DYK - May 7th

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DYK - May 7th
Tue, 05-07-2013 - 11:30am

Ok gang we have not had one of these in like forever!  I love them and miss them so I'll go first!-

DYK I have been wondering about Cara's girls weekend and if she had a good time

DYK my MIL is going in for surgery on her shoulder this Friday

DYK she is going to need some help as well as my FIL

DYK my Dad is still doing pretty well considering what he is dealing with right now

DYK he looks forward to our outings on Saturdays

DYK I was suppose to go to a performance of "Looped" on Saturday

DYK I will be doing Senior Duty instead

DKY i don't know how many more trips out with me my Dad will be able to handle

DYK my in-laws are also going to be pretty needy this weekend

DYK sometimes I feel like I work for "Companions and Homemakers"

DYK this is probably going to be my last month working full-time

DYK I will be cutting back to 3 days a week

DYK that should help give me more time to be on Senior Duty

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Tue, 05-07-2013 - 1:12pm

DYK I love DYK's too!

DYK it's been quite awhile since we've had one.

DYK I'm cold and tired. 

DYK our accounting software is "full" and can't handle anymore memory right now. 

DYK it will be Thursday before the additional memory is added and I can put in anymore invoices

DYK that will put me a week behind on invoices. 

DYK I'm not looking forward to that. 

DYK I have NO motivation today.

DYK I'm pretty sure I didn't have any yesterday either. :)

DYK DH keeps waking me up when he snores.

DYK I just want to sleep through the night

DYK it's exciting that Sandy will be going down to 3 days a week

DYK my dad wants to do that come November

DYK my mom has 2 years of teaching left

DYK I'm rambling...

DYK I better get some work done today!

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Tue, 05-07-2013 - 3:04pm

DYK i was wondering when someone was going to start one of these threads? (LOL)

DYK I have been to darn busy lately?

DYK I hate being this busy?

DYK I know that I keep complaining to y'all but I really am glad to have this job?

DYK I decided that I have 30 minutes left here and not enough time to get something started so I wanted to catch up here?

DYK I miss being here all the time like I used to be?

DYK I really, REALLY need to order a new electric plug for my computer but every night I forget?

DYK my husband got lobster red Saturday & Sundy when he was working that girl's softball tournament last week-end?

DYK I know he is miserable?

DYK I hope he feels better today?

DYK He thought he was going to get $75 each day but they ended up paying him $10 an hour so he made $170! 

DYK he was excited and has already gone to The Great Divide to buy his Michigan stuff.

DYK I want to change my sig so I need to get going so I can see what I've got out there on photobucket?

DYK i hope I've got something pretty!

DYK if not, I will try to whip somethin gup real fast!?

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Tue, 05-07-2013 - 3:05pm
DYK i hate when I make a typo? DYK in my 2nd DYK above "to" should be "too"

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Tue, 05-07-2013 - 5:20pm

DYK I love reading these threads

DYK I never know what to say 

DYK I never notice other peoples Typos, but alwaysmy own and always too late LOL

DYK I feel like a big pile of poo

DYK my throat is just RAW, nothing helps it

DYK I'm glad we had a quick trip to Pittsburgh this week

DYK I really don't want to go back on the 20th

DYK P said no need in a wedding, just find a preacher

DYK that is fine with me

DYK I am expecting to get nothing for Mother's Day

DYK mom usually buys for the boys, but she told Waylon to tell his dad

DYK I know that won't happen cause Waylon is an air head

DYK It will be ok, I will be hurt that they (and P) didn't think about me, but it's ok.

DYK I have dinner in the oven and need to go check on it 


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Wed, 05-08-2013 - 6:37am

DYK I'd like to hear about Cara's weekend too?

DYK she may have written about it in another thread and I haven't seen it yet?

DYK I think Sandy will love moving to part time work?

DYK my mother is going to teach one more year, retiring after 30 years (max retirement)?

DYK I have 9 years to go?

DYK that in the grand scheme of things, that doesn't sound like much?   This year has flown by.

DYK that editing is terrible on here?  

DYK I always see my typos right after I post?

DYK that when you edit it won't take, but try it a second time and it will?

DYK that's just another infuriating feature of this upgraded software we are using?   You know the one, the change that we were't supposed to even notice.

DYK that I couldn't give a hoot less about Mother's Day?

DYK I rarely get a thing and couldn't care less?

DYK that my body has been screaming for more sleep and I finally listented?

DYK I slept so long this morning that I am now out of time here?

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Wed, 05-08-2013 - 6:54am

DYK I always see my typos after I hit post too

DYK I have tried to go back to edit and it is a royal pain in the butt so I don't bother any more

DYK I think if Shelly feels that strongly about Mother's Day she should start dropping hints that it is this Sunday

DYK we were planning on taking my MIL out for Mother's Day but with her operation on Friday that won't happen

DYK when I hear people on here talking about there folks getting ready to retire it makes me feel old because I am their age or older

DYK I have the news on and just can't get over the 3 girls now women missing for 10 years have been found alive 

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Wed, 05-08-2013 - 10:49am

DYK the girls found alive is ALL over the news here.  (same state)

DYK it's such a bizarre story.


