DYK Thanksgiving Weekend

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DYK Thanksgiving Weekend
Fri, 11-23-2012 - 9:56am

DYK I just did my Black Friday shopping?

DYK it was all online?

DYK every deal I saw in an ad was availabe online and I got all with free shipping?

DYK that's my favorite way to shop?

DYK I have got to get DS more stuff?

DYK I can shop all day for girl stuff, and I struggle with 11-year old boy?

DYK she has stuff like "fuzzy socks" on her list, which I got online from Old Navy at $2 a pair this morning, and the boy wants $80 Lego sets?

DYK he will not get the economics of why he has 3 gifts and she has 10?

DYK she also asked for crazy colored softball socks, which are $5 a pair? She's easy.

DYK I pulled a huge bonehead move last night and left the turkey I brought home out on the counter?

DYK bye-bye turkey? I hate that. I want my sandwich.

DYK my DD and Jeff's DD begged me last night to take them shopping?

DYK our local news was showing scenes from the mall, Wal-Mart, etc. this morning and I don't know how people didn't get trampled to death? It was insane. Wall to wall people. They couldn't move. I have no interest in all that.

DYK both my kids are still asleep but I am getting ready to go get them up?

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Fri, 11-23-2012 - 10:10am

DYK I posted a DYK in the 11/18 DYK thread this morning

DYK I was going to go get it and put it here

DYK it has disappeared from the list

DYK I can't get to the old threads

DYK oh well

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Fri, 11-23-2012 - 10:23am
  • DYK when I started this thread it was showing that the old DYK hadn't had action in several hours, so much so it was at the bottom of the list?
  • DYK after I wrote this one, and after 3 attempts I got it to post, I saw that the old thread was near the top of the folder, saying Sandy posted 2 hours ago?

  • DYK there is no way I took 2 hours to write and post my thread?

  • DYK it looks like there are still tech issues?

    DYK I am getting ready to go deliver DS to my parent's to help pull out the Christmas stuff?

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Fri, 11-23-2012 - 6:01pm

dyk  I had a awesome Thanksgiving =)..

dyk  Everyone smiled and got along !

dyk  We drew names..

dyk   We have never did that?

dyk  I wanted one thing at JC P this morning and walked in at 6:03 and they were gone.. 

dyk  I don't know why they had the sale for 5 hours if they couldn't have enough for 5 minutes?

dyk  It was a coffee maker and I got one at Elder Bermans for a little more but I got one =)..

dyk  I took John in there with me (later) then we went to see Casey at work..

dyk  Then we went to the movies??  We saw Lincoln =)

dyk  Then we went out to eat at Applebees with a gift card a customer gave him ??

dyk  We now have a fire in the fireplace??

dyk  It was another great day !  

dyk  It is trying to snow??

dyk  I have had it with Sprint and am looking for something cheaper...

dyk  I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!!!

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Fri, 11-23-2012 - 6:28pm

DYK we have had a quiet, cozy day?

DYK that we had a nice Thanksgiving - lots of visiting and laughter?

DYK it was just my parents and Erick's mom and sister, so we only fed 8?

DYK it was kind of nice having elbow room at the table?

DYK my SIL works for Macy's and had to go to work at midnight?

DYK that she didn't even HAVE to work it, but her co-worker, who is in her sixties and just had a stint put in was scheduled, and Louisa volunteered to trade shifts so she wouldn't have to work the overnight shift?

DKY that we got our tree and all the rest of our Christmas decorations up today?

DYK that we also have a fire and a bunch of candles burning?

DYK that it has been DUMPING down rain all day long?

DYK that I love it when it rains hard and long.... especially if I don't have to go anywhere!

DYK that my mom (who is only 68) had a cramp in her leg last night and got up to stretch it out and fainted?

DYK she hit her chin on a counter, and was out for awhile?

DYK it scared the crap out of my dad, and neither of them slept much after that?

DYK this is the second time she has fainted in the past 6 months and the last time it happened they checked her blood sugar and blood pressure, and both were fine?

DYK mom thinks that it is just because she overindulged in the food and wine department yesterday?

DYK she might be right, and since she is good about seeing her doc regularly, I am not too worried, but I can tell dad is?

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Fri, 11-23-2012 - 7:44pm

DYK I went to Christine's house Wednesday, arriving about noon?

DYK Amy and the boys came about an hour later?

DYK it was Amy's 44th birthday?

DYK we had chili and salad, and red velvet cake for dessert?

DYK we all spent the night?

DYK between all of us, we had five dogs, one cat, two guinea pigs and a domestic rat?

DYK it was the first family get-together for Christine's puppy and my Jabaar (as well as the rat)?

DYK all people and animals got along just fine?


