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Q&E Babble
Fri, 12-21-2012 - 7:34am

Okay, I give.   I am doing it.   I miss PPWM too much.

I want to babble.   I think you all want to babble.  So let’s babble here and then go back to PPWM when they finally get us fixed.   I know, it’s discouraging now, but I am too optimistic for my own good.   I do think iVillage will get this mess fixed.   One day. 

For those not on FB, Shelly is monitoring Waylon, debating on a trip to Pitt.   He ran a fever all day yesterday and most of the night.   At her last check in, he’s down to 99.   She’s calling the coordinator this morning.

I had my work party last night.   I took a platter of Jalapeno Cheese Grits.   I have never had 6 people ask me for a recipe before.   I heard they were, “on point” and “ready.”  I love it when I bring the most popular dish.   There wasn’t a scrap left.  

Off to get dressed for work.   As of 3:00 today I am done until January 2nd.   And then I can start counting down for my spring break beach trip.


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Tue, 03-26-2013 - 9:39am

Gus - you're poor girl.  I agree talking to your doctor won't hurt. 

Tracy - I agree with Daisy.  If you cancel, you cancel! ;)

Mel - I hope you get your UPS stuff figured out. 

Cara - I hope you feel better.  I have been sleeping like crap lately.  Brooklyn has a cough and slight temp...she coughed, what seemed like, all night last night.  I got up to get her some water only to walk into the kitchen to the most awful smell.  Damn dog pooed in his cage.  Grrr, so I cleaned that up and got Brooks her water only to find her asleep again.  I might take a Tylenol PM, just to sleep though the night tonight. 

I need to get some Easter stuff purchased.  What kind of things do you put in their baskets?  I try to limit the candy, especially since we still have Halloween and Valentine's candy!! 

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Tue, 03-26-2013 - 9:08am

I am so tired - coming down with a cold. At least it waited until after concert week/Erick being out of town. I don't know how single moms cope  - Shelly and Tracy, you are amazing. Especially with all the activities your kids are involved in, Tracy, and all the medical issues, Shelly!

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Tue, 03-26-2013 - 8:34am

Morning Ladies -

I was running late this morning and then Webster had an accident on the carpet that had to be cleaned up so that put me even further behind - sigh!

Well any way - Guss your poor baby girl.  That's not fun.  I would call her doctor it for sure won't hurt.  They may have some suggestions for you.

Daisy you are being a good daughter and I am sure your Mom appreciates it.  Especially since you have been down the same path yourself.  I didn't know your folks had a place in Florida.  Do they go very often?  

Tracy all I can say about 7 days of ball is at least you will know where she is and she won't have time to get into any trouble - lol.

Sorry about your lost package Mel. Hope they can track it down for you.

Renee I will say it again about getting up that early to go to work - you are a better person than I am!

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Tue, 03-26-2013 - 8:20am

Morning ladies!

Shelly I hope Jeffrey likes T-Ball!!!

Tracy its cold here too! I am over it!

Renee you wake up in the middle of the night I can't imagine going in 2 hours earlier than that!!

My son is teething, and got shots, and has a cold...Guess who was up every couple hours thru the night and then again at 5 am?? ME!!! Ugh...oh welll. Evelyn has been having nightmares, we moved her room downstairs so I thought it was because she was down there and alone and scared, so we let her sleep on the couch upstairs now...and she is still having them. She woke up crying but she was actually awake last night we had to physically shake her to get her to wake up, and then she woke up again a few more times crying last night. She talks in her sleep and sometimes she says stuff like "Mommy help" or something like that, do I call her actually doctor for that? I don't know...Its scary though, poor girl....

Anyways Evey has PT and OT today and then I need to come home and clean...fun stuff

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Tue, 03-26-2013 - 7:47am

Good Morning ladies!

Im mad as hell this morning! so my package was supposed to be delivered yesterday.... so I was all excited about that.... I decide to check the UPS site this morning... and it says that it was delivered yesterday morning, left at the front door...... Umm we were both home when it was supposedly delivered( I went outside earlier, and checked under the front step, and around the shed..).... so now I have to wait for UPS to open, so I can call and complain, and find out what I have to do. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Sandy- love the drinking pugs pic!

Wow Tracy-7 days of softball!! Your DD is going to be one tired lady!

Shelly- glad you have an appointment coming up soon!

sorry so much to comment on, but Im too mad right now LOL

On a happy note... Im off today, yay!!! MIL is picking me up and Im going to WW to say hello...  and we will do some shopping afterwards! and I have a dinner date tonight! yay!!! chinese food with a co-worker of mine! shes got a new job, and saturday is her last day :(. so today is really the only time we will be able to go out to dinner....

Have a great tuesday everyone! its cold and gloomy here too, grrrrrrr

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Tue, 03-26-2013 - 7:44am

Tracy, I assume there must be a very important reason to reschedule the games instead of just a cancellation?  There are only so many hours in a day and days in a week.... if a game is cancelled, it's cancelled..... but that is me... and I am not a softball mom or coach!  LOL

Shelly... I am wondering if maybe when Waylon sees Jeffery playing T-ball and how excited everyone gets about going to his games and watching him play that it might just make him want to eat to get better and play too.  I have also wondered if maybe Waylon misses all the attention he has been getting in the past and subconsciously doesn't eat much so that the attention, gifts, trips, etc. will continue?  I'm not saying he's faking or trying to make himself sick... it's a real condition that some adults get so I wondered if maybe it was something Waylon was suffering from too?  I was warned about it when I was diagnosed with BC ... told that after all the attention from a diagnosis of cancer and months of treatments, I might suffer a depression afterwards having to go back to "regular" life.   Just a thought...

