Sunday, Father's Day, Supper

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Sunday, Father's Day, Supper
Sun, 06-16-2013 - 9:06am

Cooking anything special?

My dad requested chicken wings.   Yup, wings.  We're having wings carried out from a local place here.   My mom is making a huge salad to go with them and I am making a blackberry cobbler.  I may go to Farmer's Market and get fresh corn too and make a big skillet full of fried corn to have as well.

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Mon, 06-17-2013 - 11:15pm

Wings!...Yummy...:)...Can you tell I love them...;)...

My dad had lunch at my sister's...He was in the hospital until she went with my bil packed up his apt and brought him to the city they live...

Due to some health issues he ended up in the sister found him an apt. near her but they said he couldn't live alone any longer so she found a Retirement home near her...:(...he needs to have surgery but he is doing much better,,,:)...

She said he wanted to stay longer but after five hours she was tired, she has four kids and both her and my bil work...

It's been a lot for my dad ALL the changes...

My brother and I live in different cities and none of us lived close to my dad.

He could no longer drive...

My sister said he is doing so much better at the Retirement home, he is eating and looking better-rested which has been a Blessing...

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Tue, 06-18-2013 - 6:43am

Well, that sounds like a good news/ bad news situation.   Bad that your dad is in failing health, is far from you and your brother, and had to move to a nursing home.   Good in that your sister is there to make the changes for him that he needed and he's doing better. 

And yes, I adore wings too.

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Tue, 06-18-2013 - 11:34pm

No Dads.  My dad died 41 years ago.  The father of my children died 11 years ago.  My daughters are both divorced from the fathers of their children.

Just another day.

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Wed, 06-19-2013 - 8:23am

Kinda late but since my 33rd anniversary week-end getaway trip landed on Father's Day week-end, we are going to celebrate this coming Friday night instead.  I am cooking my daddy's favorite meal in the whole world... TACOS!!  Frying the corn tortillas and everything.  We do not do the pre-made hard tortillas or the flour tortillas that you only have to warm up in the microwave.  I stand over a hot stove frying those babies - both hard and soft - for our whole family. 

I sure hope I have some Salsa Brava... I need to check ASAP!  If we don't have any i will have to go on a county-wide hunt!   We don't like it but we will sub Don Marcos corn tortillas but not the taco seasoning.  LaVictoria Salsa Brava is our family's favorite and, for our family, tacos are not the same without it.

So, anyway... after all that... I am cooking tacos Friday night. We had it scheduled for Saturday night because Nick has to work 2nd shift Fridays but we found out Nick has to work Saturday night too!  So, we switched to Friday night since it seems to make our week-ends go slower when we plan something for Friday night instead of Saturday night... seems weird but it's true for us anyway.  Poor Nick.. has to miss out on my tacos... well, I will have to send some home with Amber for him.  It will be ok because he likes the flat, fried hard corn tortillas so they won't be chewey or anything.

I am glad that my daddy is very flexible and said he did not mind at all postponing Father's Day celebration so me and my husband could go away for our anniversary week-end.  I remember I felt guilty when I got married June 14th, 1980 because the following day was Father's Day and I knew how hard he was taking me getting married in the first place (Dad is the sentimental one of my parents) and then on Father's Day week-end to boot.  Then he took another hit because my sister got married the following year, June 20, 1981 which was the day before Father's Day that year too!  But, he was good about it and really never made us feel bad.  Anyway... I guess you can tell I really love my daddy!

Sorry for the long drawn out post but I did want to mention that I have been thinking about Sandy and all others who have lost their fathers and/or mothers ... I guess all holidays are kind of bitter-sweet... you love celebrating with them but miss celebrating with them when they're gone.  I am reminded once again to be thankful, grateful and appreciate any and all time that I can spend with my parents!

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