DYK again

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DYK again
Sat, 12-08-2012 - 8:54pm

DYK I am so sad for Sandy’s family?

DYK that I am sick of talking about how many tech issues we are having with the boards now?

DYK that is not to say I am happy with them?

DYK in looking around at other boards I think we are still generating more chatter than most?

DYK considering what a ghost town we have become, that is sad?

DYK the kids have friends over?

DYK my house isn’t very big?

DYK it’s a circus here?

DYK I had a great story about my ex the other day, but I couldn’t get logged on to post and the moment is now gone?

DYK I am 100% done with Christmas shopping?

DYK I got most of my wrapping done today?

DYK it was almost 60° here today?

DYK I saw a lot of people wearing shorts while I was shopping?

DYK I had on jeans and a t-shirt?

DYK that is just fine with me?

DYK I am wondering if anyone else has been watching Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition?

DYK DD and I love that show?


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Sun, 12-09-2012 - 7:23am

DYK it looks like the last DYK thread has dropped below the line and not available to read

DYK that's too bad because I posted a long DYK in it

DYK I guess maybe no one is meant to see it - lol

DYK I wish it was warm enough here for jeans and a t-shirt

DYK I am authorized to post today

DYK that made me happy

DYK I could not open the PPWM thread - sigh

DYK I would have loved to hear about Tracy's ex's latest brilliant move

DYK I need to get moving soon

DYK I am heading out to the "Y"

DYK I would rather go back to bed because I am feeling lazy

DYK I will however pack up my gym bag and go

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Sun, 12-09-2012 - 8:36am

DYK that other DYK post dropping down, over and over, was one of the reasons I started a new one?

DYK I bumped the old one back up more than once?

DYK some of my posts don’t show on the main board but when I open the thread they are there?

DYK I’ll just add that to the never-ending list of issues?

DYK I’ll go ahead and tell you my ex story?

DYK DS had a band concert l this week?  The kids were scheduled to spend the night with their dad that night.   I took them out to eat with some friends before the concert.   The ex was to be at school in time for the concert.

DYK he never showed up?   No call- no show.   I had called him about 5:15 to make sure we were still doing that plan.   He didn’t answer the phone- which is not unusual at all.  Then he never showed at all.

DYK the concert was over by 7:15 and I took the kids on to my house?   DYK I got a text from him at 9:15 asking if the concert was over yet.   Elementary school music show…. Really, does he think it’s still going on at 9:15?   It started at 6:30.

DYK the kids were thrilled to stay at my house, and I much prefer them here instead of there, but his irresponsibility just kills me?

DYK I cannot imagine living my life like that- just doing what I want with no regard, or consideration, to those around me? 

DYK when I got a hold of him the next day he said he went to his parent’s house to help on the farm?

DYK I still just shake my head.   He could have told me.   He could have texted.   I said to him, “I had no idea I was keeping the kids last night.   Not that I cared, but I do like to plan things.” 

DYK he didn’t respond at all?

DYK his GF is living with him on the weekends now?

DYK she was cracking on him to me last weekend, talking about stuff that gets on her nerves, telling me no one could relate more than me.

DYK I was thinking, “No way would I put up with that crap again, get out.”   I was almost thinking it sounded like she was thinking just that.

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Sun, 12-09-2012 - 9:08am

DYK that is a super sad story, Renee?

DYK I hate that for the boy’s mom?

DYK it’s pouring down rain here now and there is a huge thunderstorm going on?

DYK it’s supposed to be almost 70° here today?

DYK then it’s going to plummet tomorrow?

DYK I would like to keep the 70 and thunderstorms?

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Sun, 12-09-2012 - 11:18am

dyk  I guess I can post now ?

dyk  If I were you Tracy and he texted me at 9:15 asking if it was over I would have replied- Its just starting hurry please!

dyk  then I would turn my phone off =)..

dyk  I worked 56 hours last week and was up at 4:30 this morning ?

dyk  I did fall back asleep and feel like crap now?

dyk  John and I cleaned the carpets last night and today I am going  to bring up the tree..

dyk  I need to get groceries too..

dyk  and I have to go to the funeral home- My sister Kays best friend son died.. First my bil, then her friends husband and now the last friend - her son. He was 40 and drugs and alchol are the reason. This one is gonna be tough- real tough. 

dyk  we had talked before -she told her son 4 days ago " One day I am gonna have to come to the hospital and ID you" and that is exactly what she did....

dyk  I am very glad to say  Maggie is doing so good.. She has come along way in the last year and a half.

dyk yesterday while we were working Casey took Amyah and Chase to see Santa..

dyk  Chase cried and Amyah told him she loved him =)..

dyk  I need to get moving- Everyone hug your family today !

