DYK Friday

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DYK Friday
Fri, 12-14-2012 - 6:52am

DYK I miss all the chatter we use to have on this board

DYK most of the time I feel like I am "talking" to myself

DYK I keep checking my breath and under arms 

DYK we had a nice time last night at the cocktail party 

DYK besides DH there were only two other people I knew

DYK besides me there were only 4 other people DH knew

DYK most people didn't know most people who were there and there were a LOT of people at the party

DYK it was nice because I didn't have to make a lot of "small talk"

DYK we stayed about an hour and then went to one of our favorite restaurants that was near by

DYK we split a ceasar salad and had the seafood tower

DYK the place was packed 

DYK we didn't think we would get a table and there was no room at the bar

DYK I think the hostess thought we were important customers

DYK they found us a beautiful table in less than 10 minutes

DYK it pays to be "dressed up" when you go out sometimes - lol

DYK I don't want to go into work today

DYK that is nothing new for me

DYK so much drama in the office drains all my "good" energy out of me

DYK tonight is my work office party

DYK we are going and I think most people will show up this year

DYK we all get along pretty good 

DYK it is the "big guys" that stress everyone out

DYK it is going to be around 48 degrees with lots of sun today

DYK nice for Saturday too

DYK Sunday not so great

DYK right now I am planning on getting the last of my shopping done on Saturday

DYK that way I can just go to the "Y" Sunday morning for my zumba classes and then back home before it really gets bad out

DYK they are also saying we are looking at a good Ole Nor Easter for Wednesday - translation - nasty snow storm

DYK I think I am done on here for now

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Fri, 12-14-2012 - 7:18am

DYK I get lonely here too?

DYK we are still rolling compared to other boards?

DYK I read comments on the help page and know we are NOT alone in our frustrations?

DYK I am glad Sandy had a fun night?

DYK the seafood tower sounds great?

DYK I am ready for this day to be over so I can start to enjoy the weekend?

DYK that will be at about 10:30 tonight?

DYK we may go look at Christmas lights this weekend?

DYK we always enjoy that?

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Fri, 12-14-2012 - 8:30am

DYK I am glad Sandy had a good time at the party and got a nice table at the restaurant?

DYK I think the seafood tower sounds good too, unless there were scallops on it!?

DYK I either had a bad batch of scallops once at a place called The Pelican or scallops always taste VERY fishy!?

DYK I cannot stomach them enough to even try them again and that was at least 15 years ago?

DYK I hope Tracy's day/night goes by quickly for her so she can enjoy this week-end looking at Christmas lights too!?

DYK Luke LOVES seeing the Christmas lights?

DYK he gets all worked up and practically screams, "LOOK, GAHMMA... KRITMAS LIGHTS!"  lol

DYK I sure do love that boy!?

DYK Amber called me last night asking if I could somehow change the bear color on Presley's 9 month bear picture?|

DYK I thought it was weird since Sandy & Tracy just asked me about the bear pictures yesterday?

DYK Amber told me she cannot find Presley's pink bear anywhere so she was going to use Luke's which is the exact same bear but blue?

DYK she wanted to take the pic with the blue bear and have me change the color of the bear to pink?

DYK i do not know if I can do it or not but told her I'd try?

DYK I also told her it was no big deal about the bear color because it was the size of the bear compared to Presley's size that mattered and since the two are identical, it would be fine.

DYK She did not want to do that?

DYK Amber freaks out every time Presley plays with one of Luke's Super Hero or car toys?

DYK She only wants her to play with girl toys?

DYK I think Presley just might be a tomboy and if so, it would drive Amber really crazy?

DYK Luke could not be any more of a boy than he is?

DYK I guess I should stop talking about my grandbabies?

DYK it is hard though?

DYK I am not real happy with our IT department because they disabled my ability to change my desktop background and replaced my sweet cutie pie Presley with this:

DYK it is about the ugliest thing I've seen in a long time!?

DYK It's irritating that I cannot change it back, no matter what I try?

DYK I have been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest lately at work?

DYK we are still scheduled to move the last day before our Christmas break?

DYK i am thinking about coming in at least half days on the 26th, 27th and maybe the 28th just so I can get my office together so that my first few weeks back in January will not be so chaotic?