DYK Amy's ex HAD to have the boys back by 10:30 Thanksgiving morning?

DYK Amy had to drive more than an hour to transfer?

DYK we had our "family" Thanksgiving meal without the boys :(

DYK- turkey, yams, mashed potatoes, dressing, green bean casserole, steamed broccoli, wheatberry salad with dried cranberries, and rolls?

DYK Amy forgot to bring her chocolate pie, but we were stuffed anyway?

DYK we learned today that the "emergency" was that the ex's parents had tickets to the Dallas Cowboys football game?

DYK the kids weren't invited?

DYK they stayed home and played games?

DYK Ian (almost 16) was really hacked off?

DYK Amy and I went to Kohl's about 10 AM today?

DYK Amy had a gift card to pick out a suitcase?

DYK there were people in there, shopping in their pajamas?


DYK we all went home this afternoon?


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Fri, 11-23-2012 - 10:58pm

DYK I thinks Christine's ex is a jerk??

DYK I don't blame the oldest for being mad?

DYK I would lay into the ex, even though it wouldn't do any good?

DYK I didn't plan on buying anything today?

DYK I ended up buying Garrett a bunch of stuff at Carters online?

DYK he had no 9 month clothes and everything was 50% off?

DYK I spent wayyyyy to much?

DYK David encouraged it?

DYK he also encouraged me to buy stuff from Victoria's Secret?

DYK I think that he had an ulterior motive???

DYK I had a good Thanksgiving?

DYK now I am ready for homecoming?

DYK this time next week David *may* be home?

DYK that is exciting!!!

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Sat, 11-24-2012 - 7:59am

DYK sounds like everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and "Black Friday"

DYK We had 9 at our table and like Cara it was nice to have some elbow room

DYK Friday morning I got all the Fall/Thanksgiving stuff put away

DYK it was a gorgeous day so we took a ride to the shore

DYK stopped at the outlet mall

DYK it was packed

DYK we didn't buy anything

DYK we stopped for an early dinner at a restaurant right on the water

DYK it was a seafood restaurant we have been to several times before

DYK they had added on a beautiful enclosed and heated porch with spectacular views of the sound

DYK we watched the sunset over the water

DYK I am excited that Guss is excited

DYK I wonder how Daisy's Thanksgiving was

DYK I wonder how Missy's Thanksgiving was

DYK I wonder how Shelly's Thansgiving was

DYK I wonder a LOT

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Sat, 11-24-2012 - 8:10am

DYK  Amys X is a jerk..

DYK   The 16 year old has a valid reason for being upset..

DYK  I hope Caras Mom is ok- that would scare me big time!

DYK  Casey also got a bunch of Carter outfits y'day for Chase- they were buy one-get one free. 

DYK   I am so happy that David will be home soon =)..

DYK  I hope you got alot of stuff from Victoria Secrets!!

DYK  I hope everyone has a good Saturday !

DYK  Edited to say I added a pic and didn't think it was going to show..

The Grandkids on Thanksgiving Day :


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Sat, 11-24-2012 - 8:49am

DYK Renee's grandbabies are really cute!  Good picture!!

DYK I wouldn't be able to stand it Gus! 

DYK I would be climbing the walls. 

DYK I hope he is safe and sound at home in a week.

DYK I would be livid Gaye.

DYK I'm just shaking my head at that.

DYK I just found a recipe for beer and pretzel caramels and I'm intrigued. 


DYK I think it sounds good with the salty-sweet combo.

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Sat, 11-24-2012 - 9:03am

DYK I would be worried about Cara's mom too if I were Cara? Hopefully it really was just a result of overdoing it.

DYK I too think Gaye's ex SIL is a jerk?

DYK I have thought many times if I ever make it to Dallas again, and met then, we'd have a grand time swapping stories? Shelly could come too as she has some great ones too.

DYK my ex's gf moved in with him? I am actually okay with that as his house is clean now.

DYK she works 3 days a week in Toledo (5 hour drive from here) so she has an apartment there, and she works one day a week in Louisville so she gets a hotel room there a lot?

DYK I think that is odd? (She's a nurse)

DYK the three days she doesn't work she stays with the ex?

DYK I am jealous of Sandy's proxinity to the ocean?

DYK her supper last night sounds great?

DYK that there is no news on here as exciting to me as Guss getting her husband home?

DYK I cannot wait for the homecoming story?

DYK I am off to the shower?

DYK I am taking DD to softball, home to do my hair (I plan to straighten it and that takes at least 30 minutes) and then after I pick up DD I'll take the kids to my parents for the day?

DYK Jeff and I are headed to a gambling boat?

DYK I have to pick up the kids from their dad around 9:00 tonight so we have all day together?

DYK yay!

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