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Sun, 12-09-2012 - 1:14pm

DYK that I can't get into PPWM either?

DYK that I also got the "not authorized to post" message when I opened this thread, but it disappeared this time?


DYK Erick made me my birthday Benedict, and it was delicious?

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 6:48am

DYK I am happy Cara had a good birthday meal?

DYK I am hoping her whole birthday was relaxing?

DYK I have felt like I lived in Cara’s neighborhood all weekend?

DYK it has been raining since Friday?

DYK it was so loud at times last night it woke me up?

DYK it has been really warm but we now have a cold front coming in?

DYK I will only cede to cold weather on December 24th and 25th?   After that it needs to be 70° or higher.

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In reply to: daisy526
Mon, 12-10-2012 - 11:06am

DYK I am really sorry about what’s going on with Sandy’s dad and inlaws!?
DYK I know what she means about it ruining the joy we’re supposed to have at this time of year?
DYK I will keep them all in my prayers?
DYK I was sick all week-end?
DYK I was glad I had the week-end off though?
DYK Being sick at work sucks?
DYK I just wish it would get cold and stay cold, this freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw crap is the worst!?
DYK We had freezing rain last night?
DYK I am worn out from all this iVillage mess too?
DYK I am really sad about our gals seeming to disappear?
DYK I can’t imagine that more people aren’t complaining?
DYK They have got to be sick of hearing us gripe?
DYK I, like Tracy, am still optimistic and feel that all will turn out good, someday?
DYK I am feeling sad for Kay’s friend… losing a child has to be the worst!
DYK I need to get back to work?
DYK I have to turn in our payroll?
DYK I don’t want to forget because my boss will not be happy with me?
DYK I don’t want to forget because I will not be happy with myself!?
DYK I miss my Q&E gals?
DYK I miss them a lot?

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In reply to: bayliebug
Mon, 12-10-2012 - 11:15am

DYK I am so sorry to hear about Sandy's dad and in-law's

DYK I'm sure I missed some news because I can't post or read some of the posts

DYK I didn't know her FIL was in the hospital

DYK I'm sick to death of all the problems on this board

DYK I feel out of the loop

DYK I feel like I don't know what's going on with any of you

DYK it's sad

DYK I'm sorry to hear about Renee's bad news

DYK I had to sign in multiple times

DYK I'll be surprised if this posts

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In reply to: sandyp2002
Mon, 12-10-2012 - 12:18pm

DYK I can't "see all threads on this board"

DYK I try but it won't take me to them

DYK it just goes blank

DYK I am sure I have missed posts because of it

DYK I have used the "float this to the top" thingy so I can continue to read this thread

DYK I have not tried to open PPWM yet today but I am going to

DYK my post in the QOTD for Monday posted twice

DYK I hope everyone likes looking at my ornaments because it posted twice - LOL

DYK it is raining and very foggy here today

DYK it makes me sleepy

DYK I don't know how Cara does it with all the rain she gets

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In reply to: caraleas
Mon, 12-10-2012 - 5:35pm

DYK I started to get very, very twitchy this summer when we went for more than two months without a single raindrop?

DYK I really do like the rain? I could do without the wishy-washy sprinkle for a bit, stop for a bit, sprinkle a little more, but I love it when we get a good hard rain! Just wish we had thunderstorms more often - we almost never have thunder and/or lightening.

DYK that I am home at 2:30 in the afternoon because Riley's school called and said he had a bad headache... no fever though. This happens about once a year - he winds up in the nurse's office with terrible headache. Usually I leave ibuprofin and dr.s orders in the office, so if I can't get there, at least he has something to help his head. 

DYK I am going to owe my teacher friend who is covering my 6th period, BIG TIME! It is an obnoxious class, and I know she has to be gone tomorrow, so she was probably going to be writing sub plans during her planning period?

DYK I feel really bad about having to ask her to cover, but we didn't get to the pediatrician to get orders written so the school could administer his meds, so I knew he would wind up being sent back to class if I couldn't go get him.

DYK he threw up shortly after we got home?

Poor baby.