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Mon, 01-28-2013 - 6:14am

Assuming that most of us are recipes collectors, where do you store your recipes?   Where do you get them from i.e. here, Pinterest, cookbooks?   Have you cooked many of the recipes you have collected?


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Mon, 01-28-2013 - 6:41am

I recently went through my cook book collection and donated the books I don't use.  I seldom use the ones I kept.  I get most my recipies on line these days.

I have a 3 ring binder I keep recipes I print off in.  I go through it every so often and purge the ones I propbaly won't ever make and keep the ones I have made and like.

I use to get a lot of recipes from here but that has changed and I won't go into detail as to why.  I think we all know the answer to that one.

I have gotten hooked on Pinterest.  I found myself pinning away and getting carried away with the whole thing.  So I have now made a deal with myself.  No more pinning a recipe unless I try one I have already pinned.  If I don't like it and won't make it again I delete it.  If I like it I keep it. So far I have made 3 of the recipes and liked them all.  That means I get to pin 3 new ones - yay!!!!

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I have tons of binders of printed recipes from here.   This is where I get the bulk of my recipes.   I plan on purging this summer.   I used to have a ton of stuff to do out of our admin office each summer, but we all know how that went, so I will be bored this summer.   I am going to do a huge reorganize and try to cut down my number of binders.   I have tried a ton of recipes from here.   Some good, some bad.

I am also addicted to Pinterest recipes.   I don't really look at anything else on there.   I have a ton pinned and have tried a lot of them.   I have been purging those lately too.   If I will really never make it, delete.   And I have had mixed results with what I have tried.   If it wasn't great, delete.  

That said, "My name is Tracy, and I am a recipe hoarder."

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I have recipe books.... and also a drawer in the kitchen, which is full of recipes!

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I have a few books, but mostly in binders.  I have my hand written cards in binders too.  Easy to find.  I need to do a big purge too.

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I keep mine in a small box. I print them out and have them folded up. It's a pain to try and find one. I have joined pinterest but haven't even looked around there yet.

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We have a lot of cookbooks, but they don't get used a lot. Erick rarely follows a recipe other than for baking - he uses them for inspiration, so we have a bunch of obscure and/or high-end restaurant/snobby chef books.

I mostly use my recipe binder. That has stuff I have printed out from here, Pinterest, blogs, etc. I purged a little this summer, but only out of a couple categories. I don't always print out ones I want to keep - mostly I just put them into Word and save it on my computer, then print them out when I want to make them. If they are keepers, they go in the binder.

On Pinterest I have two cooking boards -one for "Recipes to Try" and one for "Tried and True". "Recipes to Try" has 160 pins. "Tried and True" has just SEVEN. Yeah.... more of a looker than a cooker! Oh, and Beverages has its own board. Forty pins on there!

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I gather them the same as you, Cara:  copy and paste into a Word document.   I paste them in alphabetical order.   I have them seperate into Beef, Chicken, Side Dishes, Desserts, etc.   On the top line of every document I have written the date that I stopped looking on Q&E, for example the Chicken folder says "Saved through 6/23/12" so I know to start looking back on that date for recipes.   I need to start reorganizing my Pinterest recipes bad.   I have over 500 pinned.   Let's be honest.   Am I really going to make 500 new recipes?   No way.

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500  new recipes?  Probably not =)..

I have cookbooks I can't get rid of. I have a draw full of printed ones, ones out of newspapers, recipe cards, etc.. I actually went trhough it at Christmas..

It looks better !

i look on Pinterest- but still really don't know what I am doing..  I use my app on my phone alot.

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Sorry I'm so late, gals.... been very hectic here at work.

I am sad to say that I have no official system.  I am really bad at just laying a recipe that I've printed on top of the microwave (or some other empty flat surface in the kitchen) and then it usually gets lost and the next time I want to use it, I need to print it again.

But, I do have tons of cookbooks... i even have a small bookcase in my kitchen to hold them all.  I REALLY have a hard time refusing when a charity group or fundraising group asks me to buy a cookbook that they've put together.  I have found that those are sometimes the best ever recipes. 

That being said... I get tons of recipes in my e-mail, I never delete them until I've saved or posted what I want to save or post (here).  I do pin recipes on Pinterest too.  I keep all of them because one day in the future, I will remember that I have a recipe that I wanted to make for "that" and I will go back in search of it.  I don't have to worry about it getting accidentally thrown away.

When I say "save," i usually mean to a Word document.

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I envy those of you who have dwindled down what you actually use & cook.I am a horder of recipies,cut out,online as well as a cookbook collector. I have over 200,forever adding, and read them like novels..remembering tid bits here & there. When I am making up a recipie I remember an ingredient I read to enhance that recipie/dish etc.I joined Pininterest but haven't utilized it yet. Using your ideas Im attempting to put together a  'small' shelf of books/binders with the recipies I love most..thank you   Joy