DYK December

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DYK December
Sat, 12-01-2012 - 9:39am

DYK I cannot believe it’s already December?

DYK I got up early today and ran?

DYK I finally remembered to take my phone with me (I never do that) and I ran the MapMyWalk app while I was running?

DYK I finally know exactly how long my run is?

DYK from my driveway and back to my driveway it is 3.1 miles?

DYK I thought it was 2.9?

DYK I am getting ready to drop DD off at softball?

DYK then I’m taking her friend home and DS and I are headed to help my parents with their leaves?

DYK this will be the third time?

DYK they have a big yard with oak trees?

DYK that’s a PITA to take care of?

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In reply to: gussieb
Sun, 12-02-2012 - 10:53pm

DYK David is home?

DYK I have a family pic?

DYK I am doing LOTS of laundry so I can spend my time tomorrow picking out our Xmas tree and decorating it??

DYK I look so fat in all the pictures from homecoming?

DYK I need to go on a diet?

DYK I will AFTER the holidays?

DYK Evey is stoked to have Daddy home?

DYK I am too?

DYK Baby B doesn't know what to think of him?

DYK Evey doesn't know his name but calls him baby b or little dude???

DYK thats shameful?

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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 3:55am

dyk  Guss that is a great picture!

dyk  you DO NOT look fat !

dyk  Enjoy your time with him =)..

dyk   Gayes Santa is pretty bad looking...

dyk  our mal still has NO Santa,,

dyk  that is very sad...

dyk  its Monday...

dyk  I like Tracy am looking forward to Christmas break !!

dyk  I gotta get in the shower...

dyk  I hope ya'll have a good day =)

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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 6:38am

DYK I love Guss's family photo

DYK I think she might want to consider calling her baby boy by his frist name

DYK I think that may help her daughter in knowing what her brother's name is - LOL!

DYK I think Evelyn looks like a "Daddy's Girl" and I love that

DYK I think Gaye's Santa looks more like the Grinch or Scrooge than Santa

DYK I think that picture is actually pretty funny

DYK Tracy's Mom is not much older than I am

DYK I always thought she was my long lost daugher

DYK she actually could be

DYK you can put me on the list of "can't wait for Christmas break"

DYK I am planning on taking the time off from work this year

DYK I always loved having the time between Christmas and New Yea's off

DYK I have not been able to take that time off from work in years

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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 10:27am

DYK that it is hard to believe that it is already december 3?

DYK that I'm still not in the Christmas spirit?

DYK that I don't know why?

DYK that Gaye's santa was AWFUL!!!!

DYK that Iloved all of Gus's pictures on FB?

DYK that she does NOT look fat!

DYK That we had a decent weekend with Waylon?

DYK he is now eating more then he was?

DYK I pray that he can get the tube out in January?

DYK his nutritiona dn supplies hasn't came yet?

DYK the provider got an ear full from me and his corrdinator?

DYK I think we had the girl in tears?

DYK I know it isn't HER fault, but Waylon ismy main priority, not her feelings?

DYK I am starving this morning?

DYK that there is nothing that even sounds appealing to me?

DYK that I couldgo back to bed and sleep. . . . . . 


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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 6:25pm

DYK I love Guss's family picture

DYK I can't believe it's December either

DYK we had a good time in Indy

DYK the game didn't go the way we wanted

DYK we got clobbered

DYK we still had a good time

DYK Indy is a cool town

DYK my dad is the same age as Tracy's mom

DYK right now until Jan. 7th my grandpa is 86, my dad 66 and I just turned 46

DYK that's pretty cool

DYK I can't believe my age

DYK I'm wondering how Cara's mom is doing

DYK I hope her fainting spells are gone

DYK I have only bought one Christmas present so far

DYK that makes me nervous

DYK when we got home yesterday dh wanted to unpack the car and go get our Xmas trees

DYK that was the last thing I felt like doing

DYK we lugged in 2 trees and my house is a wreck

DYK I cleaned before we left and it doesn't look it

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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 6:37pm

DYK that I hope Tracy's Mum had a happy birthday!

DYK Im glad Missy had fun in Indy!

DYK that Im glad that Waylon is eating more!

DYK You do NOT look fat Gus!!! I love the family pic!!

DYK that Im so tired, Im glad I have tomorrow off! I HAD wednesday off too.... but they needed someone else to work thursday overnight.... so I said yes...

DYK that I cant remember what else I had to say....

