For the LORD is good and his love endures forever....

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For the LORD is good and his love endures forever....
Tue, 03-12-2013 - 9:54am

That is part of Psalms 100:5...

I am so thankful because my mom was SO MUCH better last night!!!  It was such a relief to hear her talk pretty much back to normal.  She ate some chicken, corn and half a banana.  That was amazing itself because she refused to eat at all before.  She says everything tastes too salty... not sure why but I'm just glad she's eating again. 

It turns out that her altered mental status was because she was in septic shock from an e-coli infection.  The dr. said the e-coli was probably from all the accidents she had (we call them blow-outs) while taking that natural medicine she was taking for over 6 months.  After so many, there is bound to be some cross-contamination.  No telling how long that had been brewing... the people she was buying it from told her all that diarrhea was normal .. it was the toxins/cancer working it's way out. 

But what I'm more upset about is that those chemo nurses gave her the chemo even when they knew she had a low-grade fever.  She talked them into it but still, I think they should have known better.... checked her out to find the source of the fever before slamming her with all that chemo! 

I won't dwell on that though ... I am just glad she is doing better!

Thank all of you for your good thoughts & prayers.... I told my dad that I had my Q&E gals on it ... I swear we must have had hundreds of people praying between my friends, my mom & dad's friends, my sister's friends in TX, my cousin Sheryl's friends and my mom's 3 sisters (one here, one near the UP and one in California)!! 

God really is good and His love DOES endure forever!! 

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Glad your mom is doing better.   This sure isn't a positive story for anyone into holistic medicine.   Yikes.   So glad she is using the medical options we have available to us.

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That is great news Daisy!!! 

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So glad to hear that she is doing better Daisy! Continued prayers!!


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Great news Daisy!!! I'm so glad your mom is doing better. Wonder what those natural medicine people would tell her now. Anyway, it sounds like she's on the mend and thank goodness for that!

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That is good news Daisy.  Oh and the nurses pumping in the chemo - well perhaps they should have gotten to the cause of the fever but they probably felt they needed to get those chemo treatments going too.  Just glad it all worked it's way out in the end - get my drift -Cool

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Glad shes doing better Daisy!!!!!!

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Glad to hear that your mom is doing better