DYK Thursday

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DYK Thursday
Thu, 12-13-2012 - 7:04am

DYK there are still tech issues abounding?

DYK I checked the help board to see if there was an update from their big meeting yesterday?

DYK there is nothing except people complaining that the boards don’t work?

DYK I too agree this is taking WAY too long to fix, but I am still confident they will eventually get it fixed?

DYK I have had a long, stressful week?

DYK my ex is just working my nerves?

DYK his GF moved in with him and while there are some benefits (clean house opposed to his usual pig-sty) it’s not going well?

DYK she isn’t working this week (no idea how that works since she only works part time- unpaid leave??) and she works in Toledo, so she isn’t usually there?

DYK since she is around this week the ex is acting like they are a family and forcing the 4 of them to do things together?

DYK my DD is dying?   She has no interest in any of it and she wanted to stay with me last night.   He denied, saying they had to watch Rudolph as a family.   She was livid.   He had told her Tuesday she could stay with me.   Then he talked to the GF and changed his mind.   She had texted to me about it.   Then when she went to softball practice he took her phone and read all her texts.   So now she is grounded when she is with him for venting to me.   I had texted her that the jerk is supposed to have DS Friday night so they can go deer hunting Sunday morning and I should change my mind about that as Friday is my night (not that I don’t have to work, because I do).  He told her that if I did deny DS staying with him on Friday he will never, ever give her up to me on a night she is supposed to be with him and further, if I do that, if she is supposed to be with him and she has an invitation to stay with a friend, the answer will be no.

DYK that essentially he punishes her when he is mad at me?   And his punishment is that she has to spend time with him?

DYK I consider it a good thing when my kids spend time with me, not a punishment?

DYK I cannot wait until those two are old enough to just do what they want?

DYK I question how much their dad will see them then?

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Thu, 12-13-2012 - 9:15am

DYK your ex is an a**hat, Tracy? (of course you do)

DYK I enjoyed having yesterday to get my act together?

DYK that I got a ton done, but still have a list of things that I had hoped to accomplish yesterday that I didn't get to?

DYK that I am wondering how the big iVillage tech meeting went yesterday?

DYK that there has not been an update on the helpboard about it yet?

DYK that I am guessing the genius who convinced management that taking over the boards would be a good idea is unemployed?

DYK if he/she isn't, then all of iVillage management SHOULD be?

DYK that we won't ever know about that?

DYK I don't want to go to work?!!!!!!

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Thu, 12-13-2012 - 11:18am

DYK I have a feeling Tracy's "EX" won't be walking her DD down the aisle on her wedding day

DYK I have a feeling he won't even be invited

DYK I have seen it happen more than once

DYK I didn't want to come into work today either

DYK I am only working 1/2 day today

DYK I had planned on taking Friday morning off to take my Dad for one of his tests

DYK my Brother said he would rather have me take the time off to go to the doctor with him and my Dad for all the results

DYK that works for me

DYK since I already had a 1/2 vacation day scheduled for this week I am taking it this afternoon

DYK hope to get more shopping done, pick Webster up from the Dog Salon and get home early enought to get dressed up for a party later tonight

DYK it isn't a formal party but I still will be able to "look pretty"

DYK it is being held at a very pretty place

DYK I am posting a picture of it but it won't be quite as "fancy" because this is for a wedding

  wedding budget wedding wedding 2012 winter wedding 156287 10150800676180685 133783633 N

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Thu, 12-13-2012 - 4:44pm

DYK - Tracy I think your ex and Amy's ex are twins separated at birth?

DYK - I have to bathe Jabaar twice a week for medical reasons?

DYK - I do it on Tuesdays abd Saturdays because I don't work those days?

DYK = Tuesday was bitterly cold here?

DYK - I didn't bathe Jabaar?

DYK - I bathed both dogs today?

DYK - It's 63 degrees and sunny at the warmest part of the day?

DYK - They are clean and sweet for Christmas?

DYK - Jabaar's skin and coat look so, so much better?

DYK - He is quite handsome?

DYK - They both love the hair dryer?

DYK - Now I have to dust and vacuum because I have Pug hair everywhere?

DYK - I have so much to do by Sunday?

DYK - I shouldn't be on here at all?

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Thu, 12-13-2012 - 5:22pm

DYK I think Tracy's ex is ridiculous!

DYK I think RA should protect her phone with a password that only her and Tracy know?

DYK I think either do the password thing or remember to delete the offending texts immediately!

DYK there is no reason she cannot vent to her mother about her father?

DYK RA should not be punished for doing so?

DYK I will also be glad when both of them can decide how much they "have to" see him!

DYK I have also had a rough week?

DYK we were supposed to go with my hubby's family to Greenfield Village down in Dearborn but every week-end is sold out?

DYK we are all bummed... I had no idea they would sell out, I thought it was something like an amusement park where people just come & go... but apparently I am wrong?

DYK we might go decorate cookies at someone's house instead?

DYK I hope they don't want to do it here?

DYK I am really not in the mood for kids ranging from 9 months to 16 years coming to my house and probably flinging sprinkles, balls & all kinds of other cookie decorations everywhere. 

DYK I am probably over-reacting and they would all behave?

DYK that I really don't want to take a chance?

DYK I slept like a baby last night because my hubby went to pick up some NYQUIL for me?

DYK I love that stuff?

DYK I they wanted to give my hubby tomorrow off but he asked if he could work because we need the money?

DYK I need to get Presley's latest bear picture and post it?

DYK I better go catch up on the other threads..

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