DYK my sister usually sleeps til 10 each morning anyway while she is here and I would get off work at 11 so it wouldn't be that big of deal?

DYK the bad part is that she is a night owl and if I worked, I would have to go to bed early and I would miss that time with her?

DYK another big reason i want to work those 3 half days (or at least one or two of them) is that the girl, Maria, who is now my work-partner since my "suckthelifeoutofme previous co-worker" was laid off in July is a HUGE control freak and will probably want to arrange my office (which is the main office and reception area of our department) the way she wants to arrange it instead of waiting for me to come back and do it myself?

DYK she is a sweetheart and I love her dearly but she really IS a control freak and any time I mention something that gets on my nerves, she thinks on it and comes up with a solution to stop it from getting on my nerves?

DYK I was venting one day and told her that it drove me nuts when someone comes in and needs a paper-clip, pen, rubber band, stapler, etc. walks over to my desk, reaches over and grabs it (which is TOTALLY disruptive to me) so, she came back an hour later and set up a little office station on a bedside patient table that was going to be thrown out because the drawer was broken but I fixed it and made it usable?

DYK i have previously created at least 3 other work stations in the 16 years I've been here for that exact purpose (because it drove me crazy when everyone came to me for this stuff) but each time, everything seemed to slowly disappear?

DYK when I told her the above, she put signs or notes on the cabinet & stapler, etc. saying DO NOT REMOVE FROM MAIN OFFICE! 

DYK no matter what I tell her, she has a "fix" for it?

DYK I wore a dress a month or so ago to work and when she came in the office, I asked her if she could see up my dress from the door where she was standing because my desk has no front? 

DYK she told me no she could not but an hour later she came in with a large posterboard picture of one of our miracle kids that we used as a background in one of our telethons and turned it to the white side and taped it to the front of my desk so nobody could see under my desk from the door?

DYK yes... it does get annoying and now you see why it is bugging me that she is going to be here for 3 whole days without me keeping her from going crazy in our new offices?

DYK her office is in a smaller office right off my office?

DYK she has to come in my office and pass in front of my desk to get to her office?

DYK her office is to the left of me when I will be sitting at my desk and my supervisor will have to come in my office, pass by my desk to the right to enter HIS office?

DYK I do not really care for that but our department cannot afford any construction even if I did have the power to change it?

DYK Maria and I are getting new carpet though?

DYK we were both tickled pink over it?

DYK I've got "before" pictures and when it is all finished and cleaned up over there I will take "after" pictures?

DYK i cannot believe how much I am rambling on and on and on in this thread today?

DYK I normally cannot think of mjuch to say in them?

DYK I guess that is why they are not my favorite threads?

DYK Maybe I am more talkative today because not everyone can get into the PPWM thread now and I miss all the inside stuff in everyone's lives?

DYK I think it's even harder on me because it is holiday time?

DYK I love knowing what is going on with everyone?

DYK it makes me feel like we are closer when we can communicate daily?

DYK people think I'm weird when I tell them that I have friends, real friends on an internet message board that I feel close to?

DYK I am sure most of you have probably experienced that too?

DYK I'm wondeirng how Waylon and Shelly are doing?

DYK I am wondering how MIssy & her family are doing?

DYK I am wondering if Renee had to work a lot this week too and how her girls, hubby, grandbabies and sisters are doing?

DYK I am wondering what happened to Jaielyn?

DYK I am wondering what happened to Rhea?

DYK I am wondering what happened to Candice?

DYK I am hoping Chrissy & Dani come back to us... on a regular basis that is!?

DYK I guess I should close this now before I think of something else to ramble on about?

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Fri, 12-14-2012 - 9:15am

DYK, Holy Smokes, Daisy - you DID have a lot to say!

DYK - hooray? We all miss keeping up with everyone.

DYK  -we have had a more action here in the last couple days?

DYK - I think it is just the same folks, but we are so desperate we are posting more?

DYK - I think it is weird that our moderator has not been by with an update since I-don't-know-when?

DYK - that seems weird, since we do have SOME activity, more than a bunch of boards, anyway?

