Monday Menu

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Monday Menu
Mon, 03-19-2012 - 6:09am

What's the meal plan tonight?

I have 2 butterfly porkchops in the fridge.

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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 8:00am

Pork chops here too!!! with leftover mashed potatoes, and spinach salad... need to pick up some celery and a cucumber after work....

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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 8:44am
We have a viewing tonight. Taking the girls for the first time. :/
MIL's house is on the way back, so we're going to pick up a pizza from a local bar and take it to MIL's to eat.

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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 8:48am
I'm working tonight...the guys will have leftover chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes & gravy. I will tell them to make a veggie, but I doubt they'll listen!

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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 9:13am

Tristan is making pasta with browned butter and mizithra - it has been on the meal plan the last couple of weeks, but got bumped for other stuff....

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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 10:40am
Maybe spaghetti and garlic bread,and I can pick up stuff for a salad at Safeway today.

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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 2:28pm

I am still not feeling up to par, so I will make the boys something Q&E probably some chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese.


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Mon, 03-19-2012 - 3:19pm

Since it's my sister's last evening with us, we're going easy and ordering pizza! Probably Jets...

I've cooked tacos twice (tacos are our favorite!!), gone to Venus for Fish & Chips and of course, we hit up Halo Burger the night her and Kendra arrived.

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