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Q&E Babble
Fri, 12-21-2012 - 7:34am

Okay, I give.   I am doing it.   I miss PPWM too much.

I want to babble.   I think you all want to babble.  So let’s babble here and then go back to PPWM when they finally get us fixed.   I know, it’s discouraging now, but I am too optimistic for my own good.   I do think iVillage will get this mess fixed.   One day. 

For those not on FB, Shelly is monitoring Waylon, debating on a trip to Pitt.   He ran a fever all day yesterday and most of the night.   At her last check in, he’s down to 99.   She’s calling the coordinator this morning.

I had my work party last night.   I took a platter of Jalapeno Cheese Grits.   I have never had 6 people ask me for a recipe before.   I heard they were, “on point” and “ready.”  I love it when I bring the most popular dish.   There wasn’t a scrap left.  

Off to get dressed for work.   As of 3:00 today I am done until January 2nd.   And then I can start counting down for my spring break beach trip.


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Sat, 04-06-2013 - 9:51am

Wow Renee, they really favor each other.  And next weekend, I'll probably start the kitchen.  :)

I'm half way through room 6 (of 7).  The bathroom is where I stop today.  The ktichen will be a 2 day job in itself.  I will take the carpet cleaner back this evening (it's my mom's and quite possibly the best thing I've ever borrowed! lol)  I'm ready to get my house back in order!

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Sat, 04-06-2013 - 3:03pm

Wow, Susan - you are a spring-cleaning machine!  Wish I could say you motivated me to do the same, but this cold is still kicking my butt.  I managed to do a closet/drawer weed - have a bag of stuff to go to Goodwill, but I just can't get the energy up to deep clean. Undecided

I have managed to do my stationary bike time, and thanks to Amazon Prime have gotten sucked into Medium while doing it. After I finished all the available  Downton Abby episodes, I went looking for a new show to watch that was at least 45 minutes, and remembered Tracy and Sandy (I think) mentioning this one. I am enjoying it, and there are 9 seasons available, so I have lots to watch! I gave Sons of Anarchy a try, and I might go back, but the first couple episodes didn't suck me in like Medium has. Too violent and too much cussing to watch with the kids around, so that probably won't become a regular for me.

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Sun, 04-07-2013 - 7:14am

Morning Ladies -

Renee it is amazing how much they look a like.  How is Kynsie doing in her new school?  Any better?

Cara that cold you have is going around here.  A few people at work have it.  Not fun.

Susan I'll bet your house looks great.  How long do you think it will last - just kidding - lol!  And yes that kind of claning sue does burn up a lot of calories.

Hope Tracy didn't get home too late last night.  Bet she is sleeping in this morning.

Well I am soon out of here to hit the "Y" and then coming home to sweep out the garage.  It is disgusting and we keep tracking the sand they put down for the ice/snow into the house so it needs to be cleaned up.  Also have laundry to tackle and I think I am going to take a chance and start putting away the heavy winter clothes and start taking out the lighter gear.  Perhaps Mother Nature will take the hint and start to warm things up around here! 

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Sun, 04-07-2013 - 10:21am

Wow, Renee, they sure do look alike.   Hope you have a good time with your family get-together today.

Susan, after getting home I am even more envious of your clean house.   My pit is disgusting.   The floors are so dirty that I am looking forward to cleaning them.

We left yesterday at 4:30 AM.  We left a different way than we came in.   The way we came in, off I-75, had about 20 turns and took forever.   We left driving further south for 16 miles, just a straight shot down the beach strip.   And I-75 merged into that road.   Sandy, it was very close to Naples.   We had smooth sailing until about 10:00, I guess that's when everyone else got up and started moving.  Then traffic was heavy, but not gridlock until Atlanta.   It took us 2.5 hours to get completely around Atlanta.   I don't think we ever moved faster than 25 MPH, a lot of it at a complete standstill, for about 50 miles.   It was painful.

We finally got home around 10:45 last night.   I was exhausted.   But not too tired to watch the end of the Michigan game.   Go Blue!   Mop up that ugly Card red.

Today I have got to scrub this gross house.   I need to unpack, do two weeks worth of laundry, go to the grocery, and vacuum and scrub the floors.   At least I brought the heat home with me.   It was 62° outside when I got home last night.   It's supposed to get into the 70's today.   Bring it.

Next week we have softball and baseball practice every night up until Thursday, then both kids have a game (at the same time of course).  

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Sun, 04-07-2013 - 12:17pm

Welcome home Tracy!

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Sun, 04-07-2013 - 7:50pm

Cleaning done, we walked to the Mexican place, and now I am relaxing. I got the pics off my camera downloaded.

Supper the first time we went out. It's pretty boring since it's just a fried variety platter: fish, calimari, scallops, and shrimp. Fies and coleslaw with it: no substitutions. Yuck and yuck.

My pan seared flounder with clam and scallop stuffing. It wasn't very good- kind of mushy.

I used this all week.

From our balcony:

We do a great job of picking uncrowded beaches.

I was standing on the shore taking this picture. The dolphin was right there. He got caught in between the shore and sandbar, but eventually got free.

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Sun, 04-07-2013 - 8:29pm

Awesome pics Tracy- Looks like you had a real good time =).. What memories you are making for them kids ! And LOVE the coozie =)

OK blonde moment - did your Mom go with you?

Kynsie just went to her new school for 2 days- then spring break- she goes back tomorrow. Molly did get her some focus first pills and she is taking them.  The Dr prescribed 5 mgs of Aderal and the pharmacist would not fill it with out talking to the Dr. - something about not giving it to her because she is under 6. And the insurance would not cover it without the dr oking it also because there is not a generic for that?  I am not sure... So since she turns 6 in 31 days Molly is just gonna wait .. So we shall see .

Had a wonderful day today with the family ... The sun was shining - John had more fun then the kids flying the kite.. Good Food, Good company =).. Maggie and her bf came on his Harley- nice day for that.  Molly took the girls to the movies later and Casey, her BF and Chase hung out with us..  

And tomorrow Casey has an interview - fingers crossed ladies !! Its at 1:45 at a drs office in the hospital.. 

Well its that time again,,, the week-ends go too fast =/..

Night All!

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Mon, 04-08-2013 - 6:39am

Sounds like you had a great family day, Renee.  

Yes, my mom went with us.   We have done the beach trip for spring break together for the past 5 years.   Next year is her last year to teach before retiring.   Jeff has always gone to his mountain house for spring break; taking his kids and meeting his parents.   It's just as likely as not to snow on them while they are there.   He said several of the roads he wanted to drive on (backroads in his hunting areas) were still closed for heavy snow.   He has forever told me that is the way to vacation for spring break.   That makes me shutter.  I want heat.   Well, he is now telling me he is ready to do the beach thing next year.   It's my mom's last year and she wants that spring break beach trip as a break from work.   My kids want to go with my mom one last time.   I approached the whole idea of waiting one more year with him and he got a little ticked off.   We'll see what happens.   My mom and I have also spoke to my friend we travelled with on Friday.   That family had never spring break beach tripped before, but she said they are hooked and will be back next year.  We'd like to go to the same area as them next year.   So now, what to do?   At least I have a few months to figure it out.   We need to book by about August or it'll all be booked up.  

Jeff and I leave for Key West in about 10 weeks.   I am so ready to get back.   I am almost certain I was meant to live in a tropical climate.  

Back to work today.   I don't want to go.  I did get up and work out this morning.   My arm is still jacked up so I can't do the weights with Jillian Michaels tapes.  I really need to go to the doctor about that.   I am now thinking tendon damage.   I did my Wii Fit again.   Despite eating like a pig at the beach, I was down 2.4 pounds since my last weigh in (the Thursday before we left).   I guess walking 4-6 miles a day really did help.   I was very pleasantly surprised.   Back to the diet today though.   Ooof. 

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Mon, 04-08-2013 - 7:40am

Good Morning ladies!

welcome home Tracy!!! love the photos!  woohoo on losing weight on vacation!

Sounds like you had a nice family day Renee!

Susan- you cleaning machine you!

Have a great day everyone! 2 more days then Im off for 2 days!

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Mon, 04-08-2013 - 9:18am

Great photos Tracy but I am not so sure on the fish dinner you had. Hmmmm - Any way sounds like you are between a rock and a hard place for next year's spring break.  Maybe Jeff will have a change of heart and not make you feel guilty if you don't go with him.  Good job on the weight loss during vacation.  I am sure those 4 - 6 mile walks you took made up for a lot!

My body is screaming at me today.  Saturday I ran around in the morning then went to the Zumbathong - Sunday I did my two hours of Zumba and Aqua Zumba at the Y - came home and swept out the garage - there was more sand in there than at the beach - cleaned out my car - then went in the house and started laundry (four loads - washed - dryed - folded and put away) - changed the sheets on the bed - vaccumed the floors - steam cleaned the downstairs hardwood and upstairs bathroom floors - then started the switch over from winter clothes to spring/summer clothes - took a shower - started dinner and sat down on the coach at 5:00 pm - every part of my body hurts today - I am getting too old for the marathon thing!

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