DYK - I really want to know what happened at that big meeting on Wednesday? Or at least what the plan is for going forward?

DYK- I am so glad it is Friday! (Dani, where are you?????)

DYK - I DH has the day off, which is good, because he is wiped out from all the overtime and holiday catering stress for the university?

DYK- I better go light a fire under the boys - we need to get moving!

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Fri, 12-14-2012 - 8:37pm

DYK I lurk here?

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Sat, 12-15-2012 - 12:37pm

DYK I lurk your boards too, Karen?

DYK I have a red velvet swirl cheesecake in the oven?

DYK I am getting ready to make roll-out cookie dough to put in the fridge?

DYK I am then making whicte chocolate cherry shortbread cookies?

DYK I will then make my queso dip?

DYK I doubt I will be in the mood to cook supper after that, but I will anyway?

DYK I am thinking tacos?   Nice and easy.

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Sat, 12-15-2012 - 1:46pm

DYK I had to log in twice to get here?

DYK it's a pain in the tail?

DYK my living room is cleaned, including the carpet stains from when the Pugs ate the brown sugar?

DYK I hope the stains don't come up again when the carpet dries?

DYK I loved ^Moe^ to pieces, but my house stays so much cleaner without him?

DYK I need to replace three hollow-core doors he warped by "marking" on them over the years?

DYK all gifts are wrapped and under the tree?

DYK I have all tomorrow's food except the roast beef?

DYK the "sale price" isn't effective until tomorrow, so I am picking it up in the morning to save a few $$?

DYK I went to Whole Foods yesterday afternoon and bought rolls and a Buche de Noel (yule-log cake)?

DYK we always have cheesecake for dessert with Christmas dinner?

DYK it's kinda heavy after a big roast beef meal?

DYK I haven't had a Buche do Noel since we spent Christmas in Paris in 1994?

DYK it's a French tradition?

DYK theirs was rather dry?

DYK Whole Foods' cake had better be good?

DYK it is 68 degrees outside?

DYK I guess the Pugs won't wear their Christmas shirts tomorrow?

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Sat, 12-15-2012 - 2:26pm

DYK that I am feeling lazy, again?

DYK I made my Portwine Cheese spread last night?

DYK it is for my staff Christmas party tonight?

DYK that I probably should have made it last weekend - it has brandy in it, and mellows nicely over time?

DYK that I need to go to the post office and grocery store on the way to the party?

DYK that I we are once again scaling Mt. Laundry?

DYK that I thought I would bake today, but am feeling too lazy?

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Sun, 12-16-2012 - 9:08am

DYK I would put my laundry up against anyone’s?

DYK I have the laundry I washed and folded on December 2nd still in baskets for all 3 of us?

DYK the laundry I washed last weekend is still laying flat across my dryer, waiting to be folded and sorted?

DYK I have now started this week's laundry?

DYK the back-log is ridiculous? I despise laundry.

DYK I cooked all day yesterday?

DYK my new cherry shortbread cookie recipe I tried was fantastic? I'll get it posted.

DYK I have those cookies, a swirled sugar cookie batch, a cheesecake, and some roll-out sugar cookie dough in the freezer for next weekend?

DYK I am now off to finish last week's laundry, spot clean the house, and get everyone cleaned up before the family party?

DYK I am having a hard time of pulling myself away from my Sunday morning 90210 reruns?

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Mon, 12-17-2012 - 6:19am

DYK I am wondering if I was the only person on the computer yesterday?

DYK I am really, really frustrated with the lack of contact with everyone?

DYK that I am still in the routine of coming here many times a day and seeing that I am the only one here is depressing?

DYK we had a great Christmas Open House at my parent’s yesterday?

DYK I ate WAY too much?

DYK I got a notice yesterday that softball is canceled all this week for the high schoolers to study for finals?

DYK DD was happy?

DYK the down time doesn’t bother me at all either?

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Mon, 12-17-2012 - 7:47am

DYk I was on here yesterday but since I was the last to post in so many threads I did not post again

DYK it feels like no one is listening to me but me

DYk I think it is mostly just Tracy and I who are here talking to ourselves the majority of the time

DYK it makes me sad

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