DYK Charles Ramsey IS a hero and his interview makes me smile.  Half eaten Big Mac and all.  :)  We ate ribs and stuff and listened to salsa music. 

DYK he's makes you believe there is some good left in the world.

DYK they are now saying the abductor is the father of Berry's child. 

DYK it's a strange world we live in.

DYK I don't expect anything for Mother's Day.  I just ask that I don't have to cook, clean, or do anything with laundry that day.

DYK we'll buy some flowers and make our rounds to Grandma's, moms, and MIL's that day. 

DYK BIL and DH are talking about bringing pizza for supper so us ladies don't have to cook.

DYK the big wigs are down at a Red's game today. 

DYK it's some Business Appreciation something or another.

DYK It's nice and quiet with them gone. :)

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Wed, 05-08-2013 - 1:37pm

DYK I am not real big on Mother's Day either?

DYK when the girls were growing up, I hardly rec'd anything for Mother's Day?

DYK I was happy to just receive a card and for the girls to behave that day?  LOL

DYK I suppose I was so busy making sure that I thought of the perfect gift to give my mom and MIL each year that I didn't really think too much on what I received.

DYK now that the girls are older, they do get me something each year?

DYK I feel for them because 5 occassions to celebrate within a month?

DYK they are 1. Mother's Day, 2. My birthday, 3. Our Anniversary, 4. Father's Day & 5. My hubby's birthday?

DYK they usually put all 5 of the occassions together and pay for us to go away for the week-end.

DYK I do not think they could give us anything we'd like any better?

DYK we LOVE getting away for the week-end and wish we could afford to do it more!?

DYK it's going to be hard for the girls this year because we are going to TX right smack dab in the middle of the previously mentioned 5 occassions so I'm not sure what they will do this year?

DYK I'm okay with postponing it until July or August?

DYK it has been beautiful this week - in the 70's!?

DYK that a co-worker just told me that on Sunday it's supposed to only be a high of 40? 

DYK that stinks?

DYK I better get back to work?

DYK I forgot to mention in my previous DYK that I know Sandy is excited about only having to work 3 days a week?

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Wed, 05-08-2013 - 2:23pm

DYK I am known as "the grammar police," and I don't see my own typos either?

DYK add autocorrect to that and things can get pretty funny?

DYK my daughter texted me that she and her sister want to take me to Blue Mesa Grill on Sunday for Mothers' Day, but autocorrect sent "blue mess"?

DYK, having been a skin mom and fur mom for 44 years, the last thing I want for Mothers' Day is another mess of any color?

DYK my carpet is worn out and beyond filthy?

DYK my new flooring comes 5/20?

DYK I have so much stuff to move and pack up before they come it's overwhelming?

DYK if I set a later date, I would just procrastinate the clearing out and still be stressing at the last minute?

DYK I shredded enough old documents to fill six yard and leaf bags, just so I could move the desk and the filing cabinet?

DYK I am so excited?

DYK I still have Roo Ben?

DYK my grandson wants me to keep him?

DYK I don't want to assume Roo Ben's medical bills?

DYK Roo had his stitches out yesterday, and we found he also has bloodshot eyes? 

DYK he is down to 27 pounds (from 32 in February)? 

DYK he got ointment for his eyes?

DYK he fights me putting it in?

DYK he is still a lot of pug to wrestle?


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Wed, 05-08-2013 - 5:57pm

dyk  I think that is an awful lots of shreddings Gaye!

dyk after like 10 years you 'can' throw them important papers away !  Just kidding =).

dyk  its been a beautiful week !

dyk  our lawn finally got mowed =)..

dyk  tomorrow Maggie gets all 4 wisdon teeth pulled..

dyk  i am glad I am not her !

dyk  after about 13 years she has  brown hair ! 

dyk Kynsie turned 6 today and woke up throwing up this morning...

dyk  she didn't go to school but slept till 11 and then felt fine?

dyk  John was busy so me and her hung out =)..

dyk  she wasn't hungry but I was so we got taco bell and went up to sit with Macie..

dyk  thats what she wanted to do - she got all the thrown out plastic flowers and 'decorated' her grave ..

dyk  we had a nice time sitting and listening to the birds..

dyk  its her Dads birthday too so I took her to him..

dyk  Dustin and Molly broke up...

dyk  that makes me sad after all they have been through..

dyk  I have a horrible time on Mothers Day ?

dyk  I think losing my Mom at the age of 8 has something to do with that?

dyk  I am sending all my neices that are Moms cards ?

dyk  I will also send all my daughters cards..

dyk  all three of them have to work that day ??

dyk  I ask for no kids that day... 

dyk  I have someone almost every other day of the week !! 

dyk  Me and John will go pick out some posys for my front porch =)..

dyk  that me and my three sisters are going to NY over Memorial Day ??

dyk  I really should get up and do something...