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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 9:00pm

DYK my old job and my volunteer job are beginning to run together?

DYK the Lord works in mysterious ways?

DYK my boss' elderly mother told boss' sister (Laura) that she wants a Siamese cat for Christmas?

DYK the boss (Lana) asked me if I knew of any?

DYK the Arlington shelter doesn't have any Siamese right now but  I found 7 - 5 girls and 2 boys - in rescue groups?

DYK two of the females were with Buddies' Place Cat Rescue, where I got Dylan?

DYK I sent the link, and Laura called about the older one right away?

DYK I e-mailed the foster and gave them all a good reference?

DYK their mother is just the sweetest old lady?

DYK I've never met her in person, but I've spoken with her on the phone for years?

DYK I hope Mom adopts Lady?

DYK Lady is a six-year-old Snowshoe Siamese?



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Tue, 12-04-2012 - 6:06am

DYK that I do not think Guss looks remotely fat?

DYK that even if she thinks she is, I don't think she should start a diet until January?

DYK that that eating is part of the tradition and fun for me so I assume likewise for everyone?

DYK I am wondering if Guss' DH calls the baby Baby B or by his name?

DYK I am glad Sandy is taking time off for Christmas?

DYK I did that last year and swore I would never go back to working it again?

DYK I am off December 21st- January 2nd?

DYK I am thinking a lot of us have paid leave during the holidays?

DYK I am happy about that?

DYK I have worked many, many Christmases and it's not fun?

DYK I worked in juvenile court processing before my first cop job?

DYK I had to work 2 Christmases with them and then I have worked 3 Christmases as a patrol officer?

DYK before that I worked retail so that involved working until about 6:00 PM Christmas Eve and then all day on the 26th?

DYK I am thankful I am in a position where that shouldn't ever be an option again?

DYK I am glad Waylon is eating better?

DYK I am curious as to what he is eating? Ensure? Real food?

DYK I hope Shelly finds some Christmas spirit soon?

DYK I love her tree with blue lights? Not only do I think it looks very pretty while lit, it's a UK tree?

DYK UK basketball is struggling this year?

DYK oh well, you can't win it all every year?

DYK I cheer for it and all, but I like baseball better?

DYK I am glad Missy had a fun trip?

DYK I caught the middle of her game on Saturday and cringed a little for her?

DYK I was confident they are having fun anyway?

DYK I love sports?

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Tue, 12-04-2012 - 6:54am

DYK the board is giving me a problem AGAIN

DYK I had to reset my password not once but twice this morning

DYK then it kept telling me I was unauthorized to comment here

DYK I certainly am authorized to comment here!

DYK I am glad Missy had a good time in Indy

DYK I am old enough to also be Missy's Mom

DYK that should make her feel young!

DYK I also wonder how Waylon is doing and what he is eating

DYK I hope "Lady" gets a home for Christmas

DYK I think the older cat and the older lady would make a great couple

DYK I don't think Guss looks fat either

DYK I wonder how Renee's girls are doing

DYK I wonder where Daisy has been

DYK I wonder why I do not seem to be able to change the color of the font on here like Tracy can

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Tue, 12-04-2012 - 8:55am

DYK that Tracy gets those colors by writing her posts in Word and pasting them here?

DYK I don't think any of us have seen any sign of the color options since the board change over?

DYK that I miss it, but if they could get all the other problems fixed, I would be ok with losing color options forever?

DYK that things seem to be going backwards lately in the tech issues department?

DYK that I dropped my van off at the collision center, and my rental is another minivan?

DYK I don't really need a van for the next week or so, and would have been happy with a sedan, but didn't want a tiny tin can Kia subcompact, so I said "yes" when they asked if I needed the van?

DYK that we have rental coverage on our insurance policy, and the agency said that a mini-van would absolutely be covered under the $50 per day limit?

DYK I was surprised by that, because I know regular rates woud be WAY more than $50 per day, so the insurance companies must get a really good break?

DYK it is a Dodge CARAvan, and I am not so impressed with the engine?

DYK I have been spoiled by my V6?

DYK I had a hell of a time finding the windshield wiper controls?

DYK I must have sat in the Enterprise parking lot for 10 minutes trying to figure everything out (in the dark) before I left?

DYK I am still not sure where the parking break release is, but hope I can find it this morning since I used it when I parked in the drive last night?

DYK  that now that I think about it, I probably just have to push the pedal again....

DYK - duh!