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~^~^~^~QOTD Thursday~^~^~^
Thu, 09-06-2012 - 8:12am

Do you use hairspray?

How often?

What brand?

Have you found any kind that holds up with humidity?




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Re: ~^~^~^~QOTD Thursday~^~^~^
Fri, 09-07-2012 - 9:23am

Do you use hairspray?  YES!

How often?  Every freakin' day... sometimes 2 or 3 times a day!

What brand?  Usually Rave aerosol 4X Mega Hold! 

I have always loved Paul Mitchell Freeze & Shine...It smells good, holds nice and makes hair shiny.

But it is SO expensive... at least to me it is... it's around $20 for that bottle above.  So, I usually just buy the Rave because it's only around $2 a can and I do not get any hair spray build up from it. 

My cousin Amy (who does my hair in the salon behind her garage) usually tries to guess what type of hair spray I used just by the smell (she cracks me up!) and I told her Rave is about the only thing that I can find to hold my hair.  She told me Freeze & Shine was a good product.  I used to get the knock-off brand at Sally Beauty Supply but I told her I couldn't afford the real stuff at around $20 a bottle so she told me next time she got supplies from the beauty supply place, she pick up a gallon for me and with her discount it was only around $38.  I just needed an empty bottle to pour it in. 

I have been all about aerosol for a while now...  but getting a gallon of Paul Mitchell Freeze & Shine for $38 bucks was a great deal!  I gave her $40 total.. I know $2 is not much for her time & effort but it was all I had at that moment. 

I use a LOT of hair spray and I really like the Rave 4X Mega (aerosol) so I will probably still use that for every day and save the Freeze & Shine for when I run out of Rave and/or use it for special occassions ... so, that gallon should last me quite a while plus, I will always have a back up, I like that!

Have you found any kind that holds up with humidity?  Like I said above, the Rave 4X Mega is the best (and cheapest) I can find to hold my hair in any weather.  My hair would lay flat on my head if I did not curl or flat-iron it off my head and use product to lift it. 

Looks like Missy and I are in the same hair spray boat....I panic if I ever run out of hair spray....

Tracy, I used Stiff Stuff a lot too.... used to get it at Sally Beauty Supply back in the day... Had to use a lot of it too...these are awful pictures but how else could I get this big hair?? LOL

big hair.jpgBig Hair 2.jpg

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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 9:21am
Yeah... don't forget to use plenty too! Maybe you're not using enough of it? Just a thought... If you do get a hairspray buildup (a white coating in your hair) sprinkle a little baking soda in with the shampoo you put in your hand and it will come right off. I use it a lot... makes your hair feel soft too.

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