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Q&E Babble
Fri, 12-21-2012 - 7:34am

Okay, I give.   I am doing it.   I miss PPWM too much.

I want to babble.   I think you all want to babble.  So let’s babble here and then go back to PPWM when they finally get us fixed.   I know, it’s discouraging now, but I am too optimistic for my own good.   I do think iVillage will get this mess fixed.   One day. 

For those not on FB, Shelly is monitoring Waylon, debating on a trip to Pitt.   He ran a fever all day yesterday and most of the night.   At her last check in, he’s down to 99.   She’s calling the coordinator this morning.

I had my work party last night.   I took a platter of Jalapeno Cheese Grits.   I have never had 6 people ask me for a recipe before.   I heard they were, “on point” and “ready.”  I love it when I bring the most popular dish.   There wasn’t a scrap left.  

Off to get dressed for work.   As of 3:00 today I am done until January 2nd.   And then I can start counting down for my spring break beach trip.


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Wed, 12-26-2012 - 9:29am

I hope everyone had a very joyous and Merry Christmas.  I'm glad I took a vacation day today as we are under a Blizzard Warning.  How very fun!  They are predicting 8-10 inches of snow with 20 mph winds with gusts to 40 mph.  Poor DH had to get up and go to work in this crap.  Good thing he's only 5 miles away.

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Wed, 12-26-2012 - 9:34am

Fooded out? Yup, hit that wall yesterday too. But I have another party to go to tonight. There will be awesome food there. And I have zero willpower. Hopefully my cleaning marathon, the one that I am putting off getting started on by piddling around here, will get some calories burned.

I am getting up in a minute to start pulling down Christmas. Boo. I do love the lights. But I too want to get a good deep clean on the house while I have the time.

We have rain transitioning to a light snow. I am now in the 1"- less range. I'll take the less part, please.

Off to clean. Maybe...

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Wed, 12-26-2012 - 9:57am

We are getting the storm out your way Susan & Tracy but not until later today and into Thursday.  Oh well.  No place specail I have go so home in front of the fire works for me.

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Wed, 12-26-2012 - 12:13pm

Wow!!! you ladies sure have been chatty the past few days!!!

Yep Im fooded out, glad we are staying home today, so I can stay on track with my eating and my points lol. I ate way too much yesterday! Just did some zumba, so hopefully that helps with the damage! LOL

Sandy- Im sorry to hear about your aunt passing :( Oh and you asked how the weight loss is going... Im officially down 63lbs! so Im 2/3 of the way to my goal!

We all went to mass(at a french catholic church) on christmas eve because DH's nephew was a shepherd..  so that was dull because I dont speak french... Oh and FIL's brother was the priest doing the service... so that part was nice...

We had our big christmas meal on christmas eve, and we went back to the in laws yesterday, for lunch, and ended up staying for dinner too lol.

My washing is done! going to hang it up, and then its time for a nap!

Have a great day everyone! and sorry if I missed anyone....

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Wed, 12-26-2012 - 12:37pm

Mel you said you lost 63 pounds!!!!  Great job!  I'll bet you are starting to look like a whole different person aren't you.  Any chance you might be able to try a befreo and after picture on here?

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Wed, 12-26-2012 - 12:59pm

We had a good Christmas, for sure. Christmas Eve was just my brother and us, but we had our traditional cheese fondue for dinner before heading out to the 9 pm service. It had pretty low attendance since the weather was good. My church has a 7 pm service that is outside, so if the weather is good most people go to that one. If it is raining the 9 pm has a bigger crowd, although it is still not huge. Erick played the piano for the service, and I sang the usual O Holy Night. We also added In The Bleak Midwinter for prelude music - Erick accompanied me on his ukekele - it was a nice change. We are getting tired of O Holy Night, but it is a tradition for a lot of folks, and we aren't ever going to be able to drop it! We always get comments like "it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't come hear you sing 'O Holy Night', which is very nice, but we would love to change it up a little!

After services we came home and sent the boys to bed, had our usual egg nog and played Santa.

Told the boys not to come out of their rooms before 7:30, so we didn't do too badly in the sleep department. Opened stockings. Had a big breakfast. Opened gifts, then waited for Erick's side of the family to arrive.

Drank wine, nibbled on cheese and crackers, veggie tray, Chex mix until dinner around 4. Roast pork loin with apple, onion, apple cider reduction, mashed potatoes with Manchego cheese, roast brussel sprouts, Waldorf salad, homemade buttermilk rolls. Rice pudding with cranberry compote and chocolate amaretto mousse for dessert. YUM. SIL was a huge help with dishes (and Erick made a God-awful mess), - really nice - we did up all the dinner dishes, then waited for awhile before dessert. After dessert we were all in the living room visiting, and Krista went back into the kitchen and did up all the dessert dishes without me even noticing. I was just going to leave them until this morning, so that was sweet.

Tristan and Riley both got big-ticket gifts from Santa this year - Riley got a new DS (they broke the hinge on the old one) and Tristan got an iPod Touch.  His iPod was stolen from the locker room at school, so he has been withouth a music player for about a year now. I know he would have prefered a smartphone, but no way are we paying for data every month. The Touch has Wi-Fi, so he can go online at home and school - wherever there is a hotspot. AND, if his grades slip all we have to do is change the Wi-Fi password and he will be out of luck in the internet access department, but will still have music. If he REALLY screws up, we take it away completely. Gotta love when Santa is complicit in creating more incentives for good behavior!Wink

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Wed, 12-26-2012 - 8:01pm

Made a pork loin, yams and green beans for Amy and the boys Christmas Eve.  She decided to take the boys to the early service at my church, and wanted to have dinner with me.  Actually, that was overscheduling, because I was supposed to be at the church at 7 to rehearse for the 8 PM service, and the early service didn't finish until after 6:30.  So I missed rehearsal, but made the 8 PM service, knowing the music, but having no idea of logistics.  Sang the 8 PM service and the 10:30, and got home sometime after midnight.  Amy and the boys had put away the leftovers, rinsed all the dishes, and loaded the dishwasher

We had a white Christmas Day here in the Dallas area.  First one since 1975 (and we didn't live here then).  It rained in the morning and changed to snow about 1 PM.  Amy came and brought her dog for me to pug-sit until Sunday, because she left with her gentleman friend to go skiing early this morning.   Amy and I shared some leftover pork loin for lunch, but we scuttled the plan for movie and Chinese food because of the weather.  She got back home before the roads got  bad.  Christine didn't come down,  because McKinney got about 3 inches of snow, and there was no point in her risking life and limb either.  There were accidents all over the Metroplex, and there were reports of the emergency vehicles being hit, too.

Amy texted me a little while ago that she and Mark are in New Mexico.  He drove.  They did encounter wintry roads.  I know it snowed in Amarillo yesterday, too.  He has a four-wheel-drive RAV4, and he is from Wisconsin.

All three pugs in the house hate the snow.  I had no idea they could hold it so long.  Amy's dog is an apartment dog, and is used to being walked on a leash.  Pre doesn't understand that I can just open the back door and he can go out and potty.  So when I came home from work, I put on my walking shoesm, scarf, hat, down jacket and gloves and Pre pulled me around the block.  Whatever works, folks!

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Thu, 12-27-2012 - 8:28am

Good Morning Ladies -

So who is off work this week besides me?  I know Tracy and Cara are.

We had snow turning over to rain starting last night and into this morning.  It is icky outside. there is a lot of heavy wet snow out there.  I am planning on doing some more cleaning this morning.  Leaving the tree up another day at least.  Think I may go through my closet and purge some stuff to take to the Salvation Army store tomorrow.  I want to get one more tax deduction in before the end of the year.  When John gets home from work today we are heading to the mall to exchange a few things.  We will probably get pizza for dinner at CPK.

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Thu, 12-27-2012 - 10:14am

No work here and unpaid unless you had vacation days or paid time off. I had both =).. So today and tomorrow are vacation days!

Went through part of my file cabinet, got laundry going, and have to run into town. May get my feet done today..

We have snow but only like 2 to 3 inches. Had a fire in the fireplace last night- it was perfect!

Enjoy your day!

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Thu, 12-27-2012 - 10:29am

I would have been here earlier but I got out of bed at 8:15 and hadn't even peed yet when the doorbell rang. I forgot the cable guy was scheduled for this morning to change my phone line over to digital service. He took about 1.5 hours to get it done. So, I couldn't get on the computer. My whole routine was off.

I deep, deep cleaned my family room yesterday. I took out 4 huge bage of garbage, put old toys that I want to save in tubs (6 total) and scubbed everything in that room. It looks and smells great. And the kids weren't too upset since I saved their favorite toys (DD's Barbies, DS's Star Wars Galactic Heroes, Rescue Heroes, and Power Rangers). The three of us all had about 8 trips to the storage shed to stash them. Also in the cleaning, I got all the Christmas stuff down and organized. The house, at least that parts, looks great.

I am on vacation leave today and tomorrow too. The early part of the week was scheduled off. Monday and Tuesday are scheduled off. The party I went to last night, the school registrar is my friend's mom (at my friend's house). She was practically begging me to work today. She has to and will be the only one there. All the custodians took off. She doesn't like setting the alarm or being there all alone. No go.

The party I went to last night, my friend is married to a man from the same small area Daisy is from. His dad owns the restaurant they do family breakfast in frequently. How weird is that?

Mel, 63 pounds is awesome. I have go to get inspired and do something similar.

Cara, I do like Oh, Holy Night during Christmas Eve service. It is a little long though. We were at the 11:00 service, too late for me but their @ss father didn't bring them home in time for us to go to the 7:00 service. It was my parents, sister, aunt, the kids and me. My son was about 4 people down from me. During Oh Holy Night he passed me a note saying, "She skipped the verse 'Jesus was born and so we get presents." I cracked up. Anyone else familiar with the South Park version of the song? That's where it's from.

Well, I am off to go clean some more. Today is the computer room and kitchen drawers. And I have to be done by 3:00 because Jeff is picking me up then and we are heading to a gambling boat.