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Q&E Babble
Fri, 12-21-2012 - 7:34am

Okay, I give.   I am doing it.   I miss PPWM too much.

I want to babble.   I think you all want to babble.  So let’s babble here and then go back to PPWM when they finally get us fixed.   I know, it’s discouraging now, but I am too optimistic for my own good.   I do think iVillage will get this mess fixed.   One day. 

For those not on FB, Shelly is monitoring Waylon, debating on a trip to Pitt.   He ran a fever all day yesterday and most of the night.   At her last check in, he’s down to 99.   She’s calling the coordinator this morning.

I had my work party last night.   I took a platter of Jalapeno Cheese Grits.   I have never had 6 people ask me for a recipe before.   I heard they were, “on point” and “ready.”  I love it when I bring the most popular dish.   There wasn’t a scrap left.  

Off to get dressed for work.   As of 3:00 today I am done until January 2nd.   And then I can start counting down for my spring break beach trip.


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Tue, 02-26-2013 - 3:32pm

So much to catch up on and I didn't take notes.

Renee, sorry about the car problems.....that blows.

Guss, I haven't had that kind of luck being signed in already. I have to sign in at least 3 times for it to stick. So old!

I know there's more but i can't remember. So good luck to whomever needs it!

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Tue, 02-26-2013 - 8:42pm

Oh we got the snow... did we ever,  NO FUN.

Got back into town around 5:30 - John wanted me to meet him to grab something to eat. Didn't walk in the door till 7:30,  ( After leaving at 4:30 this morning!),,  

Did a load of laundry and just sat down.

I did back this car in the garage- and did I tell you it has no power steering?  Building muscles- didn't know I excercised did you now ?

Schools are closed for tomorrow. we got maybe 4 inches and now its raining/ice.  

Night Ladies !

Susan ask what would happen if you didn't replace the sensors.  And look around for a deal on the tires. 

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Tue, 02-26-2013 - 10:25pm

Hello Ladies:-)

Renee that sucks about your car, and the snow!

Missy apparently my sign in luck was short lived:-(

Ugh so my morning sucked. I woke up late, had to shower with Evey(who HATES showers, not a fan of water over her head) she screamed the whole time, then she stained her new shirt with toothpaste being silly, head butted me when I put shoes on her and finally I got her in the car to go to PT annnnndddddd my car wouldn't start......it's been like -4 degrees at night and my battery apparently does not like cold....so David jumped it and off I went to PT. Garrett didn't nap all day, no idea what his deal was, needless to say I am drinking a glass of wine right now!

David did however get some information from Army Community Service about Baumholder....they also gave us little back packs that had coloring books and crayons and other things in it. I thought it was sweet...

Anyways I need to go break up Evey and David's wrestling match, he is making the dog angry, she does not like Evey to sound upset...

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Wed, 02-27-2013 - 3:34am

Did ya break em up Guss?  Dale howls when Dominic cries.. ( he did it wll all the babies ) I have heard it hurts his ears.. Hurts mine too !

Well its Wednesday and my co worker was going in early text me and said she is NOT going in .. Said she was all over the road. Humm I do not like missing.

I am gonna grab a shower and I see what happens.


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Wed, 02-27-2013 - 6:32am

Ugh, Renee. Are the roads still that bad there? I have this (mis)conception that everything north of the Mason-Dixon line is very prepared for snow and it's a non-issue when it happens. I think our whole city has 4 plows. It snows an inch here and we come to a screeching halt. I hope you find a way to make it into work.

No snow here but it's cold. And getting colder. High of 29 on Saturday? You can keep that elsewhere. I hate it. 30 days until we leave for Florida.
I Googled our condo. Here's the pool. Ahhhhh

My lovely ex is going out of town tomorrow. Get this schedule I have tomorrow. Get off work at 4:00. Get DD to the softball field, dash home to change clothes and race back to the school for a softball concession stand worker meeting at 4:30. Then I have to get DS home somehow so he can change into his baseball clothes. He has practice at 5:30. Then I have to pick up DD at 6:00. Then DS has to be picked up at baseball at 7:00, and dash straight to basketball. Basketball practice starts at 7:00 so he will be late. When in there will any of us eat? Homework? I have no idea. He picked a great night to go out of town for a date with his GF, huh?

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Wed, 02-27-2013 - 6:33am

Hmmm.... I have inserted a picture three times now.   No picture showing.   Of course it's probably showing 3 times to you all.

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Wed, 02-27-2013 - 6:45am

Morning Ladies -

Picture only shows up once on my end Tracy but I could look at it 3 times!  I so am wanting warm temps and sunshine.

Guss when do you get the final word on Germany?  I looked it up and it really is located in a pretty part of Germany.

So Renee did you find a ride/transportation into work?  OUr roads right were I am are fine but just a bit further north and they are covered in ice.  Snow we can handle pretty well (unless we get over two feet of it in one clip) but ice - oh no 

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Wed, 02-27-2013 - 6:52am

Good Morning ladies!

Renee- Hope you made it into work okay today!

Tracy- Good luck co-ordinating everything! love the picture of the pool!

Gus- I hope today is better for you!!

Found this pic on facebook for you Gaye!! and other dog lovers too.

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Wed, 02-27-2013 - 6:57am

Mel that's funny!  So how have you been feeling lately?  Are yo planning on going back to work once the baby comes or do you get to be a SAHM?

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Wed, 02-27-2013 - 7:53am

Wow, kept melogged in from yesterday!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!

I had a day yesterday. Jeffrey woke up with an ear ache. So I took him to the dr. 3rd ear infection, one more this winter and it's off to an ENT to have tubes placed. Uggggggggg Got him out of there at 9, I had a dental appointment at 10, right next door, but P and Jeffrey wanted to come home, so we came home, I dropped them off, took momsome money so she could pick up Jeffrey's medicine. And Turned right around and went back to the dentist.  I had 4 teeth worked on. I have really soft teeth and they get cavitiessuper easy and break off. So she worked onmy four front, top teeth and got them all filled etc.  I had 4 shots of novacane, and man is my gums sore!!! But looks so much better!!!

Then home and P and I cleaned a little, while jeffrey rested. I did 2 loads of laundry. 

Today is our YS meeting day. Need to go jump in the shower and get started.  

Renee ~ Hope you get the car trouble sorted out and you make it to andfrom work with no accidents!!!

Tracy ~ Douche of an ex!! Hope you all get something for dinner LOL

Gus ~ How is Evey's bum looking?? Hope it is doing better for her(and you).

Well, have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!!