No Refrigeration On the Go Meals - Ideas needed quickly!

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No Refrigeration On the Go Meals - Ideas needed quickly!
Fri, 05-24-2013 - 2:29pm

I just started a new job as an in-home therapist about a month ago.  This being said, I drive around to different families' homes all day and as a result can be gone from my own home for 10 or so hours easily (the area I work in is about 35 minutes away from my home, so I don't go back home during the day at all).  I really need some ideas for meals/foods I can eat because I don't have access to a refrigerator, and I do not know how long an insulated lunch tote would keep my food cool enough for freshness purposes.  

Currently I have been doing lots of fruit, protein bars, some cereals, nuts, water, and some snack crackers every so often.  I buy coffee while I am out (which can add up quickly) so I do not want to have to buy full meals out on top of that (and fastfood isn't always the healthiest either).

Does anyone have any suggestions for me please?  It's been about a month of eating the above foods during the day and it is starting to get old already. =/  Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thank you!

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Invest a good eletric cooler that can be hooked into the car  eletrics or just a good cooler and  re usable iceblocks,  a food thermos and a good coffee thermos.   I have  a thermos for my  hot drinks and it keeps it hot for about 6 hours and then warm about 4 hours more.  This should give you more options for food.  Yes they cost to start with BUT in the end it saves you money and you can eat a bit more then  what you have.

I have made  filled rolls for  the picnic tomorrow, it basic white loaf dough and filling is what ever you want to eat that can be rolled in a ball and then coated in dough.

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I like Hanna's idea of a cooler that plugs into the car.   They make those.    That would bring in a lot of cool options.   I'd also invest in a good thermos.   I got one for DD's lunch box when her Hannah Montana one became uncool.   There were no other character ones on the shelves so I got her a plain one in the camping section.   I had to pay a lot for it, but wow, what a difference.   DD started asking me to cool her soup off some before I put it in the thermos.   It keeps stuff super hot.   I have eated up soups, macaroni and cheese, casseroles, etc. and put them in there.

Hope those ideas help.

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