It's Me Again, Margaret...

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It's Me Again, Margaret...
Tue, 03-05-2013 - 9:23am

That is an old song by Ray Stevens.... and something we say a lot in our family... lol

But... guess what, it IS me again.... The Ball is over and I still have tons of work....but I do not have a huge deadline hanging over me so I feel freeeee! I will take Sandy's advice and not try to catch up on everything that I've missed... so forgive me if I ask someting that has already been posted.  

The Ball went pretty smooth... a few hiccups but that is to be expected!  The worst thing was the decorations were not up to par.... in fact, they were pretty ugly.  None of us were happy... but, everyone said they had a great time so I guess that is what really matters.

I did not get to try ANY of the appetizers...we did not have enough of the fraternity guys that volunteer to do Valet parking and the Coat Room check.  We ask for 20 but I don't think I even seen 10 of them.  The poor girl they had inside doing the Coat Check was overwhelmed so I went out to the valet guys and asked if someone could come in and help her but they told me they were short too and had nobody.  So, I had to go over there and help her... I spent over an hour working that stupid coat room so I had no idea how registration was going but when I asked later, they told me everything went well... thank goodness... all that hard work on the 3 guest lists paid off!  I'm glad I asked 4 gals to work the registration table or else they would have been one short .. me... because I was working the coats! 

I have never seen so many fur coats!  Of course all the ladies had to wear their furs to the fancy ball and lots of the men wore hats... so we had to keep the hats with the coats.  I wasn't paying attention at first and I was giving the guests the wrong coat check ticket... the one with the hole in it for the hanger so I had to poke holes in the ones I had... LOL. The girl and I got lots of tips though.... lol.... which, of course, we donated back to the ACE program here (Acute Care for the Elderly).  That is what the proceeds from the Ball went to this year.  Between the valet and the coat check, there was almost $700 in tips!

I know next year we are going to ask for many more fraternity guys!!! 

I do have some pictures but I took them with my camera so I have to upoad them to my computer and my laptop is not working right now.  So, if I get a chance, I will try to upload them to my work computer and post some... I didn't take any with my phone because I figured I'd need all the power in my phone for communicating with Angie regarding Ball matters but, besides the ugly decorations & the coat room fiasco, most everything was great!  No fire alarms this year!!  LOL

Again, I'm sorry I've been missing so much, gals.... I hope to get back  into the swing of things from now on.... well, at least until our next event which is in April... our Miracle Dinner... then the Bowlathon on 5-11 then the 2nd NICU fundraiser at Warwick Hill Country Club and then the telethon on June 2nd.... This really is our busiest time of year and I can really tell that my co-worker is not here.... i don't miss her nonsense but I do miss her answering the phones and taking care of visitors and giving directions to people who pop in to ask.  Oh well... at least I have a job and thank goodness my supervisors are pretty understanding. 

I have rescheduled my mammogram 3 times now since january..... it is scheduled for Thursday and I don't plan on rescheduling it again!  I feel a little panicky because I'm 2 months past!! 

Well, I better get back to work.... I hope everything is okay with y'all... i really REALLY do miss you!!!!!

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Tue, 03-05-2013 - 10:06am

Welcome back Margaret!!!!!

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Tue, 03-05-2013 - 10:23am

busy, busy, busy!  Good luck catching up and good to hear from you!

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Tue, 03-05-2013 - 1:55pm

Thanks for the update Daisy! Good to hear from you.

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Tue, 03-05-2013 - 2:47pm

Welcome back!!!!