My mom is doing okay... she still has not gained back all her strength and was pale as a ghost Saturday at family breakfast.  She is losing her hair and she had a pink hat on Saturday with the hood of a black hoodie pulled up over the pink hat.  I asked her why she had the hood up and she said that the hat looked funny.  I told her it shouldn't because after all, it IS the middle of winter (supposed to be spring but ... whatever) and it doesn't look funny wearing a winter hat.  If anybody looked funny, it was ME...  wearing a winter hat in the middle of summer! 

She had to use the restroom so I went to help her and she showed me her head.  Yep, she's losing that hair.... I think about 1/3 of it was gone so I asked her if she wanted me to go home with her and help her cut it down but she told me no, she wasn't ready yet... I know she will feel better after it's gone... seeing it go, in clumps, slowly is not fun.  I can say that because I've been there.  But, she has to realize this on her own. 

I go with her to her 2nd chemo session on Thursday and hopefully when I take her home afterwards she will let me cut her hair so it will be little short hairs falling out instead of the 3-4 inch hairs that are all over the place now.  

I took her some chili yesterday and Saturday I went to the store to find food she could warm up in her toaster oven.  She does not like to use the microwave for anything... something about what it does to the food.  So, trying to find something for her to eat while my dad is at work during the day is a little difficult since she says she is so weak and can only stand for a short while.  I got her some pizza rolls, cheese/peanut butter crackers, hot pockets, mozzarella sticks, frozen quessadillas, stuff like that for the toaster oven and I plan on continuing to make extra for supper and take it to them whenever I can.  Amber and Sheryl said they would do the same.  It is killing my sister not being here to help at all but I keep telling her not to feel bad... at least I've got my girls and Sheryl to help.

I better get to work... i've got tons to do!  Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


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Tue, 03-26-2013 - 6:19am

Renee, you are not to travel that close to me when I am out of town.   I would meet you in Florence.   That's close to the OH/KY border.   April 13th is wide open.   Baseball plays early that morning.

Shelly, how much of Waylon's issues are controlled by him?   I am ignorant to the whole thing.   Are his wacky numbers afflicted by something he is or isn't doing?   Or are they just happening with no real reason?    Where is he going when you are in Charleston?   Don't tell me his dad is going to keep him?   If so, will that be the first time ever P has kept him for any sort of extended time?   How's the job thing going for P?   Does he have to apply for a new job or is he waiting for the Union to find him an assignment? 

I saw on the news where one year ago to the day it was 80° here.   Um, it's supposed to be hing of 39° today with those never-ending snow flurries.   SO over it!   At least nothing is sticking.  Our graduation schedule was released last night.   Baring no more snow days (which would be a cruel joke this late in the year) our last day is May 24th.   That means we have graduations to work all that Friday night and all day Saturday, yes the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.   At least it's over after that. 

Well, off to go check email to see if they have called off tonight's softball game.   This is going to be loads of fun trying to reschedule all these games.   Stupid snow flurries.   And cold.

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Tue, 03-26-2013 - 2:14am

Heading in two hours early - to clean... GM is visiting today =)..

OMG I am sick of this weather... It was fine again in our city then the closer we got to work yesterday - black ice again... and Maggie was driving... 25 mile an hour ! We came up on an accident- a guy from work rolled his Jeep Liberty.. They took him away in the ambulence.  He is ok but his jeep is totaled. We were 4 minutes late..  Last week a guy from third shift crossed the center line and hit a car head on.. He died 15 mins after leaving work =(..  Have I mentioned I don;t like March ?

Today looks clear out there !  And with the snow falling yesterday where we were going to see a race Sat- they cancelled.  There is another option  - Florence Kentucky.  We are spolied with our track prices- We pay $12 for grandstand and $20 for pits- the one in Kentucky is $22 for grandstand.... $20 for pits.

Gaye I tried to post yesterday.. Glad your daughter went back and visited.. I would have !

Awesome in the refi and lunch Cara !

OUCH on the $ and 7 days a week practice..

Well I need to motor..

Happy Tuesday !  Two more work days =)..

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Mon, 03-25-2013 - 10:15pm

Pug is simply "pig" misspelled.  Of course they ate your mac and cheese, Cara!

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Mon, 03-25-2013 - 10:04pm

Called the therapist today, first available appointment is April 12th!!! At least we will be seeing Dr. Larry on Monday when we got to clinic.Labs looked better today, potasium and bicarb were good, but his blood count was down to 7.2. I have no idea what to dowith this child!!!!

T-Ball practice is Tuesday's and Thursday's from 6-7. And I am so excited for him to start. His dad called tonight and I told him and he was excited too. He wrecked and totaled his truck a few weeks back. said if he had had his seat belt on, it would have killed him.  He was going to his moms house, up a little one lane road and got over too far on the edge and the bank gave way and he rolled it a couple times over the hill.

Headed to the big town tomorrow - Charleston- going to get the oil changed in the car, lunch out with my momma. We are going to hit up Habachi's Japanese Steak House. And then we will hit up the Dollar Tree so I can pick up some stuff for the Easter parties at school and the boys baskets. Then Waylon's teacher will be here to start his teaching.

Daisy ~ I may have missed, but how is your mom doing?

Mel ~ How is your "morning" sickness coming along?? 

Sandy ~ How is your dad doing?

Tracy ~ 7 days of soft ball!?!?! DEDICATION I tell ya!!!

Renee and Susan (andanyone else that got snow) How are you all doing???  We didn't get anything here,but it has snowed and blowed around all day, and it was COLD. YUCK!!!  I am soooo ready for the REAL spring to start!!!!