?

DYK I guess I'm done....

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Tue, 12-18-2012 - 7:36pm

dyk  you can be chatty Daisy =)..

dyk I can't believe I am here !

dyk I am proud of Susans girls- and Susan !

dyk  I gave blood today- so I kind of paid it forward =)..

dyk  I made a really good stir fry for supper..

dyk  I need to go do dishes and go to bed ...

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Tue, 12-18-2012 - 9:22pm

DYK Good job, Susan and kids!

DYK I wish the press would leave New Town alone?

DYK Amy got permission to keep her classroom door locked?

DYK if anyone stormed Shady Brook, she would  be dead?

DYK a locked door might buy enough time to save a life or two?

DYK Amy's boyfriend is taking her skiing the day after Christmas?

DYK she has no ski gear?

DYK my boss is about Amy's size, and I remember her going skiing?

DYK she graciously loaned Amy two pair of ski pants?

DYK she hardly knows Amy?

DYK Amy used her Christmas gift card to get a ski jacket at Kohl's?

DTK she is excited about going?

DYK Amy's boys are going on a cruise with their father's family?

DYK their bumbling father asked today if his kids had sports jackets and ties?

DYK What kid these days does?

DYK the bumbling idiot sent his youngest to our family's Christmas celebration in a pair of holey jeans two sizes too small and a dirty tee shirt?

DYK he must think Amy is going to pull clothes out of her a**?

DYK the only sports jacket in existence over there is the one Ian wore to my husband's funeral in 2002?

DYK it is about a size 4?

DYK good luck with that!



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Wed, 12-19-2012 - 7:07am

DYK I think it's great that Susan and her girls treated someone at McDonald's?

DYK I bet they felt great about it?

DYK I hate that Sandy's dad is sick? That has to be depressing, especially this time of year?

DYK that makes me wonder how Daisy's mom is doing? Is she getting regular check-ups since she is doing holistic treatments? Does she feel okay?

DYK we have been bombarded this week at work with candy, cookies, cakes, anything to show appreciation? I think we are right on the forefront of people's gratitude now with so much attention being given to keeping schools safe. My school district has funded their own police department since 1971, very cutting edge.

DYK that while I love being apprciated, I have ZERO willpower over all the sweets and I can hear the chants of "fatty, fatty, two by four" as I walk down the halls?

DYK I have got to stop eating?

DYK we are still eating tomorrow (the last day before Christmas)?

DYK we have homemade chicken salad, croissants, hot sausage, Brie, smoked Gouda, and crackers.

DYK I am wondering how Presley is this morning?

DYK I think the ski trip sounds great?

DYK Amy's ex sounds like mine: sponge off the clothes I buy for the kids? He is going to have to buy a sportscoat.

DYK it's Hump Day? Get me throught this week and I am off for 11 days!

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