Sorry I've been MIA gals...

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Sorry I've been MIA gals...
Fri, 02-22-2013 - 8:04am

I've had so much going on the last few weeks my head is spinning!

Besides the deadline for the Nurses Ball Program today at noon, I still have tons of stuff from Radiothon to process, silent auction item lists to get together, silent auction item descriptions and bid sheets to make, registration lists (which is continually revising!), table seating charts, proofing all the previous mentioned items for typographical errors, correct spelling of names and correct dollar amounts for the value & starting bids.

Our basement is still not completely done... they cleaned the carpet yesterday and said they were done but they did not put up the door to my hubby's work room/store room nor did they replace the basebaords that were molded.  We are still working on the itemized list of things that were ruined for the insurance company which needs to be faxed today. 

Last week my hubby's brakes went out... over $200 to get rotars(?) and brakes replaced.... then my windshield wiper washer pump quit working so we had to get that fixed.  This past Monday, our garage door broke, came off track and was hanging halfway open for 2 days until a guy could come out and fix it... over $100 for that... ugh!

Then Monday my mom called me... she had an ultrasound last Friday and found that her tumors have doubled in size.  Apparently this natural stuff she has been taking for 8 months is not working... either that or it is helping the tumors to grow quicker!  Anyway... I have been so busy at work that I did not feel right about taking time off work to go with her to the dr. office but he advises her to DEFINITELY get chemotherapy now... he advised her to before but she wanted to try the natural stuff first.  She has her MUGA scan today and she gets her port put in on Tuesday.  I am not going to be able to take her there either.  She totally understands but I still feel bad.

Presley's 1st birthday is Sunday and her party is tomorrow at 2:30... so I will be watching the kids tonight so Amber & Ash can get her house ready for the party of about 35 people she's invited..... Nick has a big family plus, for the first birthday, Amber invites her cousins and all their kids too... luckily she is only having cake & ice cream.  But, she also has to shop and make the cake for the party tonight.... or tomorrow morning.  Oh, I forgot... we are going to Sagano before the birthday party... that is a place where they cook the food at your table.  It is Nick's favorite place so he picked it. Before we go to Sagano, I have to go shopping for a birthday gift for my baby girl... haven't had the money until I got paid yesterday.

The Ball is next week (the 2nd) and I am not sure how much I can be around.... I am going to order a new cord for my laptop at home so I can check in on you gals when I'm at home at the very least!  I hope everyone is behaving.... I do have my spies, you know..... I sure do miss y'all and I cannot wait to get back to a normal, boring life!!!!!

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Fri, 02-22-2013 - 9:09am

Wow, Daisy, you all have had some crappy luck lately!!  But you have the birthday girl to look forward to ;) Hope everything gets taken care of and you all can enjoy the party!!!!!


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Fri, 02-22-2013 - 12:49pm

Glad you checked in, Daisy.  That is quite the run of bad luck. 

Have fun at the birthday party, take lots of pictures, and don't forget to let us see the Nurse's Ball menu.

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Fri, 02-22-2013 - 3:15pm

Well hello Miss Daisy.

I can't believe your granddaughter is going to be ONE!  WOW!  Enjoy the party!  

And like Tracy said - we need the menu for the Nurse's Ball please!  I need to see how much food I will be able to snag off of Tracy's plate!

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Fri, 02-22-2013 - 7:07pm

I bet your head is spinning !

Hope things settle down for you soon.

I wish you were closer- John put rotors on my car today.  

Presly a year - Wow ! Is she walking? 

Thanks for stopping by- Make sure you take time to take care of you. 

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Sat, 02-23-2013 - 9:41am

Yikes Daisy! you sure have had your fair share of bad luck!

Wow!!! Presley is 1 already!!!!! Hope she has